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  1. What adaptors fit what ? Does the 2017 M1 have the same adaptor as the gapr??
  2. nic19

    Adams love?

    Love Adams 3 xtd ti hybrids , 1 tight lies ti 2016 fairway and a brand new 3 - pw raw tour issue mb2 heads ready to be built.
  3. NFL or college? football not American football ( the sport the rest of world calls football and you call soccer) ?
  4. BBC coverage isn t great but SKY having all the Majors hardly opens golf up to a new audience. Viewing figures are about 400 000 for SKY s coverage whereas BBC get double that for a highlight show. I agree the BBC coverage is crap but it would be great to have golf brought back to a wider audience.
  5. Kuchar is cheap. Steinberg a p***k. This money ( standard practice in tour I m led to believe) would be absolutely life changing. Kuchar said this guy helped him a lot. If a tour caddy had stepped in for the tournament there would be no question that he would pay that money.
  6. You and I are on the same page. Calling it a disease equates in a way to 'victimhood' which equates to 'out of my control' so therefore I bear little or no responsibility. And yes, it does ruffle feathers. Those who back the 'disease model' as you put it are quite clingy to the idea. I think of my addiction as a mental health issue that I suffer from and need to treat. There are many doctors who call addiction a disease as follows a model. I watched a few very interesting talk from a leading doctor on youtube about it. But then we get into a debate. All I know is Im an addict and need to stay clean a day at a time.
  7. Been C and S for nearly 12 years. Best thing I ever did. I hope he stays the course.
  8. Who is this bloke? Obviously a country singer but have never heard of him. Is he popular
  9. Yes, but perhaps ShowMe would not...….Ian Fraser is great, but the love for him is starting to get a little over the top. Hahaha! I’m glad you said it first. ; ) Im just glad that there is a highly qualified guy on youtube. Some of the choppers on there are rubbish
  10. Ian Fraser is reknowned as one of the best in world. I d take his opinion over anyone on here
  11. Ian seems legitimately brand agnostic as well. Unlike many other fitters. He is. I wouldn t trust anyone who has a tie in with a certain brand. Every review has shown the Cobra faster. The TXG guys are among the very best in the business and are extremely thorough. Cobra have the driver of the year especially when you factor in price
  12. TXG have a great reputation. These are no clickbait videos. If they say they ve seen the fastest speeds then Im inclined to believe them. Ian Fraser is one of the best fitters around and is not prone to exaggeration.
  13. I think it is. Where I work we have over £10000 in preorders and now stock is in people grabbing it off the shelf
  14. Hit the 7 today and they are lovely!! Feel great and not clicky
  15. Very interested in why you would swap from the i210. Currently playing the g400s and so disappointed of the look that I was thinking about the i210. The downside is that I’m still hitting inconsistently all over the face and I am sure that I will be punished a lot from the upgrade.. but man, they look so ugly that I struggle to see them in my bag.. Don’t want to speak on behalf of the other poster but I game the i210 but am starting the realize why wouldn’t you take more forgiveness in any club if your swing warrants it. If the offset isn’t crazy and the top line looks nice I may make the switch to the 410 as well it would be more about a little more ball speed for me. The i210s are amazing. I play around a 5 or 6 after a year of injury. I m not an overly fast swinger( 102 mph) so i like something that jumps off the face. I ve never been a believer in certain irons for handicap etc.
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