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  1. Would you consider a trade for the TM Spider X Chalk? I have a mint Bettinardi QB6, 36", with the new jumbo black Bettinardi Lamkin Sink-Fit grip & HC.
  2. I'd have to add the Ping i500 irons alongside the TM P790's in all the categories. Very easy to hit, launch, excellent distance, and fun to play. Plus, they are one of the best looking clubs I've played in years. Although they've been out since Fall 2018, they are still current with Ping. When you have one of the best, it's tough to improve.
  3. My bag includes the Ping G410 4-5-6 Hybrids. As a senior playing to a 12 hdcp, these clubs give me a high trajectory, distance, and soft landings.
  4. I'd never argue with tests as every person hits a club differently, but the Ping G400MAX is still current and I don't see how this driver was not included.
  5. I was fitted by Ping to a G400MAX with a 45.5" shaft at the PGA Show 2 years ago. I hit every driver at demo day and at the convention center, & the G400MAX was the longest and most forgiving driver I hit. I ordered it with the Recoil but upgraded last year to the Diamona 70 S+ Limited. What's funny is that the Vertical Groove driver was, without a doubt, the straightest...10/10 middle of the fairway. Problem was that the distance was one of the shortest of all the drivers!
  6. I'll keep my Ping G400 MAX...which is still a current model in Ping's portfolio.
  7. As a fitter I've acquired Callaway, TM, Cobra, Titleist, and Ping drivers the last 5 years. My choice is my current Ping G 400Max. I switched from the Ping Tour shaft to a Mitsubishi Diamona and hit straighter and farther than any other driver. I was fit at The PGA show by Ping.
  8. I know someone who is an expert on rules. He has taken and passed the PGA Rules test given by the PGA. You need to contact the PGA to get started, but I'd suggest downloading an app called "Golfquis" on your phone and trying some of the rules quizzes. This app was developed by a rules official I know for students and players. See how you do. I've tried it and I'll keep my day job! The rules of golf are extremely difficult, and very few people actually pass the PGA test on the first, second, or third try. When you try the app, you'll see the difficulty. It's not as easy as it looks!
  9. I like my Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 Grind Wedges...54° & 58°. Years ago I had a set of Ping Eye 2's (like so many) and those wedges were fantastic. I did play Callaway's PM Grind before switching to Ping, and they were also very easy to hit. However, wedges I have never hit and would like to try are the Bettinardi Wedges. I have two Bettinardi putters, which are both fantastic (one was fit at Bettinardi), and I bet the wedges perform just as good. Too bad no one carries them in retail or pro shops.
  10. V3 first of June. $179 with 10+ hour battery and colors. Color screen and smaller than the V2.
  11. Comparing to the flu: 7M American's contact...10K die each year. What I've read is that most people have recovered just fine from Corona 19, and several said it was an easier recovery than the flu. But a vaccine would be nice to have. I'm planning on playing later this week, but will only play if each player gets a separate cart.
  12. I'm a fitter and recommend Mitsubishi shafts for drivers, fairways, and hybrids. They are in my bag and a reason was that the Mitsubishi rep in Carlsbad took the time out to discuss his shafts and shafts in general when I was in the area for training by several companies. If I had the opportunity to try a Fujikura in my driver, my recommendations could change.
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