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  1. I tried some of these during my search for a new putter - I don't remember which variants but I thought they all felt fantastic and performed very well. I couldn't get a #4, so I kept looking, but once the supply chain improves to my part of the world I'll definitely consider buying one to add to my putter collection. I was very, very impressed.
  2. How does the Atmos work for you? I recently got fitted for a new driver and ended up with a TSi3 with RDX Black 60/6.5. I tried the Ventus Blue in the same driver but couldn't keep spin below 2500-ish. It's interesting (at least to my untrained mind) that I just couldn't gel with the Ventus Blue in one club but really love it (albeit a very different version) in another club, and it suits my game pretty well. Had I been fitted for the driver prior to consulting the brains trust here, I probably would have gone with a Ventus Black for the U510 and probably wouldn't have gotten along
  3. Re: distance control, that's something I really struggled with for a while. I have a similar putter - a 370g, 34" ER2B with Gravity Grip. And by "struggled with distance control for a while" I mean "very nearly sold it" because it took months. I don't know why, but I just couldn't get pace even close to consistently right. It was great on carpet but woeful out on the course. But then one day, it just clicked. I don't know why, and I didn't really do anything that day that I hadn't done before. I've been putting really well from all ranges lately, and pace control has been on point.
  4. I had the same problem with my (over-the-phone fitted) ER2B. It was fantastic on carpet but I couldn't dial in distance on the course. I don't know what happened but at one point, literally overnight, it just clicked and I am putting so much better with it now than I was before. I don't get it, but I'm glad I persevered.
  5. With my swing characteristics, a 9 degree TSi3 was consistently close to 600rpm lower spin (around 2200) than a 9 degree TSi2 with the same shaft (RDX Black 6.5) but the misses were close to 1000rpm lower. It was interesting - I thought they would be much closer. I couldn't get the TSi2 below 2500 at all. I suspect the LST and SZ would be lower once again, but I'm yet to try them out with a good launch monitor. Though I'm pretty happy with 2200.
  6. Had a range session with my U510 1 iron with new Ventus Blue 9X the other day. It's a significant upgrade from the HZRDUS Smoke Black 8S that was in there previously. It just wanted to go straight, wasn't a problem to launch from a tee, finding the centre of the face was easy, and so far as I could tell on the limited driving range, the ball was carrying the same. Spin looked lower, but I didn't use a launch monitor. Can't wait to use it on the course - I had it in the bag for 9 holes last night but didn't need it (and I was hitting my new driver where appropriate). FYI - if anybod
  7. I picked my new driver up yesterday and immediately took it on course to play in the 9 hole summer twilight competition. It was a windy day and somehow all holes with driver tee shots (four of the 9) were into or across the wind. I managed two 250m drives into the wind - they didn't balloon or deviate too wildly offline - and two 275m drives with a cross-wind, and missed one fairway which funnels the ball sideways at that range. Not my longest drives of late but definitely the most certain. They all started off slightly right and drew back to my aim point. I'm very impressed. I end
  8. I've done the opposite of most people - I've gone from a TS2 to a TSi3 (my first round will be today). From my (limited) testing during the TS2 and TSi3 fitting sessions I've found the TS2 and TSi2 to be much more alike than the TS3 and TSi3, at least for me.
  9. So we know there are leg injuries - I hope they are not serious and can be recovered from. As someone with a stupid back, albeit nowhere near Tiger's level of back stupidness, I sometimes injure myself for days by doing something as benign as walking off the last step with a flat foot or getting tackle-hugged by a nephew. I hope that the forces involved in the crash, so soon after what sounded like significant back surgery, haven't wrought more havoc there. I don't really care if we never see Tiger on tour again, but his kids need him to Dad things with.
  10. I used an L4V X with a 60X DVS very successfully for a few years and it's still in the garage. I loved the awful sound - it made everyone turn in disgust only to watch a huge bomb down the middle. So good! On topic, I have hit the G425, Sim2, and the TSi2 and 3. Ended up with a TSi3, upgrading from a TS2. The same Titleist guy fitted both, about 14 months apart. I went in thinking "TSi2" but walked out with a TSi3, which was unexpected.
  11. So I had a fitting for a TSi driver today. I have a TS2 with EvenFlow white which I love, but I won a new TSi driver in a raffle at my club, sooooo I got fitted. After the fitting I’m upgrading my 9.5 degree TS2 with 68/6.5 EvenFlow white to a 9 degree TSi3 with RDX Black 60/6.5. I was not expecting this - I hated the HZRDS Smoke Black and I’m not playing much (and my back, and my motivation, and and and) so was thinking a TSi2 with Ventus Blue 6X would do the job. I tried all of the stock and upcharge offerings in a similar weight/flex range, and a Ventus Blue 7X. I loved the feel
  12. I also play a 64 degree PM Grind - and a 58. They suit my game - I don't think I've ever used the 64 for a full swing on anything other than an enormous flop or a bunker shot and I have no idea how I far it it, because it's not a distance-gapped club. Same is mostly true for the 58, but I occasionally hit regular, full swing shots with it. I pretty much use my 52 degree wedge for most non-chips between 50m and 110m.
  13. I'm in my mid 30's with a recalcitrant back and not enough time to practice or play, and I'm only freshly back at the gym after a long absence trying to figure out the source of my back trouble (we still don't know what's up but I need to do something). Driver head speed is (usually) 112-ish, which is 10mph less than it was 10 years ago. I hit the ball noticeably shorter on average now, but I can occasionally get them way, way, way out there - my longest now are longer than they were back then, but they happen much less frequently. A few things have changed: My back issues ha
  14. I play the 21 degree 3 iron in my T100 set. I guess the logical replacement would be the 20 degree U500 utility, but I don't have a problem hitting the 3 iron so it's not going anywhere.
  15. Thank you! That helps a lot. I'm getting some speed back after losing it for a while (injury, absence, confidence)... so while I might get a bit faster, I'm not likely to get too close to my old 120+ driver speed. I figure the 9X will work well enough now and very well in six months time. Here's hoping, anyway. I've tried the Blue 6X in a Sim driver and really liked it, and then I won a TSix driver I'm yet to be fitted for. TSi3 with Blue 6X is front-and-centre of my fitting wish list. Your thoughts re: my shaft preferences are pretty spot on - I guess that explains why
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