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  1. I can't really remember, to be honest. I tested the 6.5 and 6.0 and the numbers were better with the 6.0, but most of my fitting was from grass and not a tee - it's the only club I carry between my driver and 3 iron. But I've always played a weird mix of flexes - I've had a TX driver with R300 irons, for example. Whatever works I get the same with the Smoke. It feels dead - I can't feel much through the hands and it doesn't flex how I like it to (or at least, I can't feel it) and it drives me nuts.
  2. Until earlier this year I was playing Titleist 755's from 2007. They're still a great club and I have a bunch of Jumbomax Str8 Tech grips to try out once I get around to fitting them. Could be a fun experiment.
  3. Similar swing speed here - I have the U510 1 iron with the stock HZRDS 6.0. It's... OK. For some reason I have never gotten along with the shaft (in any of its incarnations, in drivers, etc.) but I can hit this one pretty well even though I hate the feel of it. If I were to order one again, I'd get the EvenFlow White hybrid shaft.
  4. I just scrape into the 6-12 category, although that category also includes my lowest, pre-shoulder and pre-back issues handicap of 7 so I guess it's representative of how I've been playing for years. Arccos tells me that my driver's smart distance is 259 metres (283 yards), although those stats are only from this year when my back has been at its worst. Nevertheless I have managed a few good drives, including a 335 metre (that's 366 yards) monster which was probably a little down wind but was mostly just me managing to get things right on a firm fairway. Those kind of irregular dri
  5. Totally agreed. If my back is playing up and I have no flexibility, I might as well not bother with my U510 1 iron. But when my back is behaving and I can generate a bit of speed... it's a wonderful club to have in the bag.
  6. 12 handicap with a U510 utility 1 iron. I usually get a draw from both ground and tee.
  7. I have T100's. One of the pro's at my club has T300's and rates them very highly. I tried them out a while ago and thought they were pretty awesome, too. Not quite the same feel through the turf as the T100's but pretty good for something which is far chunkier and so much easier to hit. Not bad clubs at all, and well worth trying for a range of golfers. I'd love a set of T300's to go with my T100's for days where my back is playing up - I can swing so easily and still get great results, while the T100's need the type of swing I can only perform repeatedly when my back is on board.
  8. My handicap is now 11 and was as low as 7 in the not too distant past. As I've become busier and play less, my iron striking has remained fairly constant but my short game has suffered. I bought the T100's mostly because of the sole width and the way the club interacts with the turf. It suits my swing and the conditions I usually play in. I have since hit the i210's and the 921 Tour and I think the Tour is a close match to the T100 and CB, but the i210 and I didn't get along too well. Regarding T100 forgiveness, I find them to be exceptionally forgiving for my swing whe
  9. I have a Titleist U510 1 iron - it's 16 degrees. Arccos tells me that my "range" is 215m to 268m, with a 230m "smart distance" and a 273m longest shot. From the tee I think of it as my 250m club. What's that - 270 yards? Thereabouts, anyway. It's a really useful club - I can flight it down to keep under the wind, or get it right up and out there if the wind is favourable. Last time I used it off the tee I hit it with a big fade around a corner and ended up with 239m. That feels about right - I know that my idea of it as a 250m club is based on one particular
  10. I'm not surprised that the black ones don't look so great. Some of my T100 faces look pretty beaten up already, too, with the chrome finish looking pretty bad on some clubs.
  11. These look pretty good - I'm curious to find out more about the face and I'll definitely hit them. I wonder if the improvements over the TS line will make the change over cost worthwhile, though.
  12. steventoo

    12 club bag

    My current bag is driver, 1 iron, 3 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, pitching wedge, 52, 58, 64, putter. To get to 12 clubs on my home course I'd probably take away my 58 degree wedge and the 1 utility iron. 11 clubs and I'd ditch the 5 iron, too.
  13. I have the 3 iron in my T100 set. It looks kinda chunky behind the ball so it makes you think it'll be easy to hit, and it is. It's not a tough iron to play at all for me. I imagine the T100S would be pretty similar.
  14. I have a real soft spot for my old 905T. 8.5 degrees of low spin fun. I still hit it every so often - I can't for the life of me remember what shaft is in there now - it might be an Aldila DVS 60X but it probably isn't. The 905T is probably not the longest driver I've had, but it is definitely up there and it was the driver of my golfing halcyon days, so I don't think I'll ever part with it.
  15. Interesting thread. Thanks for taking us along the journey with you. The entire premise is something I can totally relate to, aside from your size (I'm 177cm, 90kg). The golf struggles and injuries are definitely my area of expertise ? I am battling a somewhat debilitating back injury at the moment - I have some fairly minor scoliosis which sometimes does stop me from playing golf but usually doesn't. At the moment it's causing some fairly major nerve pain in my back, legs, neck, and head, and while it hasn't kept me from playing golf it has kept me from regular gym work for the pas
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