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  1. So @RangerV was kind enough to msg me on my recent BST post and tell me mine was cracked and he led me here. Sure enough, it was cracked. I decided to submit my warranty claim online for the sake of time/convenience yesterday (04/29) and heard this afternoon (04/30) that they'd be providing me a replacement (who knows what they'll send me) by 06/10. Not bad all things considered... can't complain. My crack looked just like the original post here. BIG BIG BIG shoutout to @RangerV for the heads up. I got suuuper lucky someone saw my post and checked out my pics and point
  2. Hi Everyone, Looking to move a few things. Shipping is included (located in SoCal). Feel free to reach out if there are any questions. 1. Mizuno MP-32 heads only (3-PW) - Amazing condition for its age. Never got around to building a set. - $400 2. Mizuno MP-5 heads only (4-PW) - Really good condition. Same as above, never got around to building a set. - $400 3. Taylormade SIM 9* Driver - Used for several rounds, but I switched over to Titleist. Standard driver length (stock Diamana Limited Stiff shaft).
  3. Sweet items! TSi2 is def a more forgiving club than the TSi3/4. Surprised you're walking away from it. The listings are a good deal. GLWS!
  4. Good price for those heads. I got mine here for the same price in the same condition. Practically new. GLWS!
  5. Two very different EI profiles. 120X doesn't feel like an X because the butt is softer (X-stiff tip), which is why I think a lot of people like it. You do have to pay attention by taking it out to the range or somehow getting numbers from your shots to see how it actually flies. Felt great, but my ball couldn't stay up. 130S was interesting. Stiffer butt, but felt smooth in its own way with the tip being soft. Nippon definitely made the shafts different, but they're all so smooth so it's not like it's that unattractive when you test different models if that makes sense? Just buy both of my set
  6. Hello WRXers! My first time selling, so feel free to comment below if images aren't showing up, listing is screwed up, or if more info/pics are wanted (msg me). This forum has so many awesome people who have given me good deals, so I hope I can return the favor. Prices includes shipping. Don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested. Tried my best to look around and list a decent price also based on condition, but again, feel free to reach out if interested in something. All grips seen on shafts are standard size Tour Velvet. 1. TM P7MC Heads (4-PW) - Bought us
  7. I think you can also ask the question the other way around... What would happen if the tour vans and OEMs didn't help out the players with no names and/or contracts? I can only imagine something like that happening if a story ever broke out that some OEM or whatever told someone to screw off because they're a nobody or not signed with them. There was that one female player buying her own Mizuno clubs or something, but I think there was also some miscommunication because Mizuno clarified they have some policy or something.
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