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  1. I can’t believe that post was edited and is still unintelligible and worthless.
  2. Wish he would have gone into the booth, I would listen to him read street signs.
  3. Of all time: Ben Crenshaw, Tom Watson, Ernie Els, Fred Couples, Nick Faldo Current: Tiger, Justin Thomas, Rory, Patrick Reed, Loo Oosthoozoon.
  4. I did read the original post, it asks if a bogey golfer or scratch could get it done. The discussion continued further and the post I responded to lumped all amateurs into the 18 handicap category. You don’t need to be a plus to get this done. A 5 could do it. There are tens of thousands of golfers in the US capable of what the original post asked. The OP didn’t exclude anyone except professionals. A plus is still an amateur.
  5. Why is an amateur an 18 handicap? A lot, I mean A LOT of ams are terrific players. Every player in the US Am, Mid am and Senior Am would win. Just about every college golfer and a lot of high school players. The top 50 from every state am in the country. 80% of the AJGA tour. Just a number out of my @$$ here, but I would guess there are 10,000 ams that could convert on the -100 start at all but a few events on tour. There are at least 200 guys in every state that could get around most pga tour stops in 89 or better, and we haven’t even left the US yet.......
  6. Is the point that his parents had to “sacrifice” in order to allow their son to travel extensively and not have a weekend/after school job? Of course they did, luxuries often involve sacrificing. That makes them normal, not destitute.
  7. Well basketball is unwatchable as defense has disappeared and players either want to shoot a 3 or end up on the free throw line, there is no playmaking. Football has been bastardized by so many rules and adjustments that only one or two games per week are compelling. Baseball has fallen far and hard....
  8. Frying up some bologna so it looks like a sombrero is a treat! I like the occasional spam, but have to get the low sodium variety. It’s not cheap FYI- $3+/can puts it over the price of hot dogs, processed turkey or ham or peanut butter. It’s handy though, if we are going on vacation and renting a condo I’ll toss one in the baggage along with some bread so we don’t have to go grocery shopping until after breakfast the next day.
  9. How come “not rich” is considered poor? Most of us, me included, have no idea what poor is. We were far from rich growing up and far from it now, but we’re not poor. We eat bologna sometimes, also PBJ, rice, beans, etc. We also eat ribs, chicken, steaks, salads and the like. There is a huge range from rich to poor and the overwhelming majority of us live in that range. Being poor is popular on social media so people like to say they are or were poor, all the while having cellphones, internet, cable tv, ac or heat, starbucks, closets full of clothes, sushi, cars, weekends away and all else that
  10. We can disagree, I appreciate the “civilness”. Miller and Norman were exceptions, their incredible talent and work ethic allowed them to perform swinging like that. Look at Phil’s swing 1994 v today. He was far slower and smoother. Tiger as well. I think what a lot of folks want is players swinging like Miller and Norman, and also others like Kite, Strange, Sutton, Crenshaw or Price. The variety of styles of play are disappearing and the 1 dimensional play is tough to watch week in and week out. Golf was a game of power, creativity, imagination and precision. What Wolff and Bryson did this we
  11. These guys are indeed good, they are excellent. But it’s no coincidence that swing speeds have increased dramatically with the advent of supersized drivers. The freedom to swing away is largely due to the reduced and almost eliminated fear of a mishit. You said it yourself, these guys are good, they aren’t going to miss the center by much. They can miss the center by 1/2 inch now and still hit a decent drive. Miss a Pittsburgh Persimmon by 1/2 inch and watch out.
  12. I’m surprised only one post so far mentions this, but the size of the driver head is what is fueling distance. Tour players do not fear a mishit any longer. They can hit it anywhere on the face and produce a shot that flies relatively far and in a playable direction. The fear of a snap hook that goes 125 yards and hard left or the heel cut that finds the right rough at 230 is basically non existent. The driver heads allow them to swing as hard as they can at every driver, there is zero chance of mishitting it. This has influenced their practice habits as well, they train for power and speed in
  13. Dumb to be the least bit upset about this. Absolutely dumb.
  14. Not even close. Basketball fans think every foul is bogus or every play that isn’t a foul should be, Soccer fans literally assault people over games. Basketball is by far the worse fan base though, simply people that cannot be tolerated.
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