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  1. Yeah, it probably helps me that I used a 60 with very low bounce before I knew what bounce was. So, I kind of learned to use it from day one. It just fit my eye as it lays flatter on the ground and in my mind, that meant no skulling the ball haha
  2. I would agree with you there. Definitely need to make a confident swing with the club or there's a lot of potential for a chunk
  3. I have a set of Cobra King wedges. 50*, 54*, and a 60.04. I only use the 50 on full shots. I use the 54 on all shots that I have some green to work with. I use the 60.04 when I have a tight lie (never use this for full shots). I absolutely love this setup. I don't use the 60 very often, as I am doing most of my work with the 54, but the 4 degrees of bounce is perfect for me. Allows me to slide right under the ball and pop it straight up. Opening the club, I never blade the ball. I would highly recommend as this club has saved me when being short sided many times.
  4. I wish there was a better way to categorize the BST and search for something I am looking for.
  5. Looks like the driver and irons are Top Flite XLT. I know Top Flite is not used a whole lot by avid golfers, so there might not be many, if any reviews. Great starter clubs, but if you play a lot I'm sure you'll find yourself upgrading in the future.
  6. You hit it on the money for this review. I have played the Project (a) since it was created and fell in love, especially for the price. Didn’t know they discontinued it until I went to Scheels the other day and say the Tour Response. Instantly had to buy and give them a shot. They are phenomenal. So buttery off the wedges. Felt solid off the driver, I hit the first 12 fairways with these. Would definitely recommend for everyone out there.
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