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  1. This explains everything. I was aiming for the 3rd groove all these years .
  2. just make sure the shaft is completely dry before you apply the epoxy to it and youll be fine. I hardly ever put epoxy in the hosel only on the shaft. Use enough so it overflows a little when you install.
  3. Epoxy solvent is used to clean up epoxy before it hardens. Is this what your referring to?
  4. anyone not using air at this point to put grips on is in the ice ages. Air a little solvent over the butt end slide the grip on and blow it on the rest of the way. No double sided tape. Saves soooo much money and anytime you want the grip off it comes off in a split second. I will never go back to grip solvent and double sided taper everrrrrrr. I actually get legit mad now when i go to blow a grip off and someone before me used double sided tape. It literally does nothing.
  5. https://wishongolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Height-Wrist-to-Floor-Charts.pdf here’s a good chart to help you figure out what lie/length you should use
  6. lol my bad. Never seen that chart before its a good one
  7. its a 1-1 ratio. How long is your driver playing? Based on your driver tipping you could probably tip the fairway 1 inch or more since fairways are usually tipped the same or more than the driver. for a 5 wood that your playing as a 4 wood I think 42.5 is a good length. I play my 3 wood 43 inches and my 5 wood 42 or 42.5
  8. Use a shim. Sometimes I find your better off with a 370 bore and a 355 shaft because you get a nice snug fit with the shim where the 355 is not always a perfect fit for different tapered shafts.
  9. That lie angle is 2.5 degrees flat of the standard 61 degree mizuno 7 iron lie angle. I have no idea where they came up with that swingweight but its standard range of d0-d5 so i wouldnt worry about it
  10. maybe he doesnt care about swingweight or the head weights are close enough to the old heads to not matter
  11. he never asked any questions about swingweighting. My point was that there needs to be some way for the air to escape.
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