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  1. They're golf clubs. I'm sorry, but it's just not the end of the world. And I can say that as someone who received a partial shipment of 4 irons. Srixon, Ping, Taylormade, Titleist, they're all having delays. Haven't you noticed your FedEx, UPS, and USPS packages are hellishly slow lately? It's called an ongoing global pandemic, it's not just incompetence. I'm sure Srixon and other manufacturers wish they sell and ship clubs faster. There's not some greater conspiracy here. Do you really want to be that guy? Super glad I don't have to work customer service for a golf com
  2. Got an update on my missing 7 and 8 irons. They said they should be getting more heads next week, and they hope to ship 2nd or 3rd week in March. Ping also has been struggling with ridiculous lead times. Hard to get too upset about golf clubs considering everything. Can't wait though!
  3. Yeah, I'm going to keep playing my z585s until the full set arrives. I can't play without a 7 and 8 iron and the shafts are different between my old and new set.
  4. Sorry, I edited it - ZX5. DD had no time frame for when the missing irons would be sent. If I have time tomorrow maybe I'll see what Srixon says.
  5. ZX5 6-AW, Steelfiber i80, standard length, loft, 1 up, standard grip. I got the 6, 9, P, AW irons today. Ordered 2/4 through DD and got them direct from Cleveland/Srixon.
  6. Well my post must have activated some good juju because my order shipped! edit: so weird, they just arrived! edit 2: sad face, my order doesn't have the 7 or 8 iron. time to call DD and find out what's up. edit: 3: 7 and 8 irons are backordered, blah. On the plus side, the irons look amazing and I'm excited to get the rest of the set. 6-AW, standard length, Steelfiber i80r shafts.
  7. Sweet, that's 4 days before I ordered. Hopefully soon! Thanks for the info.
  8. Anyone order from DD's? Today is 3 weeks for me. They said 3-4 weeks so hoping to see them next week, but not really counting on it.
  9. TSi3 and SIM Max2 were pretty similar for me, TSi3 was slightly better on my best strikes and slightly lower spin when paired with the shaft I was fit into. I preferred the look/sound of the TSi3. Never gamed a Titleist driver and I had no real preference when going in to the fitting. Definitely give the TSi3 a look.
  10. True to flex in my experience. It's a good stock shaft, the Tour Shaft is also excellent if you're in stiff and higher flexes. I'd check that one out, everyone usually loves it.
  11. Answered some more Autoflex questions above! One thing I keep getting asked: I would stick with the manufacturer's rec for swing speed. SF405 is 85 - 100mph. I swing low to mid 90s and I had no trouble squaring it. I like regular flex in my hybrids, stiff in my fairways, and both stiff and regular in my irons. I am generally on the border between regular and stiff. If you need stiff+ generally, I'd look at the SF505. Thanks!
  12. New driver for me means these need new homes. 1) KHT Autoflex SF405 (85 - 100mph) with PXG adapter - SOLD Measures 44.5" from tip to grip. Comes with a Pure Pro grip in matching pink, standard size. Ships via FedEx with signature. Edit: going to answer some Autoflex questions here! a) Tipping: per the manufacturer's recommendation, this shaft is not supposed to be tip trimmed and hasn't been. Butt trim only. b) Flex: The swing speed for this is recommended at 85-100 mph. Most (guys) seem to be going up in flex on this because it does feel flexy in
  13. Getting close to a year waiting for my Trek. Hope my ZX5s don't take that long.
  14. Well, with Bob Parsons/PXG it's because he goes out of his way to put his face, voice, and personality in the material products and business. It's by design, so I think it's a fair criticism of the brand.
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