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  1. It's happened to me a few times... at least once, it's lasted the entire round (and that was a career best). I've never really thought about it, but my line is purple. Which is interesting to me because the only form of synesthesia I have is that some bourbon tastes like the colour purple. I don't associate any other flavours with colours - no other whisky, wine, beer, brandy, etc. It's just that one thing. So... purple putting lines and purple bourbon. It's the Porsche Ultra Violet colour, or the McLaren Lantana Purple.
  2. I did use 46, 52, 58, and 64... but with the arrival of my new T100S irons with the pitching wedge at 44 degrees versus the 46 of my old T100's, I think I'll keep the 52, 58, and 64 and maybe play a few more partial pitching wedges if I have to. I haven't tried them out on course yet and won't get to for a few weeks because of surgery, so I might have a different plan after on-course testing rather than just some launch monitor testing. The 6 degree gap between 46 and 64 has worked really well for me for years. I play full and partial shots with the 52, but almost exclusively partials with the 58 and 64.
  3. I fit between flexes, too, and recently hit all three shafts when I was fit for my Titleist irons. I'm a long-time KBS Tour player - I had the 120S in my old T100's, and my Titleist 755's before that. I hadn't tried the $ Taper before the fitting, nor the LZ. Not having liked any Project X iron shafts in the past, I was very surprised at how the LZ 6.5 felt. It was great. But it was too spinny for me and probably launched a bit too high. The $ Taper was also too spinny, but with great launch and distance and feel. The spin aspect is weird, considering where they fit in the KBS matrix but the screenshot from Titleist's iron shaft comparison tool might shed some light on that. I ended up with the trusty KBS Tour 120S. It launched the same as the $ Taper but was consistently 500rpm lower, and in the zone the fitter was looking for. I would have liked to try the 125S+ versions, but they weren't available... and the 130X just didn't suit, for whatever reason. I think it was mostly the feel, more than anything. I also tried X7's (big loss of distance) and C Tapers (too spinny??!), as well as X100's (good, not great) and the stock AMT White option which was good but also a bit weird with spin. The modus 120 was good but launched too high for me, too. There was no 130 or 125. All in all, I'm a little surprised at what worked best but I really like the KBS Tour... so I won't complain! Good luck!
  4. My 2019 T100's looked like that after a round or two. I haven't taken my new ones out on the course yet, but judging from above it looks like they'll be the same.
  5. No worries. I'm yet to actually hit the T200 3 iron, so I don't know how it truly is at address. I'll report in if I get a chance to hit it any time soon, but I'm having surgery for carpal tunnel in a couple of days so I might be out for a while My new irons arrived too early!
  6. Here's a few side-by-side shots of my new T200 3 iron alongside my 2019 T100 3 iron. The T200 is on the left in each shot. the top line isn't much (if any) thicker than the T100, but there is noticeably more chunk on the back.
  7. I have a 46 degree T100 and then 52, 58, and 64 degree wedges. The 6 degree gaps work for me - I rarely use the 58 and 64 for full swings, and the 52 is about 50/50 partial/full. I have a set of T100S' on order and I think I'll keep the same set-up and spend a bit more time practicing partial wedges. If that doesn't work, I'll have my 52 degree wedge bent 1 degree weak but I don't see that making much difference. But we'll see - there's only one way to find out
  8. Yikes - my clubs arrived at the pro shop today. Less than a week between fitting and delivery.
  9. Probably the TSi2, but I went with a utility iron instead.
  10. I ordered last week: T200 3 iron, T100S 4-PW, KBS Tour 120S, Tour Velvet +4 grip. I was told it would take a couple of weeks here in .AU. I hope it happens either really quickly (like, in the next few days) or a bit longer (maybe another month would be OK) because I'm having carpal tunnel surgery next week and won't get to use them for a while after that!
  11. I really like the Ventus Blue 9X in my U510. It feels like the KBS Tour 120S in my irons.
  12. +1 for T100 (or T100S). They're fantastic irons. I pick the hell out of the ball and as much as I wanted to love the ZX7's or the current JPX or MP range, I just couldn't. To me, the the P7MC is more forgiving than the VR Pro blades (which I have tried but not actually used in play), but... The T100 is more forgiving again without sacrificing any of the looks (I wouldn't have said this last year, I thought the P7MC was gorgeous but weirdly chunky) and they don't lose much playability. Check them out. If they work, they work.
  13. I've had the 2019 T100's for a few years and I'm moving to the 2021 T100S' - they might look a bit scary but they are really easy to hit. I think they're more forgiving than the Titleist 755's, which I played from new in 2007 until I replaced them with the T100's. The 755's look more forgiving, but the T100 tech blows them out of the water. I had some 990's when I was a kid and the 755's were a revelation of both playability and forgiveness after them. The 620CB's are absolutely fantastic irons if you can control the spin, but they're even more of a nightmare on a low confidence day than the T100's.
  14. After a brief and tumultuous but ultimately unfulfilling love affair with my Evnroll ER2B, I've just ordered a LAB DF 2.1. $1000+ AUD - for something that will be tough to move on in my specs if I don't like it. I still feel kind of sick, to be honest.
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