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  1. Looking for a limited edition Odyssey mallet headcover, doesn't have to be new but must be in good condition. To fit a 2 Ball Ten. Update.........No longer needed
  2. I got the exact same shoe bag in the mail today, pleased with the deal for sure!
  3. Appreciate the research Newby, thank you. It appears I would have to get my Ireland club to reactivate my handicap if I wished to play in any events in that club. So there is no procedure available for overseas visitors (who are only a member of a club in the US for example) who wish to play in open competitions in any other handicapping jurisdiction?
  4. Hi all, I am a little confused on how to apply the WHS for use in different countries. Some background, I am from Ireland originally and currently living in the United States. I am a member of a club in Ireland and another in the US, and have a GUI handicap for my club in Ireland, and a GHIN for the US club. My club in Ireland has placed my handicap into "Away" status, I assume because I live abroad and can only play in handicapped events 1/2 times a year? I was vacationing in Ireland recently and was invited to play with my uncle in his clubs weekly open competition. So when I tried to sign in prior to the round the computer would not take my GUI # as it was in Away status, and would not recognize my GHIN#. So I ended up just playing a casual round (which was still a great time!). I did not get a chance to play in any of my own clubs competitions, but presumably I would have run into the same issue if I had tried to? How does a person with a GHIN# play in open competitions in other countries, if the sign in terminals will not accept the details? I asked the Pro in my uncles club what I should do, but he did not have any answers. I admit I am not fully up to speed with the handicapping systems, and if I am completely missing the point would be happy to get an education on the procedure. Look forward to any insight, EB
  5. Here is one that I won't use, if you haven't gotten one yet. SYCG12020-DPXZM
  6. Hi all, finally making a trip to Scottsdale in May, can't wait. Snagged a great value tee time at Troon Pinnacle for Friday May 7, only problem being its at 2.30. My trusty friend Google says sunset is 7.15, so that gives me 4 hours 45 minutes. Will I get the full 18 in? The lady in the pro shop I spoke to said rounds typically take 4 hours 30 minutes so no problem, but figured I'd check with the locals. Appreciate any advice, thanks.
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