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  1. As others have mentioned- the turf on a sim might wreck your hands, wrists or elbows. My son (4) loves TopGolf and we’ve had their summer pass the last 2 years. The first year after 3 or 4 visits my left elbow was hurting constantly. I had never had a problem before and in college I hit 1,500 balls a week no problem. Finally figured out it was the mat at TopGolf. This year I’d hit maybe 10 balls on a visit and just let my son whack away to keep from having that come back. The turf really did tear me up, so be mindful of that. Would hate to see you sink serious dough into a simulator then cringe at the thought of using it.
  2. How much body fat could he have dropped? Already about a 28 waist?
  3. Yeah I’m not exactly looking like a soothsayer here huh!? I didn’t see any coverage today but the Twitter says he hit 18 GIR, which I’m told is as good as a guy can do.
  4. Careful. I got a time out when I posted that possibly his most recent car accident was intentional.
  5. Man, join Wigwam and play until you drop. Custom clubs are fine but not really a difference maker unless you have something really unusual in your build or set up. Real golf beats a simulator 100 times out of 100. If I were close to wigwam I’d do do that in a second.
  6. Are we saying that golf is more physically demanding than……… Navy SEAL training?
  7. Tiger’s “word” is not typically associated with the truth.
  8. A USGA membership is $36 online - it includes this type of information along with the bag tag and sticker?
  9. I really didn’t think Phil would do that well on the senior tour. Lots of guys you would think could have owned the place did not do that well out there - Crenshaw, Wadkins, Pavin and others had the makings of seemingly being dominant but struggled and found other avenues when it turned out to be tough. I’m surprised he’s doing great and I hope he decides to make a run at the Irwin win record.
  10. This is how preachers were once allowed to burn witches……
  11. The dumber the sh— this guy says, the smarter some people think he is.
  12. I worked the bag room at a country club in high school. One lady member was late 20s, single, great looking and could play. I took lessons from her brother who was the HP at another course in the area. The whole family could play, and I played with her a lot. All the guys at the club loved on her, she often played in the Saturday money game from the men’s tees. BTW - she would get pissed just the same as anyone else.
  13. Rickie’s got a zillion bucks, is a great person by all accounts and seems to be happy in his family life. These are the goals of most of us and if he’s satisfied then may the good lord bless him. But for his long term future on the pga tour he can look at Jonathan Byrd in Monday qualifiers and KFT Q School. Once exempt status runs out and a guy has spent some time outside the top 125 or 150 it gets dark quick.
  14. We were 1 and 2 low scores on the team were almost always safe for the next tournament and the coach would typically put the 3-5 spots out during the week but he’d sometimes make a judgment call and only open 1 or 2 spots if we won. Sometimes he’d open up all 5 if we totally shat the bed. But medalist or runner up in the overall or requalify is tight. Good for them.
  15. Good lord - win or finish second in an invite or requalify? I was all for guys losing their spot and playing new guys in college but that’s rough. Unless the author of the article is leaving out a detail and means the top 2 finishers on the team are safe and 3-5 is up for grabs?
  16. If putting is the differentiator wouldn’t you say that he overachieved because of his ball striking?
  17. “Popularity” as measured in participation is vastly different than as measured in entertainment. Men’s adult softball would not draw a single viewer but is popular in terms of league participation. Edit to add: if more people are out playing it makes sense that viewership is down, the sport is on TV during times the courses are busiest.
  18. I think it was Bryce Molder who said being a great putter was worth about 2 or 3 strokes a month and being a great ball striker was worth about 20 and that was why he quit the tour.
  19. I would not say “can’t putt” for any tour player, any player on tour can fill it up on any given day. It’s easy to say Westwood, Scott, etc are bad putters because we see them struggle on tv from time time and miss shirt putts under pressure. BUT - they made a ton of putts to get themselves into the pressure situation. “Stokes gained” will tell us who the worst putters on tour are statistically but you have to remember that this ranks them against their peers, who are all good putters. If you played with Kyle Stanley at your home club for a weekend you would most likely walk away saying “man that guy can roll it!”. There are a few exceptions to this, but as a rule the worst of any skill on tour- driving, iron play, chipping, putting, bunker play, whatever is better than the best player at your club. I know there are guys that will say they are members at a club in LA and Patrick Cantlay is a member so blah blah blah but that’s the exception to the above.
  20. I’m out of touch with today’s teaching world, I was $35fir 1/2 hour or 5 for $125 20 years ago, but how does YouTube subscribers factor into a guy’s hourly rate? Does the Ryan Toy Review kid that my son likes get more per hour than the class A pro in my neighborhood?
  21. You know it really is sad that he was never able to validate his Las Vegas Invitational win with another one. It’s a real black mark on his career.
  22. For the better part of the last 30 years US players have been accused of not caring about the Ryder Cup and now that they do this is also unacceptable?
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