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  1. Looking for a AD DI-7x that will play over standard (~43”) in a 3 wood. Not interested in any other models, 7s’s, etc.. thanks
  2. Hey guys. Just unloading a couple items today. First up, I've got a Callaway Epic 10.5 with a hzrdus t800 shaft in 6.0. Got this in March and I have barely put any miles on it. Stock multicompound grip, and the cover and tool are included.... Let's go ...sold shipped CONUS. Next, I've got a Vokey Cold Forged Wedge. The wedge has been bent to 60*, but I can change it back before it is shipped. Club has a nippon wv shaft that performs excellently. The K grind is just not for me as I don't dig into the ball very much at all...Let's go $60 shipped on this (CONUS). Thanks guys. Let me
  3. Hey guys. Selling some stuff off today in preparation for the upcoming season. First off, I have a 4-PW set of Titleist 714 AP2 irons with Aerotech Steelfiber i110cw shafts in stiff and white tour wrap grips. The heads were purchased off a fellow WRXer in 2015 and I have hardly put any wear and tear on them since. The club with the most wear on the face is the 7-iron (pictured below). Other than that, all of the clubs have some normal face wear, but no major nicks or scratches of any kind. Standard specs. Looking for somewhere around 350 on these (including shipping). SOLD Second, I
  4. 1. Tiger woods-Explanation needed?? 2. DJ-freak talent and power 3. Phil-one of the last legends on tour 4. Rory-power and star appeal 5. Spieth-crazy good putting
  5. Shooter Mcgavin Happy gilmore Bob Barker Mr Larson Alternate: Donald
  6. Jack/Tiger will be GOAT 1A and 1B for a long time. Even spieth admitted this week that we wont see anyone like Tont for a while...
  7. Euro commentators are generally better for any sport
  8. Just the bare shaft. Grips are for women with soft hands Jk. Tour wraps are actually pretty tacky. Look pretty good too
  9. Only thing I hate about watching golf is two words...Johnny Miller.
  10. Yeah i just remember a while back reading on here about how good naval jelly is. Think I'll give it a try
  11. Golo is a total gamer so far for me. Switched from a blade and I love the big sight line behind the ball.
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