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  1. Only one wrap but right hand is thicker than regular tour velvet equivalent to 4 wraps like MCC+4. The length goes down 3/8 inch from 3iron at 38.5 the x flex is 115g
  2. Hi, I have a few stuff for sell. Not looking for trades. thx. 1, Byron Morgan 620 34.25-inch Lie 70/ Loft 3.5 Fly mill face Stepless shaft with Black Byron Design Pure standard grip Black Byron Design head cover Used about a month $490 shipped 2, Tensei Pro White 1k 60TX TM sleeve untipped 43.25-inch (tip of the sleeve to the shaft end), plays 44.5 in Sim2 driver The sahft sleeve is authentic one. Tour velvet +4 standard grip Sold 3, Callaway Apex MB 2018 3-PW Modus 120TX Standard loft Length -0.5 inch. 3 iron at 38.5-inch. 0.7* lie gap. 3 iron at 60.3, 4 iron at 61... MOI matched but forgot the target value. Should be 2700±3. Iomic 1.8 blacked out grip. sold 4, Callaway X Forged 2018 3-PW KBS C-taper Lite 115X Standard loft Length 3/8 inch gap from 3 iron at 38.5-inch to PW at 35.875-inch MOI matched at 2707±3 Don't have sticker on shaft. Tour velvet+4 grip. Shafts and grips are less than a month old. Sold 5, Vokey SM8 52* 10F Tour Chrome Standard loft and lie Stock DG wedge shaft Sold 6, Vokey SM8 58* 08M Tour Chrome Standard loft and lie head only sold Pin 6/1
  3. I think it’s the 3.0. The jaws full toe has less of high toe and straight leading edge
  4. Just talked with Fujikura guy and he says he would not recommend tipping but I could do an inch for driver, 1.5 for 3W and 0.5 for 2HY
  5. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1798806-ventus-blue-tipped-or-not/
  6. Thanks for the input! So far, it seems like going with 6X tipped an inch and increase AoA would do the trick or at least make it better. Adding AoA should not be a problem cuz I used to have much greater AoA and it was something natural to me. According to the tee marks of the face, I consistently hit about a half ball towards the toe, but I'll check it out when I do trackman session next time as I might be swinging differently indoor, also I will test the tee hight.
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