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  1. Will the it measure club head speed with out hitting a ball
  2. A buddy whines every time from I can't believe it moved , did you see it hit something . greens suck, Guys that talk to their caddy after missing a putt brutal. I am here to tell you no one not even your close buddy's care or worse they are probably sick of the whine. If you don't want to sicken your buddies just accept there are so many reason's why the putt did not go in and don't say a word. Next time you miss see how hard it is to not say anything and if you can't guess what your that guy.
  3. what is the current version for software and how do you input clubs and do they make a diifference . I have our pros to use for a while don't think he liked it
  4. 1) What does it feel like when you’re putting well? No thought , pick line hit it 2) What is the biggest challenge when you’re putting poorly? speed 3) What is your handicap? +1.4
  5. I imagine an imaginary line unless the putter has one that runs across the top of the putter. Then try and keep the top flat side of the putter parallel with this line. I normally have to use my dominant eye to get it right. clear as mud.
  6. my courses might be 10 one day 7.5 for 2 , 9 for one, all over the map. We fit for everything but maybe the thing that causes the most 3 putts lag putting. If the loft is right maybe people would 3 putt less. I don't mean adjusting loft to your stroke but adjust loft to green speed. I do for wedges different bounce for different conditions. My point was to get it right perfect loft for green conditions can't be that silly of an idea.
  7. putt with a hybrid off the fringe and notice how well it rolls. same theory for slow or fast greens, guys that forward press need more loft guys with hands back need less. given a neutral setup and stroke my question was precise loft, if you play a course that has slow greens what is a good number , I can guess number and if you play fast greens what is a good number. I have never heard of a study that gets more scientific. the standard 3 degrees is generic. We fit everyone for loft on drivers why not more precise loft on the club that is used the most and not just for stroke but for conditions. Ideally 2 exact putter one with 3 degrees and one with say 5 or 6 might be a way for more improvement. Its all about speed, getting the ball to the hole.
  8. I know slower greens require more loft and faster less but has there ever been more concrete study to say example 5 degrees of loft is ideal for 8 stimp and 2 for 12 and so on. Lets say no forword press just a normal stroke. Just a conversation piece.
  9. you would never know I had it done, yes some tightness at times, but no more swing issues. Biggest issues is correcting the swing compensations from prior surgery . i neglected doing my exercises this summer and had some tightness , rehab forever now.
  10. I want to make it stiffer , can I tip this shaft 1.5 in , will this lower the flight too much. also mine was in my taylormade driver should I even tip this shaft. Thanks
  11. Do they all have the soft technology and if not does the original one have a harder feel.
  12. Bad memories fella's , when Payne beat Phil in 99open Payne was chewing gum , this is where he got it from.
  13. should have said light rough
  14. It has never been my favorite shot, I am a decent player so please don't say don't hit it. Any set up keys I might be missing?
  15. What about in the rain, I have the new GM and they are not as good as a set I had 10yrs ago. I have both the roo and the kidd, other than that they are great.
  16. wedge came straight from taylormade .
  17. I have bent hundreds if not thousands of clubs, I know what force is needed, this took nothing, most likely is the blackening or it was cracked .
  18. No Howard I did not, it broke so easy it was crazy. The rep looks after me sold me one to replace it at demo price and of course could not get the same black one. I felt bad kid is 18 and a good kid.
  19. Only the second time in 20yrs I broke a club and both were black wedges, this one was a taylor black, took zero pressure snapped like brittle . I have a Scotland loft and lie and have bent thousands, I should have researched , I don't charge and now I am out a young fellas wedge, costly free business, and yes I replaced it.
  20. any new grips out there I feel they have changes the UTX to a harder grips that does not lasst
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