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  1. Srixon z585 / Zx5 have pretty standard lofts comparatively and are very forgiving for how good they look.
  2. I don't think so, and my 5H is about as easy and accurate a club as I have. It really depends on how finnicky you are about that sort of thing.
  3. Well, I'd love it if you found that it performed similarly because I'd buy it in an instant. I would be surprised if it did, though. Interested to see what you find out, though, so will watch this thread!
  4. Good luck! And yeah, I am very happy with mine cut down 1." I know resale is a concern, but I also want to be able to get the most use and performance out of this shaft myself, not just taking care of it for someone else to get a discount on it lol. I've been hitting it out of the middle pretty consistently and I love the feel.
  5. Couple of vides are starting to trickle out. I'm most interested in the fairway woods, but seems some people are starting to get the equipment in hand.
  6. Purchased from another member, but have decided to install the Pure grips I bought instead. 2 of the grips have the plastic off. SOLD
  7. Figured I'd start a central thread to discuss the new and future offerings for PXG this year. https://www.pxg.com/en-us/clubs/0211-collection I definitely want to give the 0211 Fairways a try, the price is right and forgiving is always my choice in a fairway. Hoping some of the big names review the new line soon! 0211 irons look great as well, but I'm probably sticking with my Gen 3 irons for now.
  8. I play mine at 45.5" and it's been great. I spoke with Steve and he said cutting it down a little is fine, though he recommended trying it first uncut and seeing how it went. I think Ian at TXG has mentioned cutting it a little bit for most people makes sense. I'm like you, I typically play my drivers 44.5 - 45" so it's already about an inch longer than I usually play. Which is just to say, yeah, I think being comfortable and able to hit it out of the middle is just as important as an extra inch. The shaft still works well for me and is longer than what I was playing be
  9. Some stuff. Ships today if anything gets paid for before 3pm. Taking offers on the shaft, last item and I'd like to move it. Thanks! 1) Project X Handcrafted Evenflow Blue X-Stiff 6.5 75 gram shaft - SOLD Comes with a PXG tip and a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. Measures 43" total. Played -1/2 in a PXG driver, 44.5" total playing length. 2) PXG Lifted Red/Black leather driver headcover - SOLD Excellent condition. 3) Pure Pro grips, Pitch Purple, standard size (10) - SOLD Brand new, never installed.
  10. The left is the 5H I bought about 3 months ago, the right is my 3H I got fit into in March 2019. I think it's held up pretty well, but obviously some wear is visible.
  11. A number of professional women golfers use it. Professional men generally aren't chasing 10 yards as much. This has been discussed quite a bit. In truth, amateurs are quite consistent with their swings - even if they are flawed. Many of the shots tend to be the same with the same equipment. If you're over the top, you're over the top. Someone mentioned The Average Golfer, in particular, who has an over the top swing. He's pretty consistent with it, though. This is a reason why I've said TXG needs to adjust their position on having Matt test everything. Not only is
  12. I swapped to a PXG 0811XF 9* head as I have no trouble with launch and would actually like to bring mine down a touch. After futzing with (taking out) some of the head weights, I'm at D1/D1.5 and going to give it a whirl tomorrow and report back. I was pretty happy with my first go round with the 10.5* head but I did have some HIGH shots, so we'll see what the ballfight looks like with the 9*.
  13. I don't have the 30* but I dropped my 5 iron for the 5H at 26* and it's fantastic. I don't think you can go wrong with this hybrid model wherever your irons stop being as reliable.
  14. Looks like Larry David (lol) is playing Autoflex.
  15. PXG head sold! Price drop on the Jordans, would love to mail both out tomorrow.
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