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  1. Titleist 620 CB/MB combo head pics. Missing picture of 4i but it's in the best shape of all heads (practically new).
  2. Sorry IDK what's going on with the last set of photos for the Titleist 690 heads...
  3. 96D0CF1C-1BE1-4304-85B9-EAF9D6DCA1EB_1_201_a.heic 96D0CF1C-1BE1-4304-85B9-EAF9D6DCA1EB_1_201_a.heic B88002B7-5DC2-4129-94C4-F06AA719E4D3_1_201_a.heic 6D9E9FB9-1191-4C1C-AC7E-805A9B13156A_1_201_a.heic FE350950-2D65-4B29-8326-A2F6D607D55E_1_201_a.heic
  4. Hey Golf WRX folks, Yes, I have a lot of heads.... Decided I should get rid of stuff since I have a set bag, ... but I also ruptured my Achilles this past week so I'm done for a while (surgery needed). So, I'm really looking to offload stuff to help pay for upcoming medical expenses. Includes shipping (I'm in LA county). No int'l shipping. Any questions, let me know. Thanks for looking! 1. Taylormade SIM2 9* Driver - SOLD 2. Taylormade P7MC heads (4-PW) - SOLD 3. Mizuno MP-32 heads (3-PW) - SOLD 4. Mizuno MP-5 heads (4-PW) - SOLD 5. Titleist 620 CB/MB combo heads (4-PW) - SOLD 6. Titleist 690 MB heads (4-PW) - Bought from someone here that had these professionally refinished to have a satin finish (much more sleek and better looking than chrome IMO). Looks amazing. Standard specs. - $500
  5. Hello everyone, One item for sale. Brand new SC CC Newport Buttonback 34" in plastic bag. Sold out everywhere. Shipping is free and will be insured. $1600 OBO
  6. Remaining MC-501 has been updated to OBO. Feel free to reach out with a reasonable offer, folks! Thanks for looking.
  7. I think they're priced to sell... but here we go. Feel free to msg me. No trades. Looking to sell these unicorn sets. Picture sets should be in order by listing. 1. Miura TC-201 (Black QPQ version), 4-PW w/ MMT 125 TX shafts These were barely used. Pics tell the story. Standard L/L/L with midsize grips. **SOLD** 2. Miura MC-501 (Black QPQ version), 4-SW w/ Tour AD 95X shafts These were barely used as well. Difference with these is the extra 48 SW that comes with the set. Pics tell the story. Standard L/L/L with standard grips. ** SOLD **
  8. So @RangerV was kind enough to msg me on my recent BST post and tell me mine was cracked and he led me here. Sure enough, it was cracked. I decided to submit my warranty claim online for the sake of time/convenience yesterday (04/29) and heard this afternoon (04/30) that they'd be providing me a replacement (who knows what they'll send me) by 06/10. Not bad all things considered... can't complain. My crack looked just like the original post here. BIG BIG BIG shoutout to @RangerV for the heads up. I got suuuper lucky someone saw my post and checked out my pics and pointed it out.
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