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  1. i have been playing the orange, I am wondering what Ventus compares to this shaft
  2. just bought one , the material is vinyl like, can this material be waterproofed , thanks
  3. Might be same colour as a 975 d I said earlier yes ts i . Looking forward to try the tsi 3.
  4. are you still using solvent or just air
  5. trouble with the trackman chart is what was the loft of the 5 iron or 8 iron. Also is there a difference from forged to cast in terms of spin and launch. Since most forged have thinner bottoms I presume they will launch slightly lower. I had ap3's for a bit and they spin so low. Now I have ap2's with nippons and I am hoping alot more spin. great topic . really enjoy reading from Howard.
  6. I have been doing work for years but I am never sure if I should change the length or lie for someone, easy to change lie.
  7. Anyone play while they had this, I have rested it for 11 days now and treated it heavy. Hit 4 wedges 40 yrds today and can still feel it. I don't care about the pain just wondering if it will damage anything. Physio being very careful and slow understandably but it is Sept and time is winding down.
  8. Howard have you ever used backer rod for vibration dampening,
  9. Yes Howard, 1/2 inch,. you think the graphite are okay in 3.4 and 5 irons, or just order the steel,
  10. yes that's the ones Stew, A buddy has three I can use to finish. As far as the weight, as a plus handicap I am no where near good enough to feel that difference,lol
  11. I ran out of steel .a buddy has the universal plastic ones, any issue with these in long irons .
  12. I have been playing x100 but I have been having some elbow issues. I am wondering about the nippons when compared to x100, I am looking at the x flex 120s.
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