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  1. Are there any official rules regarding skins
  2. Your in a tourney that is having a skins game u play 12 holes but then have an injury you need to withdraw should the first 12 holes count in the skins game
  3. anyone able to solve the extra club bounce I call it at the top. I would love to have the no extra movement from 3 quarters up to 3 quarters down.
  4. does Stan still want a 35in 5 degree 68 lie angle putter,
  5. It was the brampton solution causing the issue .
  6. My buddy has them and i checked. They do the same thing. Brutal.
  7. Anyone else have issues with the butt moving. I finally cut them off.
  8. thanks, most likely the stock shaft will be a bk up for the pro orange, did the yellow play soft?
  9. I have a pro orange that will most likely go in mine, testing tomorrow, any other stock shafts work well to have as a back up.
  10. same boat here, m6 thinking of Sim
  11. I am thinking of getting one and with covid won't get it on a launch monitor, what are some results from the yellow and green in the SIM for those that have tried them, thanks
  12. I have an old scotland but now i need to guess at what the lofts are. Anyone have a modern one that is reasonbly priced that gets the new lofts. Golfworks or something like that .
  13. Thanks can you remember the exact product. I may order online.thanks
  14. Has anyone done one. What is the most durable blackening mixture.
  15. I threw out mine yes ago thinking these 600 dollar shafts are spinned . Wrong. Anyone spine one i have a hzrdus red to go in a 3 wd. Thanks
  16. individual taste period. look at someone Else's driver and you will find something that does not look right. I have them and play okay, I don't find them ugly at all. Yes a pure blade looks great but these are getting fewer and fewer on tour.
  17. Its not a matter of not wanting to I should our association gets after me and I was on the board. When your a scratch and I have been for a long time it's not that important to me. I am still able to shoot in the 60's at times and let's say I played bad for a few weeks and I went to a 1 or 2 or 3, I would not enter a tourny at that. It's not an ego thing I have won 70+ plus events I have nothing to prove, I would never want to win a net prize and take a prize from someone because I entered at 2 and shot 67 let's say . or get put in a higher section then win. I like the lowest score wins . I play enough events that I can get a legit cp. Also I am not grinding through the week so is the handicap really legit. I play better in tournaments , most of my buddies don't want me in tourny mode all the time. I know bad logic maybe if my game goes south and I believe I am a legit higher cp I will pay more attention to it. I believe tournament players should use tourny's for there cp. This stops sand bagging and also stops guys that think there there a scratch and shoot 80+ in events and playing in the championship division.
  18. looks good, I would say with your irons make sure left side stays down on the downswing a tad longer, but looks good.
  19. I play scrambles for fun, love singles and team format. I play qualifiers when I can. I always thought I wouldn't play if I didn't compete but this potential layoff I can't wait to play. Its not always about aspirations more just like to compete, hope on that week you play well. I only keep my handicap by tourny's, I know it's not right but playing your own course and playing all over to a scratch is two different things. I admire anyone that wants to get better and can not understand someone happy with not getting better, it's just not me and hats off to people that are. I judge players by their attidtudes and not there games , I could care less if someone shoots 65 and is an A'''' to play with would far rather someone shoot 90 is great to pay with,. To many get caught up in them selves.
  20. similar backswing to dylan frittele Have a look at his downswing and compare.
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