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  1. Aldila Rogue Black I think is pretty close to the Ping Tour shafts
  2. Haha. They are amazing clubs. Probably should be keeping them. Yep these are the ones Woodland is playing. Brenden Steele as well.
  3. No Trades at this time!*These will be shipped from Vancouver, Canada by Fedex Ground* Up for sale is a set of Wilson Staff Model Blades 4-PW with KBS C-Taper S+ 125g shafts. Limited Edition Black Color. (These shafts are a $280 upcharge from Wilson) Plus a matching set of Wilson Staff Model Forged Wedges 52 degree and 56 degree and Wilson Staff Model High Toe 60 degree wedge. Wedges are stock shafts, purchased off the rack at a store Everything is Standard L/L/L Irons were bought about 6 weeks ago from another member on here who got them from Wilson. He said they have 15 rounds on them but it
  4. Tommy Fleetwood....... 4/5 Srixon, 6-P Taylormade P7TW. You wouldn’t be the only one.
  5. No Trades!! SOLD Tour Issue Taylormade EF R-Series Wedges. ATV Grind. 52 and 56 degree. Nippon Modus 125 Wedges shafts. MCC+4 Grips. Used 2 times at the range. Almost new. SOLD Taylormade SIM Max 10.5 Degree Head Only. Ventus Black it sold! Was purchase brand new from another member on here. I used it for 2 range sessions and exactly 1 round. Mint condition. SOLD Project X Evenflow White T1100 Shafts. Both 6.5 (X-stiff) Flex. 65 gram has PXG Adapter and is 42.75". 85 gram has Titleist Fairway Adapter and is 42.25". Not sure on tipping for either but would guess standard from each manufacturer.
  6. No trades at this time! Ping Glide 3.0 60 TS Wedge. All stock. Still has the store stickers on it. Used for 10 balls of a mat at a driving range. Never seen turf. Asking $120 $100 Srixon Z-Forged Irons 4-PW. Nippon Modus 120x. Standard Length, 2 degrees upright. New blue Pure Grips. Almost mint condition. Used for 2 rounds and a few range balls. Few light marks from that use but otherwise almost new. Asking SOLD Tour Issue Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond 8.5 degree driver. Head only. TC Serial number (which I have blacked out in the pictures). Spec sheet included. 7.9 actual
  7. No trades at this time! SOLD Ping G410 3 Wood 14.5 degree with Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7x (no head cover). Excellent condition. Normal marks on face and bottom from a few rounds. Crown is clean. SOLD SOLD Ping G410 3 Hybrid 19 degree with Tensei Blue HY 80TX. Headcover included. Excellent condition. Only seen a couple rounds. SOLD SOLD Ping Blueprint 5-PW Red Dot and i500 5 iron Orange Dot (same specs as if you had a Blueprint 4 iron) Dynamic Gold 120 S300 with Golf Pride MCC Align grips. Used for 1 round and 3 range sessions. Pretty much like new i500 5 iron specs: Loft 24 degrees.
  8. **No Trades!** Tensei Pro White 70TX, Callaway Tip, 44.5" will play around 45.5". Tipped 1". Excellent Condition. Asking **SOLD** Tensei Pro White 80TX, Callaway Epic Flash Fairway adapter. 42.75" will play around 43.5". Tipped 1". Excellent condition. Asking **SOLD** Taylormade RORS Limited edition. #458 of 1000. Low Bounce 61 degree grind Hi-Toe Wedge. Not available at retail. Same grind as Rory Mcilroy plays. Standard L/L/L. Used for 2 rounds. Maybe seen 10 balls. Asking **SOLD** Odyssey Stoke Lab # 3. 34". Used for 3 Rounds. Excellent Condition. Asking **S
  9. JAWS was great. I pre-ordered the 46 to go with a set of irons that didn't have a PW but since changed my irons and now have a set PW. The 58 L/W bounce is really good but I just went back to a 56/60 setup. I've had a couple offers for heads only. I'm going to give it a few more days trying to sell as is before exploring that option.
  10. **No trades at this time!** 1. 2019 Callaway Apex Pro DOTS. (TC serial number) 3-PW. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Onyx shafts. (3 iron has chrome shaft). Standard L/L/L. Great condition. Purchased from another member on here a month or so ago. I used them for 3 rounds. S400 doesn't fit me so back up for sale. The 7 and 8 iron show the most wear, equivalent of 10-15 rounds. The rest of the set in great shape. For those who are unfamiliar with the "DOT" version of the Apex Pro it is a fully forged version and does not have the face cup. These are very soft and have amazing feel. They we
  11. **No Trades!** 1. Taylormade Spider X Putter. Slant or flow neck. Copper with White Alignment. 34". All stock, purchased off the rack. Original Headcover **also Included is the commemorative 2019 The Open Headcover** which is higher quality than stock. Asking **SOLD** 2. Titleist TS3 Driver. 8.5 Degree. 45.25". Stock Evenflow White T1100 75 gram. 6.5 Flex (X-Stiff). 10 rounds maybe on it. Excellent condition, 1 small scuff mark high on the toe. Not very noticeable at address, I tried to get it to show up as much as possible in the pictures. Asking **SOLD** 3. 2016 Tou
  12. No trades at this time. Ping G410 LST 9 Degree driver head **SOLD** Ping G410 LST 14.5 degree 3 wood with Ping Tour 75x. Purchased direct from Ping 1 week ago. All stock specs. Used for 1 round and couple range balls. One ball left a minor "splash" mark on the face. Besides that it's like new. Will not split shaft and head. **SOLD** Ping G410 Hybrid 19 degree with Ping Tour 85X. Purchased direct from Ping 1 week ago. All stock specs. Used for 1 round (5 or 6 shots) and a couple range balls. Like new condition. Will not split shaft and head. **SOLD** Driver
  13. No Trades at this time thanks! 1. Titleist 718 MB 3-PW. All stock. Standard L/L/L. Project X 6.0 stiff shafts. Used for less than 10 rounds. Some bag chatter that you can see in the pics but faces and grooves are in excellent condition. **SOLD** 2. Titleist 716 MB 3-9 plus SM6 48. +1/4" long. Standard Loft and Lies. KBS $-Taper 130 Extra Stiff shafts. Purchased used from a member on here. 8 iron looks like it has the most use. Some bag chatter but grooves are great but faces have a little more use than the set above. Probably 20 rounds or so if I had to guess. I bought them just to
  14. Driver and fairway are the same. Hybrid is different.
  15. No trades! **1.** Aldila Rogue White 130msi 70TX. Purchased from Tollbros. Tipped 1/2". 44.75" from Adapter to Grip. PXG Adapter and will play 45.5" in a PXG Driver. (I have some used Taylormade Adapters that I could include if needed). Used for 3 rounds. Couldn't find any marks on it and looks pretty much new! **SOLD** **2.** Odyssey Stoke Lab Seven (#7) Putter. 34". 1 degree flat lie. Purchased direct from Callaway with upgraded Flat Cat Standard grip. Used for 9 holes. Brand new! Asking **SOLD** **3.** ACCRA TZ5 Proto 65 M5 Shaft. Just over 42.5" raw length. No Adapter and
  16. > > @dalton044 said: > > > @Numb said: > > > During a recent fitting I fund the S400 and Modus 120x to feel and perform very similarly. The Modus just felt a bit lighter over all. > > > > > > How was the flight? I had the 120 S at one point and just hit moonballs. > > Modus 120x is a higher flight, but I hit a high ball anyway. Feel and numbers were pretty similar with a higher apex on the 120x
  17. During a recent fitting I fund the S400 and Modus 120x to feel and perform very similarly. The Modus just felt a bit lighter over all.
  18. **Trade interests:** Scotty Cameron Phantom X5, Rogue White 130 80TX 1. PXG Gen2 0811x Driver. 9 Degrees. Graphite Design AD-TP 6**TX**. 44.75" Not sure on tipping on this one, shaft was purchased used afterwards. Driver was purchased new and used for 4 rounds and some range time. Excellent condition. I will also include the stock Project X Evenflow White T1100 65 6.5 shaft tipped 1". I ordered it with this shaft to play 1/2" short (44.5") but PXG sent it and it plays 43.5". I told them it was too short and they said that's how they measure drivers. But stock shaft is 42.75 adapter to grip
  19. No Trades! 1. Vokey SM7 RAW wedges from Vokey Wedgeworks. 54F grind ordered bent to 55 degrees. Handground by Vokey with Heel and Tour Grinds. Purchased myself from Vokey and used for 1 round and a few range balls. Like new condition, just starting to rust a little. Nippon Modus 120x shaft. Standard L/L/L. Asking ~~$175~~ **$150** **SOLD** 60D Grind, purchased brand new from another member on here. Handground by Vokey with a Tour Grind. Used for 2 rounds but like new and starting to rust. Also has T stamping as you can see in pictures. Nippon Modus 120x shaft. 1/4" long Standard L/L. Only
  20. No trades at this time. 1. 2019 Aldila ATX Green 75 TX Proto purchased from Tollbros. Tipped 1". PXG Adapter set to 3* flat. Just over 43.5" will play just over 44.25" in a PXG Driver. I have a few other used and new adapters I could include if needed. Used for 3 rounds. Like new. Asking **$250** 2. 2019 Aldila ATX Blue 70 TX Proto purchased from Tollbros. Tipped 1". PXG Adapter set to 3* flat. Just over 42" will play just under 43" in PXG Fairway wood. I also could include a different used adapter if needed. Used for 3 rounds as well. Like new. Asking **$200** 3. HZRDUS Black 105g 6.5
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