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  1. i have 3 in right elbow should be interesting what this will bring
  2. anyone have this. does it play weak or stiff to flex , spin too much , stable?
  3. any more reviews on the sim2
  4. will these stretch a little bought a pair for 43 bucks but just a little tight but could wear in a cart or for practicing will be close to walking they are just a hair tight
  5. any more comparison with the 2 apps
  6. I am looking at one what are the flex thoughts of the blue ventus weak to flex or stiff to flex. i am thinking sim max blue stiff or x
  7. How stiff the ping tr play , I’m deciding between x or stiff
  8. How are they as a golf watch and what app are you using
  9. Anti hook for sure , thinking of ping G410 or maverick pro any thoughts I'm s plus
  10. i have been playing the orange, I am wondering what Ventus compares to this shaft
  11. just bought one , the material is vinyl like, can this material be waterproofed , thanks
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