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  1. Respectable enough, well thought out.
  2. Why not? I don’t want to see them all there, but golf should be an aspirational game. Exclusive clubs are a big part of the game, we can all aspire to play them, if participating in an event like this is the reward for hard work and success I don’t see any issue with that.
  3. Agree on the calling the course. If you book on Golfnow you will need to book and pay for 2, otherwise when you show up you might/probably will be paired up and your unaccounted for son will be the odd man out. You could book 1 online and call the course right after to see if they can add your son at a junior rate.
  4. As mentioned- super glue is awesome. Of course it’s not healthy as also mentioned, it’s super glue for crying out loud. But in a pinch it is the best and quickest remedy.
  5. I can see that - no cut events against a bunch of other guys they jockey with every Friday to see who can get that coveted 8 way T59 would be pretty attractive. In the old days of the PGA Tour this was known as The Michelob Classic, Buick Southern Open and the Hardee’s Classic. Big names had taken a break after the PGA and would play again at the Tour Championship, leaving that stretch for guys scrapping for a card or their first win.
  6. Possible guys like Fowler, Patrick Rodgers, etc see this as an opportunity to collect? A ban from the PGA Tour probably doesn’t really scare those guys - “you gonna ban me from a tour where I can’t win anyway? No biggie.”
  7. Not at all, I can think of about a dozen club pros I’d rather play with than Justin Rose. Doesn’t have anything to do with his ability, his personality is just completely uncompelling.
  8. It has reigned holy hell on my game for sure. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m sure anyone in the top 100 has some readily available resources to make sure their wife gets plenty of help and their kid is well looked after when they are away.
  9. I think anyone garnering an appearance fee is the sender and not the recipient. But yeah, it’s no secret that the Saudi’s live to truck in “influencers” for things like that for their clients.
  10. The human rights issues will not factor in to any player’s decision in the least. Tons of names go play the Saudi events every year in exchange for money, private travel and who knows what else once they arrive.
  11. I know Rose is a world class player, but does anyone tune in to watch him? I’m not sure he’s a draw in terms of getting the PGL in front of viewers, advertisers, etc. if I drew him in a pro-am I’d be less than excited.
  12. Nothing will ruin a good club faster than members. Once the first one joins the downturn has begun....
  13. “Would fit right in on this fall’s Ryder Cup team”
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