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  1. thanks Cards just emailed them,
  2. I have the chance to buy one, I am wondering if anyone has one not tipped and can measure it from bottom or top of ferral to something on the shaft. Thanks
  3. I put backer rod in the shafts, no question softens the feel, thanks for the responses
  4. I want to put some dampening in the shafts for feel and vibration, any ideas I have the thin foam . how long and how deep in the shafts .
  5. tyorke1

    2019 US Open

    caddy makes alot of money , he is paid to get the yardage, I have no problem with it
  6. I am working on getting more depth and the club staying on plane to the top. At 3/4 up I can't stop getting vertical with the shaft. practice swing are good, ball down ,vertical , any tips
  7. how are you guys gapping these with your wedges
  8. Even with the strong lofts are these going too high. I ordered a set on a good deal, I can change shafts and do anything needed just wondering what are the thoughts. also with 1/2 longer does the weight feel much better .
  9. has anyone hard stepped these and how were they?
  10. My buddy has a bad case of this. Your explanation is vague to me, use your lower body how to create room, knew bend? turning harder ? I like the message and would really like to help my buddy that has had this for years. thanks
  11. I put the 5 iron in the 4 iron spot and still 1 degree off when I get in checked by a mitchell
  12. my highlight with Hale is we put sun screen on at the same time at Scioto , Nice fella to have a quick chat to. I was surprised he seemed my size, thought he was smaller
  13. Just wondering, seems to be getting great reviews ,
  14. was the bridgestone the best overall, spin , distance accuracy?
  15. if you don't dip is it possible to be too steep? I don't think so
  16. I have played it 5 times, it is so tough, fantastic golf course
  17. where do you work Howard, your knowledge is great to read. always enjoy what you say.
  18. I will disagree with all. The tee shot will depend on your level and your normal shot pattern, but generally dog leg right I will most often hit it to the left corner or as close as possible. What happens and I see this allot is people try and cut it, come out of it and your margin for error is too little. down the left opens the hole and gives the most room, ideally a draw down the middle is perfect. Also a miss hit might get blocked out. I have won allot of am events by taking big numbers out and this is a danger zone to me. away from dog legs unless your normal shot pattern is the safest shot. If I had a cut I would be aiming down the left and trying to hit it in the middle , stay away from corners they mean chip outs.
  19. What is right in between or on top of left index for right hand golfers. I have always been in between but or pro is on top.
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