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  1. with OZIK CODE 6 X-stiff untippedTRADED, LOCK IT UP For sale: 1. Taylormade 08 Burner retail Tour 460 with a Ozik Matrix code 6 x stiff and untipped. Both in excellant condition as the pictures will show. I would rate the head a 9/10 and the shaft a 7.5/10 only because if you look very closely you can see some smudges that are common with Oziks. $275 pp and shipped. Open for trades 909D3, FT5, or just try me.
  2. anyone know what shaft size it takes
  3. Kick this guy off, he came good when he got caught, I work in corrections they are all the same , I will bet he has more than one user name on here. At best give him a 1 year ban and then take him back under resrictions. Also someone in his area should notify his golf course.
  4. I have to give this thought but what about a 14.5 3070df , pro95 x-flex.
  5. This will be my third year in a row, I can't wait to see if they play the new tees, I will be there the last week before it closes, when ever that is.
  6. What about a trade , my 08 retail burner tp 9.5 for your driver head, TIM
  7. ours is a 13 hour trip, the car sleep is a part of the fun but it is tough, Jorden should break 100 if he keeps it in play, tim
  8. I have played it 4 times, too many great holes to call a favorite, I have broken 90 everytime, one time I took a 10 on the easiest hole number 2 and shot 84, usually 83-86 and I am a plus caper. The travel and the car sleep make it really tough, I think we are going back next year, TIM
  9. Jeff, mine came in , by the look of your grip, should the base of the index finger be in the middle of the pbs? if it was to give a blister where would it be? I want to get the grip correct, thanks TIM YORKE
  10. In this age there are several kids that amaze me, this weekend we played our own ryder cup format, this young guy from Nova Scotia knocks it on the first green, 380 slightly up hill, cold, and the fairways were even damp, I went out on sunday and watched him , par 5 490 up hill slightly, he had 135, for him 3/4 gap wedge, f'ing unreal. .
  11. Think this way, beat everybody in your city and state and be in the top 10 at the nationals and you might and I mean might have a chance . You have to be really really good and if your not the best putter you know you have no and again no chance. Lot's of guy's can hit it or learn to hit it, if you can't putt you can't play pro. Also if winning your club has you shaking your again in trouble or you if you need something to relax you forget it. I have played in 15 national's and I have seen lot's of great am's but the tour is not full with them. People keep talking about bombing it but in my experience something 280-300 with a consistant flight is the way to go. I have seen lot's of guy's with the big downcocks and kill the ball but under the gun but all that hand action just breaks down. There are so many factors that make up a pga pro , these guy's are just really good. TIM
  12. something to think aboutWhere I live playing in huge wind is a regular thing. I watch alot of guys during the open hitting alot of short swing knock downs. Something I have learned over the years is that when you start hitting knock downs it is hard to get out of hitting them, also they can be very hard to control even for the advanced player. If you watch Watson rar. TIMely did he hit knock downs, he hit it low but not knock downs, what he did was take extra clubs and hit softer full swings. I find if I practice hitting full shots softer, the ball has less spins , still lands soft enough and is much easier to control. I was having a problem hitting short irons that were ballooning but luckily I realized that my knock downs still produced alot of spin. If your having trouble controling your wind shots spend alittle time hitting 70% full shots
  13. What about a v1 with an 07 proto, 8/10 shape 9.5 loft, I would trade straight up, TIM
  14. Wow, can you share exactly what you did?
  15. Glenn, ask your doctor a prescription of PENNSAID, fantastic rub on anti-inflamatory especially for knees, TIM
  16. At your hdcp sound swing mechanics , a swing teacher, good equipment does not have to be great. As you progress and your swing developes your swing will change and your swing specs will change so don't put all your money into equipment because it will change. I always like to have a go to shot, I never want to play a cut with my hybrid because I want it to draw slightly. Personnally at your stage I would put more time in your swing mechanics and long game than short game, keep the ball on the planet first then develope your short game. When you are below 5 spend the majority of your time on short game because at this time your swing is developed. this is just my opinion. TIM
  17. I don't know , I have not cut it yet, I may leave 1 inch longer and try it(in the snow) if it too weak I will tip it, TIM
  18. I have a matrix hybrid shaft, 293 raw cpm's this would be a little too stiff for me, if I put the shaft in the head without the standard 1 inch tipping what would the flex turn out to be,
  19. Do they play stiff to flex ?
  20. I do it alot, twice shot 65, one with a belly and the other doing a notah with a bullseye. I go to it when I am yippy
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