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  1. i wouldn't mind waiting for the new gear in hopes that the current Spider X goes on sale... swoop those up haha.
  2. @Fujikura Golf Finally got my hands on a Blue 8S HB into my Titleist U510 2 iron and it feels amazing. Very impressed with how this shaft (Velocore Blue) translates its performance for drivers, fairways, and utility irons so well...it doesn't miss a beat. My long clubs are now all Velocore Blue and I have no shame in saying these Velocore shafts are amazing. I'm a fan of Diamana shafts, too, for how smooth and well they perform, but man... idk how you guys are supposed to follow your latest product line. Bravo.
  3. I have a Titleist 510U 2* paired with a Ventus 8S HB shaft and love it. I feel like anytime a UDI design has a thicker sole and deeper face, you really can't go wrong. Just depends on how you're intending on playing with your UI and the right shaft to complement it.
  4. Do you have any inside scoop on what it's going to look like?!?!?!
  5. That's one sexy driver. Lord have mercy. Why are you selling this and not gaming it?!?!
  6. What can you share in terms of differences between the 425 and other woods you've recently hit?
  7. damn... Either way, sick set up man! I play SIM driver and 3 wood, but not really loyal to any particular brand and have heard nothing but good things about Ping, especially their long clubs. Really tempted to switch to these next year.
  8. i think it’s Xander that carries a raw set? They do look cool and have heard the same thing as you. I want to say it was TXG that did wedge test and raw faces were one of them to determine if raw (rusted) faces made a difference to performance (spin) and it was only better by a few hundred RPMs. Feel and performance can be two different things so if the raw heads feel better for you, then why not (unless your spouse says otherwise lol).
  9. This right here. All of this. I also think it's worth noting lofts on irons coupled with the items noted above when considering "forgiving" since it seems like brands are pushing out "game improvement" irons where lofts are changing almost one club's worth if that makes sense.
  10. Sorry if it's already been mentioned here... can you say whether or not Ping will introduce a 3W with a moveable tungsten like the driver?
  11. I think a lot of people's answers are keeping the brand in mind to keep your irons to be Mizunos..? Maybe one thought. If I ever bunkered down on another iron set, it'd be HMB 4- PW haha. Those things are sweet looking and comes off hot. I play P790 in 4-5i and P770 from 6 - PW as an analogy to your situation. **Edit** Yes, if you look at the lofts, it does cause a bit of a gap when you switch models (i.e. P790 5i to P770 6i), so something to think about when you do your set up.
  12. Very interesting to hear... couldn't really find insightful comments/feedback on the GOST shaft, so this helps a bunch!!
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