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  1. the xxio grip thing is stupid to me a grip is a grip. At worse you might have a little heavier swingweight. so you need to order their specific grip every time you regrip? its marketing jargon.
  2. They are the Chiba grinds by the guy who started Zodia. I’m jealous I want a set never seen them in person.
  3. Wow that’s a great idea thanks!!!
  4. Haha I’ve done that built up the taper with tape and use a digital caliper to check it. It actually works pretty well but it’s a pain if you have to do it repeatedly.
  5. Thanks @nitram no rush looks like I won’t be able to find one new anytime soon anyways
  6. any way you can send more pics of this with an iron mounted in the gauge? including pics of the clamping mechanism?
  7. looks like golf instruments is "temporarily closed" damn covid
  8. http://www.golfinstruments.com/ that’s really cool. I’m wondering what’s the mechanism used for clamping in the shaft. The one I have if the shaft is tapered it gives you a wrong reading. It looks like on yours it wraps all the way around the shaft. Also on mine the peice that slides up to the face can’t be lowered enough to check the bottom groove. More pics would be great as I’m interesting in buying one now.
  9. thats really cool. Can you measure lie and face angle with this gauge? I think its hard because its based on knowing how each oem soles their club to measure these specs.
  10. If you call golf works they can source any golfmechanix stuff
  11. They don’t know what they’re talking about that is used to calibrate a dedicated gauge. They make things for loft lie bending machines like this but I don’t know where you would source one.
  12. Ping has a really cool proprietary way that they adjust lie angles to exact measurements. Check it out. Your gonna get exactly the lie angles you order so that’s the good news
  13. No ping adjusts too. Their lie angles are literally measured in decimal points check it out. Again this was an epic fail for me. But I can’t speak for you
  14. Also be aware with ping the lie angle gaps are not 1-1. This model doesn’t work for me. I use a 1-1 ratio throughout my entire set. In titleist the long irons play progressively flatter and don’t stick to the 1/2 degree lie increments. So the 5 iron plays effectively 1/2 degree flatter than the short irons the 4 1 degree and the 3 1.5 degrees. After trying this it did not work for me at all.
  15. My wrist to floor is 36 with no shoes on. Make sure you stand straight have someone help measure if you need to.
  16. If I were u I’d go 1 upright and see how it works and if you want the extra length play them that way. And stay at 1 upright. Adjust accordingly if you feel your ball striking could be improved or if the clubs look way upright at address. The toe should be slightly off the ground at address to account for shaft droop.
  17. I’m 6 feet as well and my wrist to floor has me at 2 upright which is what I play and is absolutely perfect for me. I just play them standard length. It’s not a perfect guide but it’s a really good baseline to work off of.
  18. Don’t trust a lie board. I think wrist to floor is the best way to fit for lie angle. https://wishongolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Height-Wrist-to-Floor-Charts.pdf
  19. the correct answer if you want the club to play the same is 63.75 lie angle. its 1-1 ratio for length to lie angle. If the club plays .25 short you need to go .25 upright for the same effective lie angle.
  20. never seen a set of yonexs in person. Have you ever seen the Chiba grinds? How do these compare
  21. lol i just payed full price for one yesterday and of course 2 go up on bst today
  22. On top of that I have an issue with measuring lie angles with graphite shafts due to the taper in the shaft. So I have to measure pre install. With 355 hosels sometimes i cant find a shaft that fits tight enough to measure the lie angles correctly. I'm thinking about boring out a set and using hosel centerline finders to measure the lie angle and just using shims to make the fit tight. If i want to play graphite which im not even set on. Just thinking out loud. I actually have a used set of miuraism sb1s on the way I'm interested to see how the hosel fit is.
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