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  1. what do you have in commonI am wondering what aspects in the golf swing do you have that compares with ballard, I know there is alot of difference but what are the similarities, I am just curious
  2. how much tipping can this handleI want to put a pullled vs proto fully inserted from a titleist 907 into a very shallow bore burner v1, I need 1.75 off of the tip , the shaft is a stiff , I normally play x's , I am wondering what effect will that much tipping do to the dynamics of the shaft,
  3. Paypal sent , I gave a little extra to cover shipping, I might take a couple of days , TIM
  4. I wish you all the best, over the years I have owned numerous of your products and all have been very good, Personnally I think the evo is the best inexpensive shaft out there, hope 08 is great, TIM
  5. Anyone else, in two weeks I will have both in hand and if the weather holds I will give a review, for now I was curious, TIM
  6. In a ft-5 tour 8.5 headI am wondering about flight , how high or low, did one fade or draw, what one was longer, ay info would be great, TIM
  7. Thanks , it is for this month , the 24th, I'm taking the family to florida and thought a game would be good, thanks TIM
  8. Should I pre buy or get them at the gate, the game is not sold , would I get a better deal at the gate?
  9. I have not had it out in years, I was trying to see how old it was but there is no date on it, similar feature, I might have used it twice, worked fine , I even got 5 club sensors left, if anyone wants pictures I can post them TIM
  10. I have had an old one for a couple of years, never used it, TIM
  11. Do you think the 600's wear faster?
  12. This was quite a little peeing match between two nations here. Sorry to the euor's knost was the best amateur on the planet this year, sorry to the americans Rory will be a great pro not sure about knost, really don't like his move. As for Lovemark he looks like the real deal but got beat by one little canuck . As for the handicap thing Chris Wasylowich was a plus 7 legit when I played with him, fantastic amateur, maybe the best Canada has put out in a long while. This was interesting to here such pride from both sides.
  13. ANYONE PLAY THIS OR SIMILARJust glued one together, what should I expect, TIM
  14. Any idea of cost, they are on the web-site and look great, what scotty would you compare the bc-1 with?
  15. Ironic, I am an amateur b'stone staff player and I don't get free balls, good deals but not free, sucks to be me, they are the best balls out there though, TIM
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