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  1. I have some Roka rx sunglasses glasses that I love. Light, grippy and stylish.
  2. Behind him or not... "old" felt like an electric jolt.
  3. I don't know why it wasn't available (though it looks like it is now) one season into using my Gunboat with a black shaft, I can say without a doubt I would not get the black shaft again. Putter is excellent, shaft finish is comically cheap. Chipping absolutely everywhere.
  4. That list was a mix of home subscription services and "boutique" (I guess) gym memberships - and just a partial list, at that. There are so many, though. But I will say, the quality of content on a lot of these platforms is really impressive these days. I love rowing and am partial to a "dumbed-down" but tried-and-true indoor rowing machine. The "computer" data read-out seems ancient and dated, but entirely effective. When a friend bought a rower and subscription service (Hydrow), the price + monthly felt ludicrous to me, but having used it a time or two I really enjoyed it and can see why they committed (and have stuck to) it. I've got a perfectly good rower, but if they make a few (data) changes I would consider upgrading and paying the monthly.... well, maybe (habits, and my thing already works *FOR ME). But I can see how the Peloton's and Hydrows (et al) of the world earn their following.
  5. This, 100% Soul Cycle, OrangeTherory, Crossfit, Yoga, Tonal, Hydrow, Peloton et al... people bash them all the time for price, but if you find something that pulls you in, gets you consistent over a period of time, there's immeasurable value. The amount of conversations I've heard or had about "x" amount a month being unreasonable for fitness when "X" < daily Starbucks, Guiness, etc. is *maddening. *Obviously, as long as its within a reasonable personal budget for your financial well-being.
  6. Looking at the hosels in those shots it sure seems like there was a finish and someone had stripped it. I would be surprised / shocked if that was considered a factory-applied low gloss finish in mint or near mint condition. Nice clubs, sure, but not accurately described.
  7. Mine are chrome + I've only ever seen chrome (that weren't intentionally stripped or re-coated, for whatever reason). IIRC, I think back then they had a special department for pros and VIPs that would cater very specifically to build requests (beyond what was standard at the time) and a number of unique spin-offs were produced.
  8. Enjoy it for what it is - nothing but net from full-court. Why stress over assigning it a definition? Awesome shot - it doesn't deserve hand-wringing.
  9. I would think if a builder were to take the time (and charge the $) to pure, he would also be fastidious enough to apply all the labels after the puring process, ensuring a uniform + professional looking install. Not doing so would show a lack of attention to detail that would leave me unsettled - particularly having paid for/sought out a skill + service that promises heightened attention to detail.
  10. I'd try by the course vs online - if only for shipping cost mitigation.
  11. I believe logo down is pretty much standard. Had to make that call a couple years ago and had never thought of it specifically. Looked through (far too many) old clubs and logo down across the board (if not a full wrap). Got a PXG driver this winter and tried the flat setting (which rotates the shaft fully, so logo up) - looked VERY strange and off-putting immediately.
  12. Information out is only as good as information in... and follow through. You/we/I may understand there are supply chain issues, but none of us, nor the middleman (Ping, in this instance - as they are not the shaft supplier) understand how the supply chain issues will ultimately play out.
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