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  1. I do not have the spec sheet but Will from People's Golf did say it was "squarest" and most accurate to 9* they had at the time.
  2. Have two items up for grabs first being a SIM Max Tour Head that was purchased from People's Golf, I do not have the specs but it was the most "square" head he had. It was used last season in good shape and switched to a new driver this season. SOLD Next up is a slightly used (maybe 5 walking rounds) pair of Black Jordan ST Trainer size 10. SOLD
  3. One pair of slightly used Jordan St Trainer size 10. Never walked in only ridden in a cart maybe 5 times at most. Haven’t been worn in over a year just collecting dust. Asking $250
  4. One item today and it is a 3 wood shaft brand new never used before, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8X, no tipping with a TaylorMade tip. Sold.
  5. Two items for sale tonight that are both like new used under a handful of times on the course but no wear or damage and purchased from the gallery in Encitas 1) Mid Mallet Circle T Industrial Cover $250 2) Mid Mallet Junkyard Dog Sold No trades 8A431DFA-EFE0-4616-A6B3-F6FB468005AC.heic E2816E12-2AAE-41FA-B8AC-1212076DF923.heic 2443C658-15A1-4B70-A115-49541BDBFE5A.heic
  6. @TrueTemper any update when this would be available to the public? Thank you
  7. Anyone have a photo of the sign up package driver cover? Thanks
  8. All sizes but 12.5 still available on early access suggest these shouldn’t be hard to get if someone wants them
  9. Nike website having a restock of random NRG shoes of different models. Not many sizes though
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