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  1. Anyone have insight into Philmont and Spring Mill? Which one may be better? I'm only 36 and would prefer a membership with an age range close to that. I don't want a frat house but also don't want to be in a senior dominated club. Also I have a couple young kids so pace of play is big for me. I'd love to be able to just show up, play a quick 9 a few times a week and be home for the family. Both are close to me and decent rates. I haven't played either but am getting a bit tired of the long public rounds in the area these days.
  2. jls667

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Feel wise, having played vokeys for years, these are much softer than vokeys. Really not even close but they are forged vs a cast Vokey. I don't have spin numbers but these have great bite. However, keep in mind, my previous wedges were years old and worn. So in comparison to those almost any wedge will have great spin. That said I can get these to bite in a way I haven't done in a while. I even ripped back a lofted chip from a hill with my lob last round. I actually hit it too far and my old wedge would have rolled off the back but instead it pulled back, likely due to the high spin and steep
  3. jls667

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Here are the 50, 54 (bent to 55), and 62 (bent to 61). The wedges came in mint condition, the marks are all from my own use. As for seeing the grind, not sure what you can tell from the pictures but I like to have my lob sit close to the ground as my home course is usually firm and I like to sweep right under. I liked my previous Tour Trustys because the notch in the back allowed the club to get really close to the ground but I had zero issues doing this with the JB. Sat just as nice. 50 & 54 have a straighter leading edge as you can tell. Hope that helps.
  4. jls667

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Had my first round with a new set of JB raw wedges yesterday. I immediately loved them. Sub70 is right, they are super soft. The grind was great, very versatile. Plus, the customization and customer service is fantastic. If I didn't already get a new set of P770s a couple months ago, I would have absolutely given their irons a run. Also, their pictures didn't do them justice. I love classic clean looks, usually steering towards mizuno or titleist before changing to the new P770s. I was worried the wedges would be closer to a PXG look but they're a much classier look in person. I kn
  5. What part of the hand hurts? I ask because I recently have been battling left wrist/hand pain (as a right hander). Mine has been on the outer side of my wrist and hand. I was doing research to figure out why and what to do, and it turns out the location of the pain can indicate the problem.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm looking at getting some new wedges to replace my old Tour Trustys and am looking for input comparing the Cobra MIMs and Mizuno T20's. No local shop near me carries either so I can't test in person. I've used the Tour Trustys for years and have zero complaints so initially I was going to just order some MIMs but have always enjoyed Mizuno's work as well and am intrigued by them. Anyone who has hit either have any input?
  7. I know this is about custom work but what's your opinion of stock clubs? I just picked up a set of p770s. I'm average as can be and standard specs typically fit well and KBS Tour 130x happens to be my best shaft so I just picked up a set that was available to me. I don't see any sloppy work but I always worry about loft, lie, and sw on clubs I haven't had inspected. I'll likely get them checked out anyway but figured I'd ask about their stock work vs custom.
  8. Will this apply to retail shops as well? I don't ever personalize and Maple Hill said the lead time is about 5 weeks. I'd rather just swing in to a Golf Galaxy or Dicks and grab them on my way home one day. No sense in waiting 5 weeks if you don't want personalization.
  9. Recently putted with Scotty's, Bettis, and Mizuno's the same day. The gear head in me badly wanted a Betti, then maybe Scotty just because, ya know, Scotty. What did I end up with? Huntington Beach Premier 3. Feel wise the HB may have been the best. Soft but very solid. Was beautifully balanced. I loved the weight. SOFT worked as marketed on mishits. Then I saw the price tag and it was a no brainer. The premier looks awesome too.
  10. If you have the time, watch some of TXG's videos on putter fitting. After watching their videos, especially the Q&A love fitting that's over an hour long, you'll learn more than working with most fitters, minus the hard data from SAM or quintic.
  11. I'm very open to reasonable offers on the tours, fellas. Offer away and let's see if we can work something out.
  12. Hey everyone, Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to get fit for a putter other than Club Champion in the Philly area? I've done the fitting at CC and 2nd swing before and was not impressed with either. I'd also prefer someone using Quintic but it seems I'd have to head to NY and True Spec for that. If anyone knows of other options that'd be great. Thanks!
  13. 4-6 forged heads and X100s sold. Just 3-PW 900 Tours left. All tours, no more forged combo. 3 iron has LZ 6.0 shaft that plays standard length. 4-PW are X100 AMTs +.5".
  14. Hey everyone, Below are JPX 900 Tour irons. I swapped out the 4 and 5 heads with JPX 919 Forged heads. You'll also see below that I have an extra 919 Forged 6 iron head as well as the JPX 900 Tour 4 and 5 heads still available. If anyone wanted me to swap out the heads for 4-PW all Tours or 4-6 919 Forged with 7-PW Tours, I'd be happy to do so. Just give me an extra day or so to ship due to the build. All tour irons heads play 1* flat and 2* strong. Shafted with DG AMT X100's, 0.5" Long (6 iron measures 37.75"). Brand new standard size NDMC grips that were just installe
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