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  1. http://forum.tourspecgolf.com/topic/31437-miura-miuraism-iron-head-size/
  2. id recommend checking out the golfmechanix website for ideas on what kind equipment you might want as you get more into it
  3. tldr get a ventus black its the best thing going
  4. They are good if you know exactly what you want but if you have questions you will pull your hair out. I’ve ordered things on their website and it turned out they were out of stock and it was like pulling teeth trying to explain what it is I even wanted. A couple months ago I ordered a set of irons but I told them I didn’t want the set of shafts installed. I changed my mind on the irons but they told me it was too late to cancel because they were already in the process of installing the shafts. Their communication among people you email with is terrible and you can’t talk to anyone on the phon
  5. you can get them on tourspecgolf.com and look at their other offerings but i highly suggest using rakuten through https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/ . I got a set of 4-p for around 1000 bucks. Heres the ad https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/special/order/confirm/endeavor-s:10002990/2_1/lgk-link_top_search . If you wait like once a week they have a 7 percent off sale on all items ordered from rakuten. You might pay like 50-100 for shipping or less. And you can pay directly with paypal.
  6. Masda beats all of them. Kyeoi forged and the best grinders imho. These things are made from s15c steel and bend the easiest of any irons I’ve ever had. Literal butter knives.
  7. Your supposed to do it with shoes on but that would just give you a more upright measurement. 2-3 meters off target is not very much. Who is measuring your specs. Getting them accurate is the hardest part. Does the club look upright at address to you? It should look pretty neutral when you stand up tall at address.
  8. Here’s another one of his classic club collection
  9. haha i just found these videos, He is the man
  10. Because my point wasn’t that lofts are jacked it’s that they may not be and it led to a conversation on how irons are constructed in regards to center of gravity and other considerations. At least it’s better than a 5 page thread on what’s better to adjust first loft or lie.
  11. good video I've been finding with the weaker lofts I'm able to hit my irons a lot higher but I can also take another club and flight the ball down with more comfort
  12. ha your workbench looks like mine with maybe a little less stuff thrown around
  13. i agree bounce has something to do with it. Theres enough older sets with weaker iron specs that I can use or build a mixed set if need be.
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