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  1. I too have issues with lifting in season. What I decided when the flipping gym"s reopen is to just do minimal sets of med heavy reps. For me 225 for 5 reps bench maybe 3- 5sets at the most. Maybe 2 more sets of other chest that's it. I have been doing chins and pulls and light squats with more reps . Knock my workout down to more a total body 3 times per week. Now this is on paper , normally I don't do anything but hit lots of balls, drink beer and eat too much, my normal summer workout. This yr is DIFFERENT I am going to try and keep this program even tho gyms are closed, I can workout at my work. Golf is closed right now who knows what this will bring. If you continue you can play the next day
  2. If in doubt you tube it , may have a fix, thanks
  3. I know this is an issue, anyone try fixing the problem of the bag holder on the bottom going against the wheel. just thought I would ask before I buy a new one
  4. And put your name on it, harder to steal and who cares what they say, I think it's great higher cps have great golf bags and set-ups, makes me think they care.
  5. I am suppose to go to MA twice this yr, hoping this ends soon. I have a gift card for sport chek and the compact is all they have , thanks TIM
  6. Anymore on the compact 3. Is it easier or harder to push than the clic gear. I have the 3.5 and now it sages and a heavy bag scrapes the front wheel.
  7. I have a set of p760s. How do you make sure good players get the right length of iron Can you answer based on 38in 5 iron.
  8. good topic but let's talk what length is standard and is it 1/2 longer from a 37.75 5 iron or 38in 5 iron , I use to always play 1/2 longer from a 37.75 5iron but now I play 1/2 longer from a 38in 5 iron. I am thinking of going back to 1/2 longer from a 37.75 standard. I am 6'2 and I think 36.5 wrist to floor but I have never really believed in this measurement . My miss with an iron is a heel hook. Yes this is a shot
  9. I am 6'2, not really flat just on shoulder plane, practice swings are fine, ball there shaft steepens half way bk and I get upright. It's not a huge problem just could be slightly better and I have never been able to get it there. I was reading something about the certain affects knee flex could make . Yes big time golf bored I turn 55 today, I am entered bk in US senior open qualifier again, US SENIOR AM quailifier when it opens, Canadian Senior on a course I know well and like the rest of the world just tying to be safe. We may not even get to golf. I should buy stocks in practice nets!! be safe everyone
  10. I shot 87 in a qualifier last yr only rd in the 80's on any golf course in two yrs. Simply could not stop hitting hooks. I was working on something and man did it go bad, I actually putted really well to shoot 87. golf happens, I don't get mad or upset at anytime, days like this you just have to take on the chin and not ruin your playing partners day. Mind you it was a brutally tough day and a decorated am in my group shot 85. When those days happen go out of your way to act appropriately, you know in your group when this happens to someone you think to yourself how bad is this guys anger going to get. We all play bad at times. Also nothing worse than someone whinning when this happen like I can't believe how bad I am playing, just stay quiet take it on the chin and shake hands at the end of the day. As you can tell I have seen these way too many times.
  11. Man, suprising enough there some knowledgeable 20cps on here. In seriousness, Not alot of places right now to tape swings. It was a simple question on posture, I have a more straight legged stance and I was curious as to what affect a slight more Knee bend would bring. We still have snow and it does not look like anything will open. Also who says plus cp don't have swing issues I have lots , just want to get better like the 20cps, I am not a good forearm rotator sp flatening that will is not happening. , I need to get on plane in other ways, I was just throwing it out there. I think I have an old golf swing on instagram tyorke1
  12. I need one for windy days, or because it's always windy, might be the only golf we get. I might put up post in the ground any ideas on good netting, TIM
  13. I swing upright, if I add more knee flex will this automatically make me a slight bit flatter, I only need a few inches. I am a low cp
  14. Just s curious question, I have a shallower downswing . I'm trying to get steeper. What irons shafts suit steeper or shallower swings.
  15. I constantly have to tell myself I am a golfer not a power-lifter or even a really good lifter. my leg workout is 300 reps, 1 plate 100 reps 100 ,leg curls and a combination of lunges and reverse leg curls Light dead lifts, I am careful of deadlifts too easy to get hurt.. I can squat more but at what risk especially with a new hip . I have one more week of heavier bench 225-255 for reps and then my workout changes. Lifting heavy is great if your a weight lifter. It's great to have strength but for me golfing is more important than . So easy to get caught up in the weight numbers game .Unlike Bryson I get slower lifting heavy.
  16. What should it look like. Slight cup address flat half way back very slight cup at the top slight flex on downswing to extension in follow through. Is this correct
  17. I offeredto anyone on here to caddy for me at the 2016 US SENIOR, inside the ropes , meals . As it turns out I was the last guy not to get in but it was still pretty cool.
  18. as dpd5031 said lots of variables. Yes for some strength training will make a difference, for some flexibility for some technique, for some mobility all contribute to possible . As we get old training is great to keep what we got, tough to gain but hopefully stay where your at.
  19. weight staying back, get your weight left first. ball stays forward just get weight back to the front .
  20. I did a cally hybrid 2 actaually . They moved at least 4 or 5. A buddy plays Bryson lie angles. I used a lot of heat
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