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  1. Hey Ladies and Gents I have one really nice Scotty I am no longer getting along with that is in need of a new owner Excellent Overall Condition 34" with new Superstroke Pistol GT 2.0 Grip just installed. Headcover Pictured is included Looking for $525 Shipped within the CONUS paid via paypal I am also open to considering trades for other rare, custom or higher end putters
  2. Open to trades for the driver, would like a ping g410 lst with a good shaft, need the head to be 9 degree
  3. Hey Ladies and Gents, I have a few really nice items here that have barely seen any game time that I would like to move out Both Items are mint condition and have only seen about 3 rounds of golf Probably prefer to just sell them however I am willing to listen to trades of equal value items Paypal Only Please First up is a Taylormade Sim Driver, I purchased this brand new from my golf course a few weeks ago and just don't like it unfortunately it's 9* with an upgraded Ventus Black 7s Shaft, Z cord Grip and Headcover included, I paid just shy of $900 for it, everything coming direct from taylo
  4. One item up for grabs today, open to trades and or simply selling I'll ship anywhere within the United States Welcome to offer what ever you have for trades, I would actually like to try out a fang style putter so if you have a cool Odyssey #7 or something along those lines that would be cool, also as always Byron Morgans, possibly other lajosi, Piretti, Machine Putters and so on Lajosi DD201 Carbon Steel Head with a Satin Plated finish, minor discoloration around the hosel and ever so slightly in the cavity but not bad Matching Satin Shaft 350 Gram Headweight 34" in length Superstroke SS2 g
  5. Haha that is way too true, I can't count how many times I've swapped with you 3 ....we all have good taste in our flatsticks!
  6. I can shoot you some pics of my stable Ben... it's basically a handful of rare Byron's and a tour issue odyssey
  7. Hey Ladies and Gents of WRX I've got a really unique putter that I would like to trade or sell, would probably prefer to trade it If you want to buy it that's fine Price includes shipping within the US, Shipped via USPS trade interests are going to be other unique putters....bettinardi, byron morgan, lajosi, kingston, other mannkrafted, if you have something you would be interested in trading let me know.......if it's off the rack I probably won't be interested 1.) Lamont Mannkrafted MA66, 303 Stainless Steel, Hand Peened virtually every where, Deep Milled Face, Scottsdale AZ hand stamped
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