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  1. Not just if you were paid by PayPal. You can use PayPal for shipping discounts anytime. Use shipping section in your PayPal account. I’ve been doing that for a while and saves some coin. Good luck OP!
  2. Dang wish this was a 9* would immediately buy!! Hmmm I’m currently at a 9.5* in my M2 now.....
  3. These are tempting no doubt but the flex is killing the deal for me. Good luck with the sale!
  4. I have done multiple iron sets and not afraid to do this and would rather have the tools for down the road. I like to be self sufficient. it has the two cogs and the plastic end prone to break. This is the version he has...
  5. So I had a buddy that his Callaway Big Bertha Optiforce/Optifit adjustable tip broke and I offered to replace. I went shopping for the tools I will need and of course went immediately to The Golfworks and while I found everything I need (tip, shaft extractor) the shipping of $10.99 plus tax is just not sticking well with me. If I have to whatever I will. Does anyone know of somewhere where I can purchase the OEM adjustable tip other than Golfworks? Thanks!
  6. I’m sorry to hear you are having issues. I love mine and can’t really see me moving on to something else, however even at a price like that I would be hard pressed to shop from RBG as even though they are local to me, just too many all around issues with them from myself and others.
  7. Let me refer you to a post I made in the Ross/Burlington Thread that pretty much sums up how the site owners and mods feel about “Flipping” in the BST section.... This is correct, SADLY! The following items are the only ones that can be openly flipped in the BST apparently: 1) Jordan Shoes 2) Swag Headcovers and Putters 3) Scotty Headcovers and Putters 4) Bettanardi Headcovers and Putters 5) Lamb Headcovers and Putters 6) Irons 7) Drivers 8) Putters 9) PXG Heroes Program Discounted Clubs and Accessories to name a few... So to sum it up, EVERYTHING is an acceptable flip item but the Ro
  8. To me, no. But I have a higher flight anyways. I would say more of a mid when it comes to me and my swing.
  9. I went with the Elevate Tour Stiff and couldn't be happier!! I had C-Taper's before and on a whim and after seeing positive reviews went with the Elevate Tour. The feel is perfect for me.
  10. Congrats hopefully you love them as much as I love mine!!
  11. If you call them they are able to access more shafts then what the website reflects. It would be worth a shot to see what they say.
  12. So it's great that feedback is no reflected with a score, BUT now how do we leave feedback in order to keep the number up to date?
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