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  1. Hi All Thought id let you know whats been happening, i even changed my driver with a shorter shaft and still the problem kept creeping in. So i was watching the European Tour and saw a player taking huge divots like i do. The commentator was saying he is getting steep and in a minute hes gonna split the earth if carrys on taking these huge divots. So i searched the web and found my shoulder plane was steep with the driver, i saw some vids of garcia and noticed how flat his plane was. Now knowing i have a rotary golf swing i thought sergio was a perfect guy to mimic, well his fundamenta
  2. i might give up.Hi All, I know i need to get a video up but i'll give a little explanation. I play off a uk H/C of 4, around 1 in the US. I draw everything beautifully, the movement is only a couple of yrds in the air. My bad shot is a slight push. Now the driver, i have tried everything, different shafts, setups, grips, you name it i have tried it. Now all that happens is i hit push fades alot, at worst a push slice of about 100 yrds ! I cannot stop it from happening, like i said i draw everything from a 3 wood to a 58* wedge, but the driver is a no no. If i do hit it correctly i can s
  3. whats your swing path doing?, sounds in to out to me, closed face on both not so much with the driver. I know its really hard to believe, but go to range and setup as normal and muck about with the face, personally it sounds like you should setup with driver face OPEN. Read the new ball flight laws!
  4. It's just been shown in a slo mo replay of Dustan Johnson doing it twice on the 16th green today, Tv cameras got it fine, now i wonder if the USPGA have the balls to do anything about it.
  5. I've been on here for years and the Tiger saga continue's. Now he spat on the green, great way to teach kids......if the USPGA fined him everyone would back them, European Tour fine him and they get mocked for fining GOD. At least the european tour have the bollocks do something about it and so they should, yeah i done it. IN WASTELAND part of the course. Now all of you who thinks it's fine to do so, i hope your kids dont follow you in your footsteps
  6. [quote name='Geohans' post='2159820' date='Jan 4 2010, 05:39 AM']Why the heck doesn't Titleist make a 4 wood??[/quote] They do, anything with 17* of loft, i have one, a 980f. Better than anything on the market today.
  7. Ive been on the look out for a while for a really good 3 wood, i have had most of them by now apart from the r9, i got bought this as a gift and couldnt beleive how big the head was. I have a 980f 5 wood which i love to bits and its about the 1/3 of the size of nearly everything ive tried. So why are the OEM's going this way? My opinion is that all the these "bigger" heads are great off the tee, but hard off the deck. i play off 6 so dont have a problem hitting fairway woods. Thoughts?
  8. yep i stll got mine, love it when your playing partners see you pull it out and sting one about 240yrds lol
  9. I have a rotary swing as i was taught by DFW1500 on here, i started to have a bit of an OTT move which was causing a few issues I thought that when i rotated my core on the downswing just make sure i have the "feeling" that my right hip and elbow are connected as i hit it, worked a treat for me.
  10. seller has no idea what the maximum bid by a buyer will be, only if its an automated bid once placed
  11. Just been reading a few posts on the web and some are saying a nieghbour heard tiger shouting you've ruined our thanks giving, tiger also told a non-inforcement officer that it was erin who cut his face and not the crash itself, erin had then smashed the back windows as tiger drove off causing him to lose concentration and crash.
  12. They were saying on tv today that he was paid $3 million dollars and has brought $19 million dollars worth of income and extra buisness for the local economy, The oz's seem to know what there doing
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