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  1. [quote name='luke1333' timestamp='1435368383' post='11842332'] Interesting question. Maybe the rogue has low torque or is not as stiff as other x stiff? how did you hit the 60 X? [/quote] Really liked the Rogue 60X and it had the best numbers of the combinations I tried. The Rogue 70X he recommended is 6g heavier than the 60X and also has lower torque (2.8 v 3.1) which is why he said he was confident it would reduce my dispersion even more despite not having seen me hit it.
  2. Today I had a fitting for the 915 D2 driver. My current driver is a 910 D2, 10.5 degrees with a stiff adila RIP alpha shaft. We tried a few shafts at the fitting but the best numbers were with the Adila Rogue Silver (110 MSI) 60 X Stiff in a 9.5 degree head to keep the spin rate down at around 3,100 RPM. Based on the fitting, the fitter has recommended I actually go for the 70 X Stiff instead to reduce spin/dispersion further but he didn't have one to trial today. I've looked at a lot of articles on line this afternoon and based on every one there's no way my 100 mph swing speed should be compatible with an X stiff shaft. Does anyone on the forum have any explanation for what seems to be an outcome that is at odds with science!? Do you think I should just ignore the science and go with the numbers?
  3. I was fitted today for a Titleist 915 D2 (9.5 degree) and the fitter recommended the Rogue Silver 60g (110 MSI) X Stiff shaft based on the numbers that trackman generated but said the 70g X Stiff would be even better but he didn't have one for me to try. My swing speed is only around 100 MPH with the driver so I would have thought this was a bad choice on paper but the trackman numbers for the 60g X-Stiff were the best of the options I tried. Do you think I should go with the recommendation for the 70g X Stiff or play safe and go for a stiff rather than X-stiff?
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