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  1. Children in the UK have figured out how to test positive for Covid so they can skip school. Different kind of test, but there are obviously flaws in the testing. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20210705-how-children-are-spoofing-covid-19-tests-with-soft-drinks So it could be Covid. Could be Mr. Pibb. Better get the masks back out just in case.
  2. Drinking at ASU is actually an official sport.
  3. Friend of mine was a journeyman Nationwide tour player until a few years ago. He was on staff with TM then Callaway and also had a sunglasses deal, a car dealer and some sort of nutrition bar deal along with a few other one offs over the years. Said his endorsements altogether usually covered his expenses for the year for travel and caddie. He said the smaller deals involved the most work - time with their customers, rounds when home, visits to their offices to meet staff, etc and that the club deals were the highest paying and he doubted they even knew he existed as far as being asked to do a
  4. The tour offers health insurance to players and EAP would part of that. I’m guessing Grayson hasn’t bothered to dial the number himself and is wanting someone else to do it for him. Addicts often take this route - blame others, and if that other can be a huge entity like the PGA Tour then even better. He needs help, he has a history of issues and suffered a recent family tragedy. This is a scream for help, I hope he and his family and friends realize they need to do something. It’s really not the Tour’s role to drag someone to rehab.
  5. You have 4 people going, all I assume are care givers for your child. 3 of you go, 1 stays behind for 1/2 day. 1 leaves the course to stay with kiddo, gives ticket to person who stayed behind earlier. They go in and join.
  6. Economically - 9 holers are usually very difficult to make work. The “growing the game” clientele is very price adverse, and once the 9 hole course has done it’s job of introducing people to the game and advancing their ability to play those players move on to full length 18 courses and don’t return. So the customer base is a revolving door of low paying customers but all of the expense of labor, mortgage, carts, equipment, maintenance, etc remains. I know someone is going to say “the 9 holer by me rakes it in so this isn’t true at all” but it takes exceptional circumstances for a 9
  7. I’m not surprised, the course and conditions didn’t really call for low chasing long irons anywhere. Some players put a driving iron in play to stay short of bunkers or where to keep from rolling through the fairway. But Morikawa hits that 3 wood so well he didn’t need anything else off the tee when driver wasn’t the right play. The 2 and 3 irons were absent in favor of other clubs that better fit the conditions.
  8. The “club slam” from Rory or Hatton club snap don’t usually result in fines. The Rory club slam that was shown was nothing, even using that term is a tad over reactive. Players snapping clubs doesn’t affect the course, the attendees or other players so probably nothing there either unless it’s excessive, the club leaves their hands and heads towards the crowd like when TW threw his driver in Australia and it hit people behind the ropes. It’s tough to say what results in fines since we don’t know, but I believe it’s safe to say single acts of frustration are not fined (harmless club thump, bury
  9. It’s been said a few times already - book and pay for all 4 spots on the days you want to be alone with your buddies or your wife or your buddy’s wife.
  10. Didn’t we see the same things posted about Martin Kaymer? I also like how earlier in the thread Rahm is tossed in with other “just 1 major winners”. I guess it has been 4 weeks since the guy won anything. He must be complacent…….
  11. I really don’t see why anyone would watch more than a few minutes of this. Tour players aren’t going to talk like our weekend buddies group when the tv cameras are around, anything they say will be cliche and incredibly measured. A few years ago the PGA of America erased their president for saying “lil girl” on Twitter. The environment now is 1,000 more magnified than it was then so anything you want to hear will never be spoken where it could be recorded. So you are going to have incredibly skilled players hitting at easily accessible targets. I’d watch if I stumbled upon it probably until th
  12. Why is he flipping off someone in the crowd? European golf fans are classy, refined and on all categories superior to everyone else in the world. Maybe it was someone visiting from Canada?
  13. Lots of places you can go and watch a guy hang brains. Does it need to be on a golf course?
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