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  1. For anyone who upgraded from GC2 to GC3. Was the upgrade worth the cost? I can get a refurbished GC2 for 6500 cad vs just saving a bit longer for the GC3 which is 9250 cad. I don't have the room for a mevo +. Using it indoors only for practice during winter.
  2. Great looking putters guys. What is the cost of fitting and putter?
  3. I never thought to have a combo set but during my fitting I was suggested: JPX 900 Forged PW-6 900 hot metal 4-5 iron I really like the set up, lots of confidence in the longer irons.
  4. I've found that the sound is really bad with range balls but when playing with normal balls its ok. I'd be interested in adding yarn to it though, how much do you put in?
  5. I had an online chat with Skytrak and the rep did confirm a new Skytrak is coming out but did not have any details about it or release date. Hopefully we get more info on it soon.
  6. I emailed a rep here in Canada and he said the GC3 will be launched this month. Confirmed 9100 CAD with the software. Was hoping this would've been around 5k CAD when they first leaked it. It's too bad the Foresight software is so expensive.
  7. I'd like to set this up in my basement in an undeveloped area. For me the get the proper distance from my hitting net, my furnace would be in the way. Should I cover it up with cardboard or something?
  8. I've gotten close to 40 rounds in with the putter and still no rattle. Anyone else used it more than me and haven't gotten it? Good to hear issue gets fixed after sending it back to Ping.
  9. Where is everybody pre ordering it from? Looks promising, glad I held off on ordering a Skytrak earlier this year.
  10. Broke 80 for the first time today. Looked at the scorecard on 17 and was at 75, knew I had to par the last hole to break 80. Last hole is a par 4 with water on right side. Hit a safe driver to the left, had 130 in and hit my approach past the pin on the fringe. Sank a birdie putt for 78. Felt amazing!
  11. I've played 15 rounds with it so far. I really like the compact size and feel. Haven't had any rattling issues and hope that doesn't happen to me.
  12. I currently play a 10.5 G400 max and just received my 9.0 425 max. I was deciding between the 425 and TSi2 but went with 425 for more forgiveness. Trackman numbers warranted a change but hitting both at the range, I'm a little disappointed. I feel like I hit both very similar and the 400 sounds much better. I'm gonna play my first round with the 425 tomorrow but if theres no improvement I might try to trade it for a TSi2.
  13. I'm assuming this has been answered but theres too many pages to read through. Did you guys maintain your gains after the first 6 week protocol? Or do you have to continuously do the training? I'm currently 3 weeks in and have seen a 5mph improvement in CHS measured by Trackman. Its awesome to see the progression and I'm hoping the gains will stay after the program is done.
  14. Just put in an order for mine, excited to try it. Is it face balanced?
  15. Canadians, you can get the new bags for 25% off online at Sportchek right now. Just received mine, awesome bag.
  16. Hello, would be interested in how much a different shaft would help with my driver. Have always played stock shafts. Losing a ton of distance in windy conditions. How often you play in a month? 1-2x/week How often you practice in a month? Mainly just play golf now, range 1-2x/week if I cant play How consistent do you think your swing are in a scale 1-10 ( 10 being the best )? It won't matter good or bad consistency. I've been taking lessons so trying to ingrain a new swing but I'd say about a 6-7 What is your handicap now? What handicap system are they/you using? 14.2 using Golf Canada What is your strength on your game? Driver? Iron? Wedge? or putter? Driver is a strength when I'm feeling confident with it but I could go from hitting 70% of fairways for a few rounds to 30% in others. 1. What is the club existing set up? ( loft, shaft, flex, swing weight, length, etc ) As detail as possible please. I play a Ping G400 max set at 10.5 degrees, it was previously set at big +, so assuming its 11.5? however I've been playing in windy conditions and losing significant yardage and that is why I'm interested in if a different shaft would help. I play the stock alta shaft, it is 44". Unsure of swing weight but I did put some lead tape on the heel of the driver to help square face. 2. What type of swinger are you ( smooth or quick tempo swinger )? Loading factor on your swing? Heavy or light loader? I have a quick tempo with my swing and am currently trying to swing smoother with better transition. 3. On a scale 1-10 how consistent is your swing? where is your striking ability? With driver, I'd say its a 6, used foot spray, I typically hit in the center but lower off the face. At times it can be toe or heel hits also. 4. What is the the problem w/ the existing set up? When playing in normal conditions, my driving distance is similar to my brothers who I always play with. This season has been very windy and my drives end up 20 yards shorter because I have very high ball flight. When swinging well, I hit a nice 5-10 yard fades but turns into a slice when I'm not. 5. Have you ever had a launch monitor session before? What brand of LM (flightscope LM is one of my best recommendation)? ( swing speed, launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, Swing path,Attack angle, side spins, etc?) No 6. What are you trying to change or achieve on your new set up? Better distance in windy conditions, I know my swing is causing the slice but a shaft to help reduce it if possible 7. What is your shots tendency on mistakes when you are not playing so good? Do you have any problem missing a shots on the face of the club? where? Slice occurs because I'm rushing the transition, trying to swing too fast 8. What is your shots tendency (ball flight) that you like when you are playing good? 5-10 yard fades 9. If you have to pick, what ball flight is more comfortable for you to hit...High or low? Draw or Fade? High fade 10. What type of course condition you are playing most? Where are you from? Calgary Canada, very windy conditions lately but during summer months fairways can get dryer with little rain. 11. Body build and postures? height? etc. 5’6, 155 lbs. Athletic. 12. What is your glove size? What is the length of your wrist to longest fingers and length of your longest finger? (Left for RH golfer and vice versa for LH golfer)Titleist players club, small. 7" from wrist to longest finger, 3" longest finger 13. If you have to be honest, who your swing look like on PGA tour? at least who do you like it to be? Not sure, do not watch enough golf to tell. I'd like to swing like Fleetwood thoughThanks
  17. Does anyone know if we're getting this bag in Canada?
  18. Anyone have pictures of Nike VR pro combos done by Oughtons Golf Repair?
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