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  1. Mizuno MP Fli-HI 18*, X100 for me. I have had it in the bag since 2006 or so, and I will never get rid of it! Absolute confidence off the tee.
  2. The r580xd fairway woods were another one of those TM clubs that only seem to appear at DSG... kinda like the r5xd... Never seen either of these clubs anywhere else
  3. Having hit both, I prefer the old x-forged to the new in both looks and feel
  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... To the OP, glad you had such a good experience, and I hope your new sticks continue to serve you well!
  5. Putter looks good D$
  6. Is there a recessed area behind the weight that a nickel would fit in? because if so, that is one of the better ways around the custom shop that I have heard of! :clapping:
  7. Custom Scratch SB1's, KBS tour
  8. I don't think anyone meant to discourage you from posting, but some of these topics have been discussed in MANY threads containing MANY pages MANY times, so additional identical topics are a bit unnecessary. Cheers!
  9. Fake Fake Fake... Sorry for your bad luck
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