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  1. Tour Burner TP and MP-32sUp for sale I have a Taylormade Tour Burner TP and a set of Mizuno MP-32's 3-PW.......The Driver is 3/4 in. short, the Irons are stand L/L/L...Dynamic Golf S300 shafts......330/shipped for the irons, 200/shipped for the driver, OBO on both......Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks :lol:
  2. I agree; the one on my driver is performing very well. It almost gets tackier to me when wet.
  3. It looks like your grip is pretty weak.......I had a similar looking backswing until I changed my grip about a year ago. Check out Jeff Evan's thread about the "Strong Single Action Grip" to understand what your grip should look like. Grip, Stance, Posture, and Alignment........If you can get those things correct, a lot of problems will disappear.
  4. I have a friend on the hooters tour who pulls his set's pw for a vokey because he wants the PW to look and feel like his other scoring clubs. It's a mental thing to get him into that scoring mentality.
  5. My Scotty Cameron Newport 2.....it entices me to practice putting which is never a bad thing. I also get one hell of a deal on my rangefinder....
  6. I will definitely continue to keep folks updated when I make progress; I like the constructive criticism. Making my left hand a bit stronger so that it matches my right is a goal I have for my grip. Having said that, I'm not certain I agree about the club face.....if anything I see it being a tiny bit closed at the top of the swing (pointing more towards the sky than the ground; matching the angle of my forearm would be square). The club was definitely wide open in the two before videos, no question there. At this point I think the standup has more to do with getting stuck than an open clu
  7. [quote name='FLAis4golferz' post='2132197' date='Dec 18 2009, 12:54 PM'][quote name='verse214' post='2128381' date='Dec 16 2009, 09:46 AM']It looks like your hands need more room at address -- the lack of room is causing you to stand up at impact. Address the ball with more space between your hands and your thighs - it will feel like you're reaching far out for the ball at first but in order to cure your standing up at impact it's going to have to change..[/quote] great suggestion! i had this problem before i worked with a pro for over a month on posture alone. no mechanics. get some space
  8. I used to fly through range balls and I found it was a great way to do the same things wrong over and over, lol. Now I try to practice with the tempo I use on the course; it's much more productive. I have been thinking about developing a more consistent preshot routine. I've been told it aids consistency in the heat of battle......
  9. I'm working on curing this tendency myself. It's unbelievable how much easier it is to keep the club connected when you maintain your width rather than increase it. Here is Monte's video on the subject: Lots of good information on his blog, check it out.
  10. I have yet to play Royal American or Bent Tree; perhaps I'll do that next Spring.
  11. Thanks for the kind words; It's been a lot of work to get it to that point. I've still got plenty to do, too. I went to the range again this evening and it's becoming easier and easier to maintain the proper amount of width in my backswing. I feel like once I'm at the top, I just rotate and expand to my finish. Hopefully that makes sense......
  12. I agree with your one at a time philosophy. I wasted a lot of practice time this year with multiple thoughts and a 5 page long checklist of preshot points of reference, haha. Once I quit with that crap, I fixed my grip, worked on my alignment, and boom--started hitting it better. I feel that once I get this width issue straightened out, I'll start really posting some numbers Off to the basement for some putting practice before bed.......
  13. [b]I'll put this up so that everyone can benefit from the wisdom Monte shared with me in a PM:[/b] I see a few small problems, and they will most likely all be fixed by fixing the first one. You have long arms, I am sure I didn't have to tell you that. Herein lies the problem, you get too much extension going back. That makes your arc very wide on the way back and it makes you hands set very late and very high. A lot of that handset takes place after your shoulders have stopped turning and it makes your change your spine angle a bit. Because your arms are so long and you increase you
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