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  1. A couple of items today for your swinging pleasure: 1) HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX in a 70 stiff. This is straight out of a Sim2. Due to my impatience and availability at my club I went ahead and purchased knowing I would swap shafts. This has 7 swings on it max. Playing standard TM length. $SOLD 2) PXG Gen 1 22* hybrid with 90S Tensei White hybrid shaft. Normal wear, no noticeable uglies. Don't have headcover, will ship protected. When measured up the shaft from the floor when at address, I get right around 39-3/8. $SOLD
  2. Hello all, Just one item tonight. A SIM Max 15* 3 wood. Bought locally and the seller didn't disclose the top line flaws, my fault entirely for not getting detailed pics. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Crown and heel of the club are oddly clean. Don't have the stock headcover but will include a generic one for protection (and use if you choose). Stock non-velocore Ventus blue in a 6S. It's no beauty but plenty of life left. SOLD
  3. I have an Epic Flash 7 wood head only. Minimal use. There is a chip in the black on the trailing edge (see picture). Comes with factory headcover. SOLD shipped.
  4. I have a couple shafts that I'm unlikely to game so someone might as well get some use out of them. - First is an Accra TZ5 Proto 65 M4. This is their stiff, I've picked up a little speed and am better suited for the M5 now. I'm not sure about the tipping. From my recollection it wasn't tipped but I don't want to lead anyone astray. I tried to take enough pictures at various lengths where you folks who are smarter than I can tell. Total length is right at 44-3/8". Playing somewhere around 45-1/2" with a Callaway adaptor. SOLD - Second is a Tour Design GP 6X. Once again
  5. The better half and I have stayed at a couple of the various Sandals resorts. We’ve had better luck and experience at Sandals than some of the large chain type resorts. So far our favorite has been Emerald Bay on Exuma in the Bahamas. The beach and views are insane. Go swimming with the pigs, it’s gimmicky but fun. Golf course right next door that the resort owns. With certain rooms you can play for free (maybe all the rooms now). For a while the course was hosting a web.com event. I believe it’s a Norman design. Had a partnership with TM so the rentals were actually decent. If I remember corr
  6. If you’re set on a Scotty I’d check out Norcal or Putterspa for after the fact services. As the others have mentioned, if you’re wanting a fully customized Newport style putter look at Byron, Mannkrafted, or any of the other boutique putter peeps.
  7. Afternoon everyone, I have accumulated a few putters. The majority do not fit my stroke. The Ping putters are all going to play right at 34". All have brand new Super Stroke Traxion 2.0's. All with headcovers pictured. Hopefully the pictures line up properly. - Karsten TR Anser 2 - SOLD - Sigma G Piper 3 - SOLD - Karsten TR B60 - SOLD Next are a couple of Odyssey's - Odyssey Stroke Lab 3, 34" with stock grip and headcover - This one had some nicks in the paint on the toe, filled in with Sharpie, not noticeable at address - SOLD - Odyssey
  8. It’s a Mannkrafted MA66 that’s he was kind enough to center shaft. Slight amount of toe hang.
  9. Just another flatstick to add to the ever growing collection.
  10. Our club has 4 indoor bays. One is solely for fittings. The other three we have complete access to test clubs or play the simulated courses when it’s cold or wet.
  11. Greetings fine folks of Golfwrx. For your swinging pleasure today I have a 10.5* standard Mavrik, head only. I do have the factory headcover, as pictured. After experimenting I've decided to keep the 9*. Other than tee marks on the face and sole, the only imperfection I was able to locate was a chip on the trailing edge. The smudge on the topline is a fingerprint. I should probably keep my day job, the photography business isn't for me. No pop-ups or dummy marks. Let's say $SOLD shipped. With the challenges of USPS lately, I'm open to UPS or FedEx if the buyer prefers. We can work out the deta
  12. I play the Gen 3’s. Mine are covered at all times, not because I’m ashamed or embarrassed but because I’m anal and I don’t like chatter on my clubs. I get more questions about my putter than my irons. Seems like not many know about Mann or Byron putters.
  13. Allrighty fine folks of golfwrx, this afternoon I have a couple options for your putting pleasure. Please take them off my hands so I'm not tempted to throw them in the bag. I'm not smart enough to leave well enough alone. First off is a Bettinardi Queen Bee #5 with all paint fill removed. I got this flat stick locally from a buddy of mine. He purchased the BGT shaft new and had it installed by a local professional. When I run a tape measure straight down the shaft to the floor, I get right at 34" to the end of the grip. I've included a pic of the toe hang for your reference. The
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