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  1. If you like Greek food Greece E Spoon is my favorite restaurant in the area. The gyros and greek fries are amazing but they're only open for lunch. Harry's pizza is second only to il Ritrovo as mentioned and both are great. Trattorio Stefano (same owners as il Ritrovo) has great Italian food. Blackwolf and Whistling both have good fish fries and good food overall. BoMallies is underrated and has an interesting menu. If you can get some sugar cookies from Johnston's bakery you'll thank me later, I don't even really like sugar cookies but those things are incredible. All the Kohler restau
  2. Fumunderdog


    Agree that the TS3 has a higher pitched, more piercing sound than a lot of modern drivers, but it has nothing on the eardrum splitting shriek of the 915. Still can't hear out of my left ear.
  3. > @"Joe S" said: > > Actually, if anyone can recommend a good golf workout/fitness plan, I’d be interested. > > > > I walk my rounds, but I don’t think it’s doing enough for my club speed. : ) > > I started a basic barbell strength program a few years ago. It has helped tremendously. This guy, Mark Rippetoe, has as good of a plan as anybody. Here's a podcast where he talks about strength training for golf. It's only an hour. I'm sure everyone has time to watch it. > [https://youtube.com/watch?v=P3_2jlOHmAY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3_2jl
  4. I'm the no practice swing guy. No practice swings of any kind. I've been trying to slowly convert people I play with to this style too, can't stand watching people take five practice swings to hit a shot. Ever see a lion practice taking down a gazelle? Didn't think so.
  5. > Golfers typically hate statistics because statistics don't hide the truth. You can see it in this thread. A 15 claims to be a 15 because of his short game. Yeah, OK. The OP thought he hit 6-7 greens a round, and it wasn't even close when he actually measured. In basketball, your worst miss doesn't matter. In football, your worst miss will cost you seven points at worst. In golf, your worst miss defines you. Golf is a game of romantic narrative and triggers the same parts of the brain as a gambling addiction ("this round will be the round i put it all together!"). > > From
  6. After reading this thread for a little while it seems like the pro/con side of this debate are kind of just talking past each other and making different points. Of course a more forgiving club is more forgiving, so giving examples of where forgiveness is important seems redundant. On the other hand playing blades instead of CBs might not result in any increase in score depending on player ability and how they lose strokes. I switched from CBs to blades a few years ago because I was kind of bored with golf and just wanted to try something new. After switching and feeling the harsh sting o
  7. Considering sending my TW71 fastfits back, the fastfit system just doesn't seem to work for me. A little background, I'm an 11.5 in every Nike shoe I own (basketball, running, golf, and casual) and the 11.5 in the TW71 feels like it should be perfect once i wear it a few times to break it in. A little snug at first but would break in nicely. The problem is that even though the shoe is snug around my feet without the fastfit system tightened, they don't get any tighter even when the new lacing system is completely maxed out. I can easily slip my feet out of the shoes with the fastfit system
  8. Only hole in one I ever had was at an executive course for a company I worked for. Holed it out on the first par 3 ,threw my arms up in the air and started looking around... no one. They have a plaque on that tee box with the names of everyone who has had a hole in one on that hole, but I wouldn't have felt right about my name being there without a witness so I never told them. I left the company since then so now I'll never get my name up there.
  9. > @snagy2000 said: > > @ryuartz said: > > > @mac_the_knife said: > > > I’m one of the dudes who has a theory that Nike is planning to ditch golf altogether. That was just my thoughts and I’m as big a fan as anyone, worn pretty much nothing else for 20 years. However from speaking with an established UK sports retailer earlier today, there are real rumours in the industry that it is going to happen - such a small part of their business and just not worth the hassle for what it contributes. Don’t shoot the messenger - it’s simply what I was told so sad though it may
  10. Shot a -4 31 with a noodle. Though I've always kind of liked those balls most people don't hold them in high regard.
  11. Been in a few but here is the most heart breaking one... Senior year of high school playing as a individual at Sectionals. Three jacked the 18th hole for par to put myself in a 5 way playoff for the last spot to qualify for the state tournament. The first playoff hole is a risk/reward par 5 where cutting the corner off the tee can significantly shorten the hole, but coming up short puts you in a mess of nasty bunkers without much of a look at the green. I was teeing off last and watched the first four guys all play it safe down the fairway leaving themselves a 250-275 yard shot at the gree
  12. The only thing I like wasting money on more than golf is basketball shoes, but I wouldn't pay $50 much less $500 for those ZO2 catastrophes. PXG hired established and talented industry veterans to start their brand based on the premise of "performance at any cost" (at least as I understand it). BBB is starting their brand based on Lavar thinking that because nobody sells crappy shoes for $500 dollars there must be a market for it. The shoes look like they could've been made by Sketchers with their fake boost graphics and Ortholite insoles. They're going to be lucky if they net in revenue w
  13. I have no experience with Mizuno wedges so can't offer a comparison but I will put a vote in for vokey K grind. Incredible out of greenside sand (seriously I almost enjoy hitting out of them now and that was a big weakness for me) and great on 3/4 to full swings as well. I've had no problem off of tight lies either but tha's because I general forward press those shots which effectively reduces the bounce angle. If you are someone who likes to open the face on tight lies or has no shaft lean in your chip shots that might be an area of concern with the K. I'm sure either one will suit you fi
  14. This is clearly a players bag... SLDR 430 is a bomber for those that can hit the relatively small sweet spot and the matrix shaft is a great shaft to pair it with. Better golfers tend to have older fairway woods in my experience so the 906F4 with a whiteboard is a strong indication of a solid player, same goes for the 2 iron. Mizuno irons and cleveland wedges are a great choice for anyone really. The Nike putter and carry bag give me the impression you are younger... so I'm going to guess twenties to early thirties and played a good amount of competitive golf in high school and maybe college.
  15. Love it! and it's so true. Those who actually understand the physics can pick out the meaning from context and will generally ignore the distinction. For those who don't but use the term anyways, that particular distinction will be the least of your worries. I appreciate the humor and jest, and I'm happy to laugh along. But, I disagree that those who "understand" the physics will simply ignore the misuse. I think that's just a cop out answer to try and belittle, what I thought, was a relatively legitimate topic. This term is misused on many levels on such a regular basis, it's kind
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