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  1. The 125x is my dream shaft but I can’t play them even with inserts as I have bad elbows. I play the 120tx and they are much better for me in this department but slightly less fun to play. I’ve given up on graphite.
  2. been playing a mizuno the craft 611 driver with a yellow dot giving it a 56.5 degree lie angle. endo forged. hard to find. best driver I've ever hit.
  3. They are an exact replica of the miura giken 5003 but I believe they have milled grooves as opposed to pressed
  4. 2s14 prototype in stiff flex. good luck finding any though. I have a set in X.
  5. I know a lot of people who have done it. Its a pretty standard fitting same as cool clubs etc.
  6. I guarantee if he ordered straight from Srixon then he got the stock swingweight. Like I said they have weight sorted heads. This is a non issue.
  7. Its a little drastic but ive actually cut the top of the hosel off or grinded it down to remove weight. The ferrule covers it up anyways. It was on an older wedge that I really liked so I didnt care. Plenty of room still for the shaft and epoxy for a good fit.
  8. Loving these irons wedges and the especially the driver. Can’t believe how good it’s been and has a 1.5 degree flat setting as indicated by the yellow dot. Wasn’t planning on keeping the shaft bury it’s been so good in afraid to mess with it. The irons are awesome I prefer them over the newer version masdas I had before.
  9. second that i wouldnt order the loose ones again. bb and f ferrules have a great fit that isnt too tight or too loose where you can get them off if you save them by wrapping a wet sock around them when heating the hosel.
  10. I prefer the kyoei 1964s to the mbs. Not my current gamers but they are sweet. Playing a set of three luck cnc mbs.
  11. Lol I hate to admit I also bought a set of the seven irons. Had to see them in person. Great ad
  12. They have weight sorted heads if you ordered from Srixon they will swingweight them to the listed specs. The at home fix for this is to drill the hosel out to remove weight but if they’re not d3 when you get them I’d immediately send them back.
  13. Edit I forgot I tipped the 5 wood shaft 1/2 per oem recommendation
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