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  1. I have several very expensive waterproof jackets that are no longer waterproof. Will the waterproofing stuff you put in to wash them bring some of the waterproofing back to the jackets
  2. If you have a strong right hand grip are you rotating face open on the way back like the feeling of right hand palm to the sky or are you keeping the face closed with the feeling of right palm facing away from you . A young friend needs help and i honestly am not sure what is best . Hope i described it well
  3. I knew it was hard to get , I can have it in hand this afternoon , definitely not a need just a want !!
  4. thanks i’ve done club repair for 20 year i also tried solvent with air no luck gets stuck 3 inches down shaft
  5. my ignorance but just regular gorilla glue , what about local store glue that is quick set ?
  6. tried putting one on for a friend last night simply won’t go on, air, solvent , both nothing would work. 3 inches down the shaft it would get stuck anyone else encounter this problem
  7. I have an option to buy one, it came in but wrong hand for the customer . I can get it for cost , is it that hard to come by . I may buy it just to have . Is it a good buy or worth just the normal scotty price
  8. i have the paint peeling slightly high on the heel where the face meets the paint, very hard to tell if it cracked , anyone have this area for a crack
  9. how do you tell what year they were made ,
  10. i didn’t know that. I was thinking the ventus came in an x
  11. long wait for an x, does the stock stiff play weak or normal. I can get a stiff just have to wait for an x
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