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  1. Is the QB naked (no sightline). Also, I would have to reshaft... is a single bend the only option? Is it full offset/fFB? thanks
  2. Just my opinion, but I think the ZX5's are easier to hit, launch higher and are longer --not just based on loft differences, but because the ZX5 is hollow... so the face is hotter. I finally hit the 5's and 7's today on grass (with TrackMan and a fitter). I think I'll write up the experience, because I did not end-up where I thought I would.
  3. So you're saying go with the 7's? Just confirming... tearing my hair out here. I go back and forth and am thinking combo... but it feels like splitting the baby to me.
  4. Thanks... I'll let you know how it goes. I would only add this: A lot of fitters would say that you should go as light and as forgiving as you can --with "as you can" being the operative phrase. Based on some of the data I've seen, about half of us won't benefit from a lighter weight shaft (not a fit). But I think I'm in the other half. I'm over six feet and 225 pounds. I have no problem swinging the 120s... nothing to do with fatigue. Just want to play better and keep my distances (minimum). This change may result in a full club difference for me...
  5. In my case, definitely not just a few yards (more like 10) and a much flatter ball flight with the shafts I'm selecting, which is desirable for me, as I play in the wind a lot. Is it because the shafts are lighter or because the shafts are a better overall fit for me than the 120s? Should I care? My iron swing speed increases are minor, but they are enough to make a difference that works for me. Anecdotally, I'm in my 60's and I play with guys my age and into their 70s. Many of them are retired and play 200 rounds a year. I play around 110. All of them are playing graphite shafts much lighter
  6. The Modus 120s are a great shaft. Generally no complaints other than a higher ball flight than is optimal for the windy conditions I often play in. I never really noticed it much until I hit the MMTs which delivered a noticeably flatter ball flight for me. I have hit both the 95s and 105s in stiff. I'm leaning toward the 95s only because if I'm going to make a change from the 120's (really 114g) to a lighter shaft for more speed, then a 9g difference doesn't seem like much of a leap to me (and most of my old-guy friends are even lighter than 95g.) I may go 105s... still undecided/coin flip. In
  7. Your position is precisely why I made this post and remain indecisive. The rule of thumb should be, "hit the most forgiving club you can..." and I intellectually subscribe to that. In the ZX5 vs. ZX7 case, I stated that I saw little to no difference in forgiveness, but I saw a difference in terms of distance, given loft differences (which I should have), dispersion, spin (short irons) and aesthetics, which were better in the Zx7's and notable (I think). That said, height differences were insignificant (29-30 with 7 irons), so does spin matter? I wish I knew, because I did not have the opportu
  8. Exactly. It's amazing how "thick" so many of us are regarding the well documented benefits of graphite iron shafts when you can't find a pro using anything but graphite in their woods. Graphite costs more. That's the only good reason (and it is a good reason) why amateurs don't run to make the change. At the professional level, it's about tradition, good ego-centric marketing and money. Like most of us, I am an avid reader of all things golf. I listen to guys talk about whether a 125TX graphite shaft is strong enough to handle their swing and know, empirically, that there isn't a piece of stee
  9. Don't really have a good reason other than a bad experience in a Vega build (F/5 prototypes). The MMTs felt the best so far, but to your point, those Recoils I hit during my test were fine (weight great; flex just a tad loose as compared to what I'm use to, but so much fun that it had me scratching my head).
  10. By the way, before anyone jumps on my numbers (I'm no expert): the machine giving me my numbers today was at EW and the guy watching me wasn't a guru. The monitor did not give SS (or he didn't know how to get it). But he made a calculation and said that my SS was 78MPH, which, if you read my post, surprised me.
  11. They are both excellent club choices. I'm still questioning my decision.
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