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  1. Still love mine. I always get asked about it, especially if I'm dropping putts. I really wish regular mallet headcovers fit it though. @labgolf Any plans to embrace the headcover culture and start offering some fun designs?
  2. I'd argue four weeks isn't a long time to wait right now. It honestly beats the pants off of most every other golf club manufacturer, especially the big boys. 699s are great clubs!
  3. Was just going to post that! Awesome deal on the ZG21.
  4. The 2021 ZIT are definitely wider. I have a pair of the aurora ones and they're basically the only ZITs I can comfortably wear. I haven't tried the Victory Tours in wide, but the regular ones were fine width wise, the issue I had with them (sent mine back), was that feeling like my feet were kind of on ice skates. Similar to the ZITs. I saw a review on youtube that mentioned this, and I honestly thought there was no way a shoe like the VT2s could actually have that issue (the don't appear to have a narrow sole like the ZITs do), but damn if he wasn't right. They were comfy, but I hated that fe
  5. Go for the DURA versions. The regular ones faded and developed white lint balls on me.
  6. My first driver was a Powerbilt Grand Slam. I got the full set, even came with the bag for $100 about 6 years ago. Hilarious considering how much I spend on clubs these days.
  7. I ended up cancelling my ZX4 6-iron for the same reason, ZX5s have been so great, no reason to even experiment. I waited like 8 weeks or so for my ZX5s, and it was worth the wait. But I had (and will always have) a backup set. The upside to these equipment delays is it has kept my money in my wallet.
  8. Any Ping fairway from the last few years will work.
  9. Clearing out some stuff! All prices shipped. 1) Srixon ZX4, 5-PW - SOLD These have Recoil 760 F3 (regular) shafts, +1/2 inch length. Standard everything else. Winn Dri Tac grips. 2) Footjoy Hyperflex 2021, black 9W - SOLD Worn once. Super comfy, just style-wise not for me. These run large, I am a standard 9.5. 3) Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour, 10 wide (filled in swoosh) - SOLD Worn once. These don't fit quite as well as my 2021 ZITs. Bought these on ebay, not lucky enough to find any in my local Ross. These run small, I am a standard 9.5.
  10. I actually found the ZX4 really easy to hit repeatable distances over and over, likely due to the forgiveness. They're great irons, I found the feel to be really nice, just not quite as nice as my ZX5. I seem to do better with slightly less chunky irons, for whatever reason. I have no visual issue against them, it's just a swing thing.
  11. Honestly, you're the perfect candidate to get a good fitting and go with their recommendation. You'll get to hit anything and everything, which is fun, but also will ensure you've tried things and come out with what you like. Everyone's game is different, and you might get fit into irons you wouldn't have expected. Given the fact that you're in a unique position with a lot of speed but a high handicap, as well as tall/broad, it's worth the expenditure. Especially as you keep clubs for 20 years. The expense spread out over many seasons of golf is worth it, whereas someone who gets f
  12. I've considered taking the extra 1/2 inch off of mine honestly. I might do it once I am ready to re-grip it. I like 45" in my driver.
  13. Help us out - what are your specs? Swing speed? What club head are you using? Swing weight, etc?
  14. Yeah, I have. Playing mine at 45.5" which is on the upper end of what I like to play anyway, and it's been awesome for me. I haven't gotten on a Trackman yet but hopefully soon - but I am hitting it longer than I ever have. You pretty much know when you're on parts of the course you've never been, I prefer real world feedback whenever possible. I've said before, I think playing it at anything above 45.75 (standard these days, still long imo) is going to make hitting the center of the face harder and harder, no matter how stiff you make it. There's a reason drivers aren't 46 or 47."
  15. I have a 5 hybrid, and the motivating factor for me was it's just easier to hit. Out of my hybrids, the 5 is the easiest to hit obviously, whereas my 5 iron was my least accurate of my irons. So that part of the bag became more of a strength moving to hybrids. I got fit into a Ping G410 3 hybrid, so I already knew what hybrid would work - from there it was a matter of playing and adjusting the loft to get the distance I needed. For me, it's been one the smartest things I've done with my bag. I have the speed to hit a 5 iron, it's just about accuracy and ease of use. Fro
  16. I bought the wide white/hot punch/aurora green 2021 ZITs and in my opinion they're definitely wider than the 2020 wide pair I own. I had to shoe stretch the 2020 ones and they were still a little tight and need to be broken in some more. The 2021 ones were fine right out of the box.
  17. Thanks for the pics, they look good. I want to see these on my foot before I buy them, but might need to head to the store and try them. I loved my VTs and comfort is key!
  18. I think it's 194, I can double check tomorrow. I'm playing it at 45.5" and it's D1.5, pretty much perfect. I bought some lighter weights but right now I'm hitting it so well, I'm not messing with it. I really think this shaft does not need to be played overlength to reap the benefits. With full respect to Brooke Henderson, most regular people will struggle with consistency at 46+
  19. Still playing my SF405 in a SIM2 Max turned down to 8.* Along with some diligent swing work, I'm hitting my longest drives ever. It's really fun smashing it. I thought about maybe getting a shaft wrap, but I like the pink too much. Throwing a pink Pure Pro grip on again as soon as I can.
  20. The shafts in your sets are completely different. Certain components are taking longer than others, especially graphite shafts - this whole thread is full of information on some shafts taking forever vs. some shafts that are quicker (Modus). Plus any number of other factors we don't know about. Srixon isn't trying to intentionally screw anyone. I am really personally perplexed as to why it's taking 5+ weeks to get a single iron, but if I decide I don't want to wait anymore I'll simply cancel.
  21. Tangle is absolutely a deal breaker for me and it's crazy to me that it isn't for others. It's literally the one thing a bag is for - to store my freaking clubs and allow me to pull them out and put them in between shots. If that doesn't work smoothly, I really don't care how many cleverly designed pockets it has. Sorry, this is weirdly one of my Seinfeld topics.
  22. Under Armour Storm Speedround Sunbrella - made by Sun Mountain.
  23. The worst club tangle I've ever experienced came when I had a (short-lived) Hoofer. After everyone recommended a Hoofer over and over to me I was totally stumped as to why I had a problem. Then I started finding posts from people who had club tangle but seemed to accept or excuse it as part of having a Hoofer. Drove me nuts. No thank you, never again.
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