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  1. cobra bio cell with the flyz x stiff 3 wood shaft in it. i hit the center of the club face a lot better with the shorter shaft and like the feel of the of the bio cell head. have a king ltd head as a backup.
  2. I like this. I think I just need to put in more time and try going short and long on command. My wedge setup is kinda weird with the 60.04 and 55.13 but I'm really good around the green with the 55 and like the 60.04 for tight lies, flop shots and the sand. I tried the 55 out of the sand (and servral other lofts and grinds which were returned to roger dunn bc they didnt fit my swing) but just prefer the L grind for my technique. The atv grind on the 50 though is very versatile I think I will try that and see how it goes.
  3. I've found a technique that works for me (8 hcap) and wedge (60.04 sm6 L grind) that I've gotten really good at for the stock 20-30 ft even/uphill lie bunker shot up and out of the green. the low bounce works great for my technique and when im short sided i do a little half swing which works decent. I'm wondering though how I can be more consistent on varying distances especially longer bunker shots and a little better on the shorter ones. Wondering if you better players change wedges or make setup or technique changes? other wedges in the bag are a 50 degree ATV wedge and bent 55.13 sm6 F g
  4. really helps with irons but I struggle with this move with driver. any tips?
  5. When ellison closed the Norman designed Koele course he moved some of the workers to take care of the cavendish course full time. its pretty awesome. i play there regularly when visiting family
  6. Cavendish golf course (9 holes) Lanai City Hawaii Free course built in 1947 for the pineapple plantation workers.
  7. i like the set wedge in my 50 degree vs an sm7 50 degree as it's usually more forgiving for me.
  8. can they show some tee shots on 11 plz trying to check the surf
  9. ya that hole is one of the easiest on tour. it needed something. still plenty of room to hit a fade
  10. you're right the the last #7 he played was an o-works. toulon and tuttle were the last two models he's played
  11. I've enjoyed it so far. todd lewis hasn't asked anyone what type of attitude they brought to the course yet and they tried to get xander and his caddie convos maybe 3 or 4 times which was a nice surprise. zinger was good once a year on fox but he's a tough listen to week in week out i agree.
  12. for someone who took so long to switch from TM, kinda crazy he's got a new driver, new ball and went back to an old putter this week and looks like he hasn't missed a beat today
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