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  1. Guys - I really appreciate all the help here. Hadn't considered the MP20 lineup but having done some prelim research it definitely looks interesting. Thinking a combo lineup of the Forged/HMPro or the MMC/HMB as mentioned could be a pretty solid fit and will definitely bring this up when I do get fitted in January. I'm going in with a totally open mind so don't want to just limit myself to Mizuno (although again, I'm a big Mizzy fan) - the new ZX5/ZX7 also look very interesting and feel like that could be another good combo lineup possibly. Any other insight is welcomed but really apprecia
  2. Hi all - I'm a current gamer of Mizuno MP 54s and after several seasons of making them work, I'm looking for something a little more forgiving. I hit the 8-P really well and am perfectly content with those irons but when it comes to the 4, 5, 6 - I just am not a good enough golfer to work those to my liking. I am planning on getting a fitting in the new year at Club Champion but would be curious if folks have any insight into what the modern equivalent to the MP54 would be? My thoughts are either the JPX 921 Forged, or possibly Tour, but the Tour seems to be too demanding for my level of pl
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