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  1. Miss these threads but I've never been so busy in my life. I have so many pages to go back through, prepare for a bunch of likes at some point soon! Had to post about Meat Loaf though. Always one of my favorites. Dressed as him for a few different Halloweens since I am also a rotund guy. Been sad all day, and tweeting out his tunes. Tried to talk about him before my class today but 1 student recognized him. Kids missing out on all the good stuff. His comeback in 1993 may be the most random and epic of all time. Consider how grunge took over rock by that time, and pop being what it was, you one if if not the best selling albums/songs of the year were Bat 2 and I'd do anything for love. Here's a great old German TV show concert from 1978. Wish I could find the Old Grey Whistle Test episode from that time period with Meat. RIP to one of the best.
  2. It’ll be hit and miss… Indy’s munis will probably open (sahm, pleasant run, shank) and usually stony creek in Noblesville opens unless it’s too wet. I may try to sneak out but would be a game time call if anyone is interested.
  3. We were just discussing it in our group chat. It’s well worth the price and drive. If it’s going to $119 full freight as suggested it’s an absolute steal at $35. It is always in great shape and has a fun mix of holes, some in the woods some not. Very fun play. Just stay out of the fairway bunker on 2.
  4. 12/28 or 1/4 only dates of those that work for me
  5. A week in French Lick would be rough IMO. Casino is small, food choices limited. Dye/Ross/Sultans well worth playing for a couple days (play all day at Dye and Sultans). But after that it's a hike to anything decent. As suggested Chariot Run is fantastic but a solid 75-90 minutes from French Lick. Pfau at IU in Bloomington is worth a go, but is about the same distance in the opposite direction. Indy has many viable options and much more to do when not golfing. While the best public courses (aside from Brickyard) are on the north side, it may be worth considering breaking up the trip and spend a few days up here and a few at French Lick. The choices around Louisville are more limited if you decide to break it up that way, but there are some good courses there too in addition to chariot.
  6. Student asked me in class yesterday about stuff going on in the world. My response was the "day glow freaks that used to paint their face joined the human race." None of them got it.
  7. This was my first choice for my daughter's name. Wife said no. Got my second choice though (from 1980), wife just changed the spelling.
  8. Just keep the music turned down on the course, some people get upset.
  9. Far too many days anymore when I wish I didn't get a haircut and get a real job...
  10. Wife and I married next to the 7th green at Great Bear in PA. The course had someone at the top of the hill stopping play (wasn't busy anyway). When we did group pictures before/after on the course we had carts and went to close holes that were unoccupied at the direction of the course management. Stupid of the course not to have someone along with the wedding party to keep them out of the way of play, and stupid of people to be jerks about it. Such is life I guess.
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