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  1. @GoGoErky Who knew you’d nail the latest srixon branding two years ahead of time. Brilliant!
  2. Judging size is relative. I’d love to see top and bottom comparisons of the 85s to the xs. 65s as well. I think we can all agree they’re trending smaller. Whether you think that’s thick or not is personal opinion.
  3. The 65s and 85s were both 1020 and ending forged. Go to the reviews of each on this site. that’s just bad info. It’s the same process.
  4. Saw the zx5s at roger Dunn yesterday and they are SMALL. I mean considerably smaller than the earlier five series. i would even argue they look smaller than my 765s, but didn’t do a side by side comparison. I know they’ve both been trending smaller since removing the 9 series from the lineup. But I was all set on going zx5 and now I’m gonna go look for some 585s at a discount.
  5. During the shutdown I started screwing around with doing my own club building. Couldn't go into golfmart and had a ton of free time. Mostly a disasterous and enjoyable experience.... with one exception. I had a Matrix Black Tie 95g shaft from some driving iron or hybrid that didn't work out- I'm guessing 40-41" I took a cobra F9 5 iron head (22.5*) and stuck it on there. Kind of like the Rickie Fowler driving iron... but too long. The swingweight is way off. Feels like a sledgehammer. Im thinking D7-8 or something. But I just freaking love this thing
  6. So how does the csx diamond compare to the new ‘20 csx?
  7. But now how does the ‘19 csx TT compare to the ‘20 csx?
  8. So I’ve played 3 rounds with this little experiment. It IS super fun to hit. I really don’t know how to fit it in my bag. I pulled a wedge for the tome being and carry it with my driver and 3 wood. Obviously not a long term solution. on good strikes it’s just as long as playing partners drives. Or close enough. every once in a while someone bombs one past it and it makes me wish I had it driver. But it’s much more accurate. Probably because it’s 44”. the miss I see is a snap hooky one that rolls further than I’d expect. Like I walk out there and am surprised it’s at 180 instead of 100. act
  9. They used to use the B330, then switched when the tour B came out. Not sure which version of the tour B they use. I’m clearly not allowed to say the other sites name, but I posted on there as well. Knowing they do unbiased testing, maybe it is because bridgestone is a lesser known company. I was hoping for a performance reason.
  10. Why does Not allowed because of spam only do their tests with the Bridgestone tourB XS ball? I think it’s the Is it the most consistent? Did they just pick a ball at random? Is it because tiger uses it (just kidding)
  11. It looks like no one has numbers on them yet. It’s .68 vs .72” right? How much of a difference does that really make? All marketing hyperbole? Or is there a quantifiable difference both in distance lost and peak height and reduced spin?
  12. after one of his wins they went back out to the fairway on 18, the spot where him and his caddie were arguing. sorry i dont remember which tournament. anyways, they had the caddie try and hit the shot in that he had wanted bryson to hit. caddie shanks the heck out of it and says, and im paraphrasing "whatd you expect, things are like 10 degrees upright"
  13. Higher spin AND longer carry? That seems like an easy decision.
  14. I believe the hybrid hosel is .370 and so is the driving iron so it definitely should be! just make sure the length is correct. Awesome thanks. I’m going to give it a try. Much appreciated.
  15. is the adapter for the GAPR interchangeable with TM hybrids? I want to put a new shaft in my GAPR.
  16. Question- I want to get the stock shaft out of there. Is the adapter interchangeable with TM hybrids? Or do I need to find a shaft from another GAPR? Thanks!
  17. This ^^^^ I bought mine with the $-taper 130’s. Amazing combo. Fantastic clubs.Oh, and no uocharge for the $-tapers. no upcharge on the money tapers?!
  18. Really enjoy the consistency of the i200s. Messed around with a few shaft combos but keep coming back to them. Also found a second hand set of MP53s. Feel is amazing. Hit some really tight approaches with them. Easily a half club to a club shorter than i200s and I may not have enough game for the 4 iron. But, ya know, mizuno butter feels. Really enjoy the consistency of the i200s. Messed around with a few shaft combos but keep coming back to them. Also found a second hand set of MP53s. Feel is amazing. Hit some really tight approaches with them. Easily a half club to a club shor
  19. Same. Infuriating, but same exact thing. It's really strange... the 4-iron isn't right. It's not that it's somehow broken, but the magic leaves very quickly at 22.5º. I can hit it off a tee, but off the turf it has to be a perfect lie or sitting up. I'm switching to a hybrid-y thing, but with several choices out there... - 22º hybrid (in the 5h spec) - i500 4-iron - g700 4-iron I'm trying to be patient to see what works best.
  20. It’s weird how these feel heavier (and stouter) than the awts. It says the R are 66g while the AWT R are 98 (in the 7 iron). I am shocked at how much I like these. I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) on afternarket shafts to be this into some ping stock offerings.
  21. These shafts are incredible. The dispersion is so tight. Feel like I've got a secret weapon on my hands.
  22. The 120 is just a really unique shaft. Really soft in the butt end so depending on your transition its really going to change what you see from it. Some love it, some hate it. I know fitters seem to really like what they see from them. I played a set of 120Rs for a few seasons. May have to dust them off. Smoooothe shaft.
  23. I saw a set of these pop up at my local golf shop and have been looking everywhere for info on these. This and one other WRX thread are really the only info I've found. Crazy how little info there is out there. Dispersion of the X100 with a higher flight! Who wouldn't jump all over these?! Gonna go give them a shot today.
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