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  1. Better golf is Kiawah. Ocean course is the best of the courses between the two. And has just a little more depth in my opinion. Kiawah - nicer amenitiesHilton Head - less expensive
  2. Both...did both on the same trip. If only one Arcadia. Loved both courses at Arcadia. Loved Forest Dunes at Forest Dunes but thought the Loop was good but not great (least favorite of all of them).
  3. Thanks. Very helpful. We are staying at the Inn.
  4. Thanks for the ideas so far. Would love more recommendations if anyone has. Thanks.
  5. Taking a trip with some buddies to Sea Island next month, any recommendations for dinner or other general recommendations? We plan to play all 3 courses over 3 days.
  6. I have hit both the 15 degree and 16.5 degree in the fitting, both looked square to my eye in the fitting and both were set at standard (A-1) setting on surefit. My 16.5 that I bought is also set to A-1. For some reason it looks a little closed to me. Am I hitting pulls, not really, but it is definitely messing with my mind and I am concerned about it standing over the ball. I am not sure if I am swinging normally or because it looks slightly closed I am swinging slightly different to try to keep it on line. Might be more of a mental thing but it does look a little closed at approach to me. I
  7. I didnt want to change the loft. I bought a specific loft for a reason. I did buy it from someone who offers a 90 day playability guarantee so I am considering asking them to replace it. Just dont want to do that if it is a total waste of time.
  8. It is a titleist TS3. So adjustable. Is there any way to really tell?
  9. I ordered a new 3 wood and when I received it the clubhead looks slightly closed to me. I have played a few rounds with it now and for some reason at address it continues to look that way to me. Is there any way to test whether it is in fact closed and I should ask for a replacement or if it is something that is just in my head? When I was being fitted, I didnt feel this way and the club looked totally square at address.
  10. If you go from a 43" shaft to 42.5" shaft how much impact should it have on swing weight?
  11. Can someone help me find the specs on the following in terms of size (cc's) and swingweight, I cant seem to find it on their website: Titleist TS2 15 degree Titleist TS3 15 degree Titleist TS2 16.5 degree Titleist TS3 16.5 degree Thanks in advance.
  12. > @LICC said: > I see Bethpage Black and Ferry Point as top-of-the-line options, among the best in the country. I haven't played Pound Ridge so I'm not sure if it is as good but most consider it up there. Then you have a number of terrific courses like Bethpage Red, Harbor Links, Neshanic, etc. Then a number of very good courses like Galloping Hill, the other Bethpage courses, then a lot of decent enjoyable courses (Lido, Saxon Woods, etc.) I've traveled to quite a number of cities whose areas don't seem to have any better- Boston, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Diego, Austin. You mentioned C
  13. I used a guage design answer style putter for 16 years. They are fantastic. Look great, feel great. I only switched away from it a few months ago to a mallet design. If I was ever going back to answer style (which I dont see likely), I would pick my Guage up again. I will never sell it.
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