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  1. Finally have a practice net on the way, figured I'd check here to see if anyone has one they're looking to sell. PM me! Thanks.
  2. I dunno if my baseline will work for you, I'm a woman and my driver swing speed is low to mid 90s. That being said, I was playing a VA Nemesys 55 Three on a PXG 0811XF head at 44.5" total playing length. Swing weight was D3 and I had some hot melt in the head to get the weight up to that SW. The autoflex I tried was 46" with an 0811XF head and the swing weight was D2 or D3. It felt fine and I hit some bombs (for me) with it, but I can't really give a full review on like 10 swings. Not sure what the SW on my new setup will be. The Prototype X+ I have coming I don't plan
  3. I played a Nemesys before this one too. Great shaft! Let us know how it works out. Not sure I'll get to do more testing on mine this week, but will report back when I can.
  4. Playing it at 45.5, was playing 44.5 before.
  5. Mine is finally gripped and ready to go (if I ever get my Prototype X+ from DD's!!). The Par-tee pink Pure grips look great on this shaft.
  6. I don't need the shaft, just the head. Right hand. These are $245 on PXG's site, so looking to get one for less than that. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  7. I've only had a few swings with mine, but it's kind of amazing. Thinking about adding the 3 wood.
  8. This is a KHT Korea Hidden Technology Autoflex SF405 shaft for 85-95mph swing speed. Brand new, comes in the original sleeve and will ship in the original packaging. I found one with the tip I needed already installed, so saving myself the hassle of buying a tip, etc. $775 shipped firm in a super sturdy tube with insurance. autoflexshaft.com
  9. I bought the wide version, which helped with the toes falling asleep. My issue with the ZITs was the narrow sole made my feet slide a little bit laterally walking down hills or on uneven lies. It didn't feel good at all. I really loved the idea of this shoe, it looks great, but putting a running shoe style golf shoe on a narrow base like that makes zero sense and is kind of a glaring design flaw. Hopefully the next iteration improves the concept. I'd buy them for $30 at Burlington, but $160 for all the flaws is out of the question for me.
  10. Awesome! Thank you for the info, that sounds great. PXG is good because of the adjustable weights. I have a Proto X+ coming, so it will either be that or the 0811XF. I actually managed to snag one locally with a PXG tip that's the full 45", so I can always trim it when I get my grip put on. My bank account hates me, but I'll sell the brand new one.
  11. Taking offers on the last two items: Star Wars Death Trooper headcover and VA Nemesys 55 driver shaft.
  12. Sub 70 clubs, PXG 0811XF head, Frank headcover, Orange Whip, Helium Black are all sold.
  13. Clearing out some more stuff before I move! All prices include shipping. Feel free to ask any questions. 1) Sub 70 Golf 699 Pro Black irons, 6-GW - SOLD These have upgraded KBS TGI 70 shafts (regular) and black Pure Pro grips in standard. Standard length, 1 degree up. Shafts and grips were upgrades. They're awesome clubs, I just need to cull the herd a bit. This set was $730 all in. 2) PXG Gen 2 0811XF 10.5* driver head - SOLD Head weighs 204 grams with the current weight configuration. Scratch on the face from a sandy ball, otherwise
  14. It's retail price, free shipping. I just got the 0311 forged wedges with steelfiber shafts. Will post some thoughts once I get a few rounds in. Coming from a set of RTX4 that I just could not get along with.
  15. Why would we want to eliminate the variables that actually occur in golf and with golfers when testing equipment? That's like a fundamental aspect of testing, otherwise we might as well watch that golf robot hit everything. Even when TXG takes out Matt's sub par shots I think it makes little sense to do so. I don't care about how equipment performs in a perfect vacuum because that's not how it will realistically be used on a golf course. And the differences of a certain shaft or head to a guy who has pretty much ideal swing and launch conditions is going to be minimal. If you look at their vid
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