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  1. Swap the shafts if you like the head. I like playing my Grinds with the Apex 4, but I love playing the Apex 99 blades with the C-Tapers.
  2. I've got Hogan Apex 99's, and Hogan Grinds (92-ish?) as well as Titleist 716 AP2s. IIRC, both the Hogan sets play off 48d PW vs the AP2s playing off 46d. The Apex 99s and the AP2s are both modern shafts (CTaper120/S300) + are similar in distance, with the Apex probably slightly stronger and my preferred shaft. The Grinds have an Apex 4 shaft, have not been tested for loft and lie in ages and are definitely 1 club shorter.
  3. In a different time, people learned playing blades. Play these for a summer - you'll know by the end of it if you need to adjust.
  4. Main Bag Driver PXG X Proto 9 Hybrid PXG 0311 gen 2 17d Hybrid Titleist 913 (19d set @ 20.5, I think - had so long, I've forgotten) Hogan '99 Apex 4-PW Cleveland RTX4 50, 56 Putter - PXG Gunboat "Jurgen Prochnow" Back ups Callaway 816 DBD and Titleist 983E Drivers 716 AP2s and Hogan Grind Irons Wedges - PM Grind (60), MD3 (56) Callaway Forged (52)
  5. Great bag. Have the "99 Apex in my bag as well and the 983E with Speeder is a long-time favorite with which I seem to have a semi-annual reunion. The only driver I've never sold, even if I've moved on a couple times.
  6. One of my playing partners enjoys what I guess is a certain kind of gamesmanship - constantly "rooting" for my ball to "go," "check," "hang-on," "TURN!" or whatever, regardless of what what help (if any) the shot needs. Very genuine satisfaction hearing him yell "BITE" when I know my wedge is struck well, then watching it tuck in close to the pin, or land in the fairway after he cries "fore!" on a dogleg.
  7. A little early to worry. It's Tuesday AM PST and your *estimated start date was on a weekend. Lot of major delays on custom orders from all the major companies, so I understand the concern, but too early to start sweating.
  8. I hate in-your-face, loud branding/marketing. Luckily, I've never seen a PXG commercial because I really like the PXG items I have (driver, putter, hybrid) and the low-key color scheme is refreshingly tasteful in a world full of bright orange, reds + lime green. I've heard the commercials are outlandish which would have probably turned me off from trying some equipment with which I've been very pleased. The ordering process was nice + thorough, they've called to check up on how everything is working (shortened shafts, adjusted head for SW, got the logo-down on the grip - all corr
  9. Nov. 2020 - Wondered whether it was worth it to renew membership with influx of new players and scant tee-times. Feb. '21 - Bought 3 new wedges to correct the gaps transitioning from irons that have never been "right." April '21 - Bought new irons with different lofts making recent wedge gapping irrelevant (though last year's wedges would transition quite well now... but I probably want consistent shafts, right?) Still April '21 - pondering grinds + shipping times for new wedges with old lofts. (Oh, and other clubs purchased this winter: Driver,
  10. I believe Fairway Jockey is the ticket. https://fairwayjockey.com
  11. That was my first set. College-level buddy lent me his old set with X-Stiff shafts to learn on one summer. Pretty sure he must've been snickering to himself at the time - not the most forgiving setup for a newbie to learn the game...
  12. I'm basically club tech ignorant, so any help here would be great: I purchased some Hogan Apex 99 used with C-Taper 120s in 4-E (PW) and the original s300 in the 3 iron, which the original owner clearly never used. I hit them all very well and the 3 iron would fill a natural distance gap between my irons and my existing hybrid which I don't want to change. I love the C-Taper 120 shaft and want to change that last s300 to the C-Taper 120, but am a little concerned it may be one step too far. On a whim I purchased a C-Taper 2 iron (pull) thinking a soft-step might be l
  13. I walk w/ cart, ride + carry - all depending on with whom I'm playing. As far as cart vs lugging clubs, YMMV, but one of my go-to courses has long-winding cart paths around steep grade changes or quick cut-throughs traversable while carrying but not reasonably navigable with a push/pull cart, leaving you walking the long-way round at a distance designed for motorized carts. Slows things down considerably. I get your general point, though, just pointing out multiple non machismo-related perspectives.
  14. For score, yes, but plenty of ppl take notes on multiple stats (club selection, fairways, distances, GIR, putts, etc) and an eraser can be helpful once or twice a round.
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