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  1. This definitely happens. Every once in a while on golf channel coverage a guy will hit an iron to the sound of a driver or a putt gets nice a flush iron shot piped in. Some people say it’s a mic feed from another player. The TopTracer also occasionally shows the ball flight before contact. There was a pic of Phil earlier this year at the top of backswing and tracer had already shown the ball flight. Some of TV golf is not what actually occurs on the course.
  2. I say go ahead and put those animals out there to make the sounds. Every Tuesday with 4 holes left in the pro am the local non accredited zoo releases 18 dangerous animals on the grounds.
  3. As others have mentioned- the turf on a sim might wreck your hands, wrists or elbows. My son (4) loves TopGolf and we’ve had their summer pass the last 2 years. The first year after 3 or 4 visits my left elbow was hurting constantly. I had never had a problem before and in college I hit 1,500 balls a week no problem. Finally figured out it was the mat at TopGolf. This year I’d hit maybe 10 balls on a visit and just let my son whack away to keep from having that come back. The turf really did tear me up, so be mindful of that. Would hate to see you sink serious dough into a simulator then cringe at the thought of using it.
  4. How much body fat could he have dropped? Already about a 28 waist?
  5. Yeah I’m not exactly looking like a soothsayer here huh!? I didn’t see any coverage today but the Twitter says he hit 18 GIR, which I’m told is as good as a guy can do.
  6. Careful. I got a time out when I posted that possibly his most recent car accident was intentional.
  7. Man, join Wigwam and play until you drop. Custom clubs are fine but not really a difference maker unless you have something really unusual in your build or set up. Real golf beats a simulator 100 times out of 100. If I were close to wigwam I’d do do that in a second.
  8. Are we saying that golf is more physically demanding than……… Navy SEAL training?
  9. Tiger’s “word” is not typically associated with the truth.
  10. A USGA membership is $36 online - it includes this type of information along with the bag tag and sticker?
  11. I really didn’t think Phil would do that well on the senior tour. Lots of guys you would think could have owned the place did not do that well out there - Crenshaw, Wadkins, Pavin and others had the makings of seemingly being dominant but struggled and found other avenues when it turned out to be tough. I’m surprised he’s doing great and I hope he decides to make a run at the Irwin win record.
  12. This is how preachers were once allowed to burn witches……
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