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  1. If one equipment company published the weekly results - why would any others subscribe?
  2. Wonder what you will see when courses re-open? I think if you asked for your own cart here most would accommodate you if they have the wheels available, but it’s no longer the norm. I haven’t played since august so I’m not sure about the foam in the cups, I would guess most are still using that and requiring flagsticks be left in.
  3. Are any courses still doing 1 rider per cart? I don’t know of any in my area still requiring that, it died as soon as demand picked up after the initial lockdown and then the first wave of feeling out how things would work. Shaking hands will return quickly.
  4. I know it’s fun to pick on new faces after a change like Golf Channel made, but i honestly couldn’t tell you who Leonard replaced. Who would have been in that seat last year? I think the telecast is mostly fine, which is what live pga tour events always have been on the golf channel; not good, not bad, just......fine.
  5. How is the media supposed to ruin someone if they do things like clarify, explain and not lead readers down a road?
  6. Hey man it sounds like you are committed to doing a good job, that’s respectful on all fronts!
  7. Getting arrested obviously does not preclude a person from being invited to The Masters.
  8. Oh sir, I am so sorry that you feel like using clubs for more than 1 type of shot caps your fun. Having more clubs limits your creativity and enjoyment of executing shots that require some imagination and execution. I am so very sorry you feel excluding this caps your fun.
  9. I’d say do it yourself if you will move there or rent it out. I painted our house when we bought it, 1500 sq ft. As stated above, the prep is the hardest part. I painted all of the walls in 2 days. Took me 3 days to wash the walls, prep, tape off, etc. The base boards and finishing work plus any touch ups took another day. if you are selling do the right thing have a pro do it, even though most homes are selling without an inspection or any concessions right now. Just respect your buyer’s money and hire a pro.
  10. I know what is said in my car while I’m driving and what JT said yesterday is nothing. I probably say that ten times on my way to work with additional qualifiers each time.
  11. Forget the golf course guys - I’d like to see us all mic’d up while driving.
  12. I don’t see this being a problem for JT. Patrick Reed said the same thing a few years ago on a hot mic and everyone still loves him......
  13. I somehow developed “turf toe” once and the name does not do justice to the pain associated with the ailment. I absolutely could not play for about a month, a doctor at the club where I was working helped out with diagnosing it and getting me to tape it up while at work and ice, elevating it and rest as much as I could. That right foot big toe plays a big role in golf and more things than you realize in life.
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