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  1. Thank you man! I just scored the deal of the year thanks to you. I'd been looking for one of these for the last 6 months, but was really hesitating at $1600 (more like $1750 after tax). I was originally waiting for the $300 off deal, but I saw your post and had to see if I could get one. I called the La Quinta Costco at around 11am this morning and they said they had 3 left. It's a 2.5 hour drive from LA, but I figured it would be worth it. When I got there, I saw the sign and where the carts should be, but nothing was there. A lady told me a guy had just walked off with the floor model - the last one! I was totally bummed but figured it wasn't meant to be. I wasn't going to bother trying Palm Desert as someone in this thread said only La Quinta had any left. Thank god I decided to call! They said they had two left. I zoomed over there. When I got to the section, I saw the price sign was $850 and got really excited! Then I realized there were no boxes left, but the floor model was still there. A nice guy helped me and after tracking down the box in the back with all of the accessories in it, he gave me another 15% off because it was the floor model. It's in perfect shape, just a little dusty! They are no longer going to be carrying it in those stores, so it was considered "discontinued." I walked out with the very last one from Palm Desert for $722.50 + tax!
  2. Looking for a good condition Taylormade SIM2 Max 9* - head only is fine. Not looking for anything tour or hotmelted - needs to be stock weight. Thanks!
  3. Are you happy with the Trouper 2.0? Considering it but if people have issues, it seems to be the pockets and straps.
  4. Looking to trade this Titleist TSi3 9* head for a SIM2 Max 9* head. Otherwise it's SOLD shipped, excellent condition. I also have an extra head weight (3 grams).
  5. Looking for a SIM2 Max 9* head. PM me if you have one, thanks!
  6. The face shading on the women on their headcovers makes it look like they have facial hair, no? I need some more Nintendo/video games/GPK covers in my life.
  7. This is a set of Cobra Radspeed Black irons, 5-GW with factory upgraded Mitsubishi MMT 85 regular flex shafts. Standard length, loft, and lie with Lamkin cord grips. 5 iron has Cobra Connect. The MMT shafts are excellent and were a hefty upgrade along with the black color - love them, just getting rid of my back up bag. Only trade item would be a Titleist TSi1 5 hybrid. Excellent condition, only used a few rounds. $700 shipped Price cut: $650 shipped
  8. Just my opinion of course, but I didn't find them to be too small. I'm a midcap, I am not snobby about iron size at all but I do find mid size soles work best for me. I play Mizuno HMBs. These are obvi smaller but they just feel precise and not intimidating. I was drawn to these primarily for looks (being honest) but have been excited by how well these work for me.
  9. I was apprehensive about full shots simply because people kept talking about how small these are. FWIW, after a few rounds I love my T22 53 on full swings so much I added a 49. Personally, I like a full sand wedge for certain shots and these just work for me.
  10. It's not just you. For whatever reason, I simply prefer the 410s too. Feel, look, all of it.
  11. SOLD Ping G425 22* hybrid head ProV 1 balls Nike ZITs AVAILABLE SIM2 Max 9.0 head - $300 Ping G425 19* hybrid head - $175 Cleveland Halo 19* hybrid - $80 adidas Solarthons - $65 Heading to the post office tomorrow, would love to get a few more things out.
  12. Just clearing out some stuff I'm not using. Prices are shipped. 1) Taylormade SIM2 Max 9.0 driver head - SOLD 195 grams with the stock 24g weight. Comes with headcover, great shape. 2) Ping G425 hybrid heads 19* and 22* - SOLD Excellent condition, see pics. 19 degree head left. No headcover. 3) Cleveland Halo 19* 3 hybrid, stiff - SOLD Stock Miyazaki shaft, no headcover. 4) Titleist ProV1s, Yellow (current gen) - SOLD 2.5 dozen, brand new 5) Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour, size 10 wide - SOLD Worn a few times, cleaned and stored. I am a tts 9.5 usually, these run a bit small/narrow. 6) adidas Solarthon black, size 9.5 - SOLD Worn twice, cleaned and stored. pin 11/8
  13. I pre-ordered two T22 wedges from Carl's - 53.10 and 57.10 custom on 9/19 and received them on 10/29. A shade under the 6 weeks quoted on custom orders. So you should be up pretty soon.
  14. SOLD, THANKS. Taylormade SIM2 Max 3HL 16.5* 3 wood - $195 shipped Everything is stock, Ventus Blue 5R (regular). Comes with the original headcover and Taylormade Z-grip. Pics tell the story.
  15. 1. Los Angeles, CA 2. 13 3. Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Triple Track 4. Yes, DF 2.1 5. Because while the technology has always been appealing, the look/size of this new putter checks the final box. 6. Yes
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