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  1. I bought it from golftown at the start of the yr
  2. I have a new one , 780 f5 , I can’t remember if these shafts are sold for individual irons or they are tipped and cut to length . Anyone know . i thought mine was for a 3 iron I want to put it in a 4 iron any tipping ideas .
  3. Are the majority of scratch or plus caps and pros going with steelfibre ? Seems to be the most popular. I am interested in the am2 but what happens if u break one can a replacement be had .
  4. narrowed down to Am2 stiff or steel fibre 110 or 115fc .
  5. pep , how do these compare to steel fibre’s thanks
  6. thanks interesting . I am a plus cap, but I have serious elbow conditions and I need graphite to keep me going. I am thinking steel fibre or mmt . I can use anything from stiff to x. I do like the 120 gram range or 115 . I am a high spin short iron player so keeping spin off is important. I play .5 longer so swing weight is also a factor , Thanks Stu always like what you post.
  7. probably asked before. I am looking for a graphite iron shaft that plays like a stiff or stiff plus. low spin, currently playing modus 3 120s . Shaft that won’t balloon in the wind . what are my options. I have bone spurs in the elbows just trying to prolong my playing.
  8. I got the chance today , it maybe a bit but nothing major , thanks
  9. I read it is suppose to stay square when you go up 1 degree . It looks good but in real playing does it make it more draw bias . Thanks
  10. i have an old scotland difficult to get accurate , remember most haves changed a lot u need one capable of handling this. i will get a few done on a mitchell then find where they are at on mine for calibration. don’t bend cast you will ruin a cheap machine. mine gets used so much but i’m free to all my buddies .
  11. rogue white stock in the epic max ls , i have the pro orange but won’t get the chance to compare
  12. any shafts experts no the difference . weak or firm butt , soft or firm tip and mid section. higher or lower flight . spin? Thanks
  13. I am deciding between the two heads forward the la 10.5 and 9 rogue 130s , The nine works great but I’ll test the 10.5 today .
  14. golf shot does hole advance but just the middle of the green any do front mid bk and hazards
  15. where can a full list be found , I hear the hzrdus rdx black and blue are. o upcharge
  16. I had a good session with the stiff , I am wondering how stiff is the x. i’m a between x and stiff sometimes
  17. i know they are stock but sometimes a good one slips in , anyone have some thoughts , I am looking at the rogue 130 mai or hazrdus yellow may buy an accra tz6 , 105 ss 0 cap .
  18. anyone play both and what are your thoughts
  19. thanks i tried swingu today but kept going off i’ll try the grint thanks
  20. looking for a good free app or if it is really good i will pay , I want automatic hoke advance
  21. what are the general thoughts on this move , i create more speed with this for sure . cupped then flexed
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