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  1. Two items for sale tonight that are both like new used under a handful of times on the course but no wear or damage and purchased from the gallery in Encitas 1) Mid Mallet Circle T Industrial Cover $250 2) Mid Mallet Junkyard Dog Sold No trades 8A431DFA-EFE0-4616-A6B3-F6FB468005AC.heic E2816E12-2AAE-41FA-B8AC-1212076DF923.heic 2443C658-15A1-4B70-A115-49541BDBFE5A.heic
  2. @TrueTemper any update when this would be available to the public? Thank you
  3. Anyone have a photo of the sign up package driver cover? Thanks
  4. All sizes but 12.5 still available on early access suggest these shouldn’t be hard to get if someone wants them
  5. Nike website having a restock of random NRG shoes of different models. Not many sizes though
  6. Does anyone know what time they will go live on ndc? Are we expecting them at midnight or the SNKRS/Jordan golf shoe drops at 10am est?
  7. New rankings from golf digest show Greg at 40 and Zach at 43 in California. Great accomplishment for both.
  8. Plus one for zach heusser at crystal springs
  9. Do you know when they aerate Torrey South and North? Planning on a trip first weekend of April
  10. I believe Baylands didn’t sand cap the course when they re did it hence why the drainage isn’t as good to go along with the marshland factor.
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