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  1. Thanks a bunch to everyone so far. It is greatly appreciated
  2. Actually no to be fair. Had a few lessons about 6 months ago and worked on posture , TOW and and hips. Felt really good then and ball striking was consistent for a while then winter came. Just feel I am so far away from that at moment with all the movement.
  3. How should my neck tilt be? What is specifically wrong with posture? Always struggled with that
  4. Hi guys. Thanks for advice so far. Managed to film some swings. Not thinning as much but going between push, thin and snap hook, which is horrible obviously. I can see I am moving head hugely forward and down on backswing. Any advice on how to fix that? And anything else anyone notices. Thanks IMG_3346.MOV
  5. Funny you say that. I was totally focused on weight shift as last lesson focused on that.
  6. Had the weirdest round last week. I could not stop thinning all my irons. Got worse as the irons got longer to the point where I was topping my long irons at times. On the few occasions I didn’t thin the irons I hit a big block/push. been fighting a pull hook at times with long irons of late so could be reverse effect? any ideas what I might be doing to cause a thin/push? No videos for now sorry as was only 1 round but was so bad I was just keen to know what I was doing! thanks
  7. Hi guys, Will try and upload a video ASAP but looking for some initial thoughts if possible. Having real issues with my driver that are very destructive. Hitting quite a lot of low snap hooks (no more than 100 yards). I think I know what I am doing but can’t figure out how to fix it. Got a lesson a while back and he showed me that at top of swing I throw the club out (towards the ball) and totally off plane. This results in a out to in swing and contact off the heel of the club regularly. I have tried setting up in toe of club and even outside of toe but very limited success. Was reall
  8. Towards the ball or target? Not aware of much movement but can check for that
  9. Suffering from a completely new thing for me this season! In the last few rounds 50% of the time I have driven the ball great. The other 50% of the time I have started hitting the ball directly into the ground in front and causing a long divot. The ball can still go 150 yards at best and 10 yards at worse. I know I swing pretty quick and my Index fingers and thumbs have worn away skin on the side of them so I think I am also holding the club too tight. Also with my irons particularly the long ones, I don't seem to take a divot at all and just pick it off the grass. Sometimes this lead
  10. ive actively been trying to play the ball slightly back in my stance
  11. Slice now a hook! Hi guys, started playing semi seriously a few weeks ago after being a twice annual player for the last few years. Started doing a bit of reading on how to play the game and very quickly realised I wasn't even holding the club or standing in remotely the right position! Anyway, initially, like many others, I had a wicked slice which got worse the longer the club I had in my hand although I put that down to completely altering my grip and just get used to changing my stance. Fast forward a few weeks and quite a few rounds, I now seem to have developed a wicked hook. Again,
  12. Hi all, Looking for a bit of friendly advice! Have played very casually 2/3 times a year for as long as I remember but this summer decided I was going to start playing regularly and really get into the game. Had struggled to hit woods before off the tee so had bought a howson driving iron Few summers ago, similar to a 1 iron I believe. Have been playing regularly last month or so and have had some success with the driving iron from the tee. Most of the time solid contact and distance but usually way right and now sometime left! Don't get me wrong I can crush it a good distance and a
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