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  1. I love Bonobos golf pants. They have sizes and cuts to fit everyone in cool, understated styles. But their shirts are hideous. They must be paying Rose a lot for him to wear polos that look like they were cut from grandma's table cloth.
  2. I love Bonobos but they’ve abandoned us tall thin guys. They no longer offer pants in 32x36. Probably pressured by parent company Walmart.
  3. $1000 easily but I'd trade ten rounds at Augusta for one round at Cypress Point.
  4. Ball markers. Because I'm a maniac, I buy three. One to save, and one to use on the course and (unsuccessfully) impress my friends. The third is a backup in case I lose that one on the course. Like I said, maniac.
  5. Fwiw, I don't think Pelican Hill makes you use fore-caddies anymore. Which is good because they weren't that helpful anyway. I get it, my putt's going to "break toward the ocean." I vote for Rustic and then Soule Park in Ojai.
  6. Incredibly subjective ranking: MackenzieMcDonaldTillinghastRossRaynor
  7. I played the Redan hole at NGLA and landed in that front bunker. Writing this from said bunker as I'm still trying to hit out of it.
  8. Pencil, scorecard, and two ball markers. One marker to keep, and one use (and possibly lose). At private clubs, I'll snag a pitch mark tool if they've got a basket of them in the locker room.
  9. I dress up for golf because I respect the game and other golfers on the course. Look good for yourself and for those around you. With today's tech fabrics, you can be stylish & comfortable at the same time, all without spending a ton of money. But please, play fast and leave your portable Bluetooth speaker at home.
  10. > @"Power fade" said: > > @"Hat Trick" said: > > Could it handle 12 clubs with no oversize grips? > > You can fit twelve. I tried it out and attached a photo. I have an oversized putter grip and I could definitely see some snagging issues there. It would work, but I would say 10 clubs is ideal. > Sweet clubs, btw.
  11. The 15th hole at Rustic Canyon, outside of LA. Uphill par 3 to a green with three levels. It looks like a staircase. The pin's almost always in the back left next to severe trouble. Be aggressive and risk landing in a deep bunker or hit it short and putt upstairs to the cup. This hole's ruined many a good round for me.
  12. I see this is an old topic but I still want to chime in. I don't listen to music while playing golf. Why would I want to? I'm on a golf course for peace and quiet, for a break from the din of everyday life, and to battle against the course and my own mind. The sound of birds and the occasional distant _tink_ of a 3-wood making contact is all the music I could want. Don't get me wrong, I love music. I have hundreds of vinyl LP's and thousands of songs on my Spotify. But a golf course isn't the place for it. And anyone who thinks other people can't hear the music playing on their speaker is in d
  13. Regarding which tees to play from, I read a great rule-of-thumb on this site which goes like this: Take the average distance you hit your driver and multiply that by 28. The resulting number is the total yardage you should be playing. Play from the tees closest to that yardage.
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