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  1. Ventus velocore Red 5S. It’s 59 grams. I’m playing one in my driver that I tipped 1/2”. It has been great so far. My driver SS is 105 plus or minus.
  2. I use the 48 degree t100-s and then go 54-58. It fits my gaps pretty well.
  3. Do you know how much it has been tipped? Any trade interest for a ADIZ 6s?
  4. Admittedly I do not have IG. Makes me frustrated this is a requirement. But I will try anyways. - have hit the ventus Blue 6x with velocore. - think I would want the red. - I would put it in my driver to get a bit more launch.
  5. I honestly have never tried to justify it. I enjoy it. It makes me happy. It helps my mental health. And it’s arguably the best course around. I’ve also met some great people and made great friends.
  6. We have been there often. We absolutely love it. And I love to play golf. But never once have I wanted to golf while there. It is simply too windy.
  7. Would love to tighten up the dispersion. Titleist T100-S AMT black S300.
  8. I’ve found a couple of the Callaway shirts to be nice. One of the things I like about the TGW site is they give the lengths of the back of the shirts. I have a longer torso than average so I need a longer medium shirt, otherwise they simply do not stay tucked in or feel right to me. Any of the brands mentioned here tend to run long in sizing? Not larger, just longer. I had a boxy, wide shirt - they look terrible.
  9. I have the wedge at 44 and play the 48 degree gap wedge that came with the set. Then I go 54-58. I carry the 3 iron and it’s the reason I got the S over the standard set - I wanted the 19 degree iron to use as a driving iron. Anyway, I like the gap between the 48-54-58. Works well for me.
  10. I love this take. We have a par 3 that plays up to 190 and I always think that at 145 it’s such a better golf hole. At 190 it’s just excessively penal at times.
  11. I’d leave it in. Just submerge it in 6” of water and you will know right away it air bubbles form. Won’t harm the driver at all to get a little wet. And I know others have had these issues and TM has been great warranty wise.
  12. Any chance you’ve submerged it in water to see if any air bubbles form?
  13. I don't have a direct comparison to the CB or MB Titleist irons. My T100-s arrived on 6/1 and prior to that I had used MP64's since 2013. The MP64's had the XP115 shaft in them and the T100-S have the AMT Black S300. Here is what I am finding: I do not notice much of a visual difference in the apex when comparing various clubs. If anything, I think the T100-S might fly a tad higher. Either way, negligible I would say. I purposely bought the S version because I wanted the 19 degree 3 iron to use as a driving iron on my course which plays firm and fast. I do not think the T100-S generates quite the same amount of spin as the MP64's do. It seems like I am experiencing a tad bit of rollout that I do not remember having with the MP's, but our greens have been insanely firm and fast this year so it might just be that. Hard to tell and I may just try the B XS as opposed to the B X to mitigate some of this. Forgiveness wise, there is absolutely no comparison. I have hit shots somewhat on the toe with the T100-S and been very surprised knowing that with the MPs the result would have been much different. I am plus index and a good ball striker, so I can immediately tell when a shot is not flush. All in all I am very happy with the purchase.
  14. I so badly want to try this exact shaft. I just wish I could get to a fitter and try it before buying it and regretting it. GLWS!
  15. Absolutely not. They were DQ’d. They’re stuff doesn’t count.
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