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  1. Yes, it's why I returned mine. Feels like wearing ice skates or something, I didn't enjoy it. This video nails my issue with the shoe perfectly.
  2. Update, I spoke too soon - they replaced the damaged heads only. Weirdly they were all in plastic though. Still, I'm happy, these irons are amazing and it’s good to have them back. Hope they hold up from here on out.
  3. Got the irons back today - they replaced them all with brand new heads. They sent me a label, I dropped them off on Monday, they received them Tuesday, and today they got delivered. I am in Los Angeles, so shipping time is 1 day - but that is still incredibly fast. They essentially completed the repair within 2 days. Excellent customer service and couldn't be happier to have them back in my hands. Hopefully these ones hold up a bit better. Everyone that messaged me asking about it, Srixon customer service really nailed it. @jozner954 @Tiptx1122
  4. Nope. Had a terrible experience with a fitting and reshaft. The upcharge on the iron shafts is considered "labor" (I asked about it), but I got a really crap build from my local CC store. The clubs had excess glue globbing out of the ferrules, heads, and glue stains on the graphite shafts. The ferrules weren't turned down properly. I spoke with customer support and they had me send my clubs off to their HQ to be rebuilt. The rebuild came out well, as they should have the first time, especially considering the cost. I won't be using them for any builds again, it would be strictly fitting only.
  5. Honestly they look great on foot. My LE ones do too, ended up dumping one of my pairs of AM90G because I prefer the Solarthons.
  6. I heard back from Srixon, they authorized a repair which will be new ZX5 heads. Two weeks turnaround time. I'm a little bit nervous as my clubs are custom built to a D2 swing weight, pretty sure that was probably accomplished with tip weights - I'm assuming they'd leave everything as-is and just replace the heads, but my luck with these clubs thus far (Club Champion ******** sucks) has been terrible. Either way, good customer service from Srixon and I will probably send them off shortly.
  7. 585 and ZX5 are pretty close. I'd say the feel is ever so slightly better in the ZX5, but you'd be super happy gaming the 585s. I loved mine and love the ZX5.
  8. Clearing out some stuff! Prices include shipping + insurance. 1) Ping i210 5-UW - OFF TO EBAY C-Taper Lite 110 stiff shafts installed by professional club fitter, standard Golf Pride CP2 wrap grips, red dot. Excellent condition. 2) Honma TR20p 5-10 - OFF TO @jhenz Vizard 85 stiff graphite shafts, brand new standard Pure Pro grips. No browning, good shape. 3) Callaway Epic Max 15* 3 wood - SOLD HZRDUS Smoke iM10 5.5, excellent shape. Standard Tour Velvet Align grip. Comes with original headcover (not pictured). 4) Nike Air Zoom Infi
  9. I am actually experimenting with this right now. I started playing golf in KBS Tour 90s and every subsequent fitting after that I kept getting put into lighter and lighter shafts (the lightest at 63 grams in stiff), which at first I didn't like but then got used to. I tried out the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer and all of the recommended shafts for me were in the 105 - 110 range, significantly heavier than what I play now. I loved the feel of the C-Taper Lite 110 S, so got a set of irons with that shaft to see how it feels. It's definitely a little weird just on the practice s
  10. Oof, sorry man. But yeah, I figured it would happen to others as it's clearly a materials issue with that silver paint. I baby my clubs. I haven't reached out to Srixon yet, mainly because I have non-OEM shafts in my irons and it would be a pain in the arse, but thinking I will soon.
  11. I dunno, 11 weeks for Mizuno is longer than most people are experiencing, plus another 5-6 weeks? Someone might have forgotten to submit it. What did you order exactly? Irons/shafts? I ordered 1 week ago and was given a 6 week timeframe.
  12. It's not the spikes so much as it's the super narrow sole plate. I think the spikes work well. I hate walking down slopes in mine, but on flat ground the '21 version is pretty good.
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