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  1. According to Arccos, my standard is 154m - about 169 yards. Longest is 194m/212y but that kind of distance is unusual. Those stats are for the lifetime of the club, but if we look at the last ten rounds then my average goes up by 2m and my longest comes down by 20. My 7 iron is a Titleist T100 at 34 degrees. I play at sea-ish level and while Arccos measures total distance, I don't often use my 7 iron for anything other than hitting greens and it stops very quickly, soo... the figures might be total, but they're basically carry, too.
  2. Having slept on this overnight I think that while I am definitely a T100 player, I prefer the clean back of the T200 irons. I think the strip of textured metal on the T100's/T100S' looks a bit tacky. I hope it's actually useful and not for aesthetics. But I'm sure they'll look great in person.
  3. Aesthetically, I think the T100 looks very different compared to the prior T100. For the better. But it also looks like there is an enormous band of metal around the mid/back of the iron - it's an Arnie Muscle. And I'm curious.
  4. That is a great teaser. I have never changed irons based on looks... but those T100's look amazing. If the performance is even infinitesimally better my much loved T100's, then... yes. Yes yes yes. And if they do a U505 1 iron, then yes again
  5. I have one on my ER2 - specs are in my signature. I really like it, but it took a bit of getting used to. Maybe it was just getting used to a new putter. The putter is much more face balanced than I was expecting (I didn't know about the impact it had on face balance prior to buying it) but it still works with a small (as in, it's noticeable) arc. It's slimmer than the grip I had on my prior putter, and I've changed grips to suit. I definitely feel as though my putting has improved with this putter but I also can't really quantify that through Arccos.
  6. I bought my Titleist 755's in 2006. Used them until early 2020. They helped me get my handicap from 18 to 6, and back to 11. I ended up putting KBS Tour 120S shafts in them to replace the DGS300's they came with. They're still hanging out in my spare room. I think they're wonderful irons and were somewhat overlooked at the time. Steve Stricker obviously still rates them, though!
  7. I spent an hour and a half getting fitted for a TSi driver. With the same shafts (we tried a few), I found the TSi2 to launch higher and spin more than the TSi3 in the same lofts. Nothing too crazy - not like the difference between the TS2 and TS3 - but noticeable and worth optimising. I can't remember launch and peak height figures but the TSi3 was about 500rpm less than the TSi2.
  8. Huh - that's interesting. I am sure they were removed from the wedge page. They definitely are not on the Australian version of the website and I am pretty sure they were not on the US version a few weeks ago when I checked to see if there was a full wedge spec/options list somewhere.
  9. Interestingly, the PM 19 wedges have just reappeared on Callaway's website.
  10. I swapped the stock 80/6.0 HZRDUS Smoke Black in my Titleist U510 for a 9X Ventus Blue HB and it's totally changed the club. It's a fantastic combination. I haven't tried the Ventus Black HB, but have a gander at the Ventus HB thread and see if you like what you see.
  11. I have KBS Tour 120S in my T100 irons. They work really well for me (I like the high ball flight), but can get a bit spinny while going even higher - I'm not sure if it's those particular swings or if I'm just not noticing a headwind when I see the spinny flight. I'll investigate during my next iron fitting. I have HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 60/6.5 in my TSi3 and Ventus Blue 9X in my utility. I had success with the EvenFlow White 60/6.5 in my older TS2 driver last year, but it was about 1200rpm higher than the RDX when put in my TSi3 during the fitting this year. It's good for days whe
  12. They could tease us a bit - otherwise, why would we wait? I know they're not the same but there are a few high toe wedges around these days... I don't understand the whole secret-until-launch thing. It's not like their competitors need a release in order to make a similar product, and as a customer, I'd be more inclined to spend my money with the company that has made the gear I already know and love - so let us know it's coming, and I'll wait. Or I'll just buy Cleveland or TM or whatever.
  13. That sounds promising. I don't need to upgrade, buuuuuut....
  14. The main thing for me isn't so much that the fairways would cost me shots, it's that I don't need distance and the U510 gives me a lot more versatility. I've always found fairway to be a one trick pony but I have a lot more shots with a utility. Maybe I just haven't figured out how to hit them with the fairways - not sure. But I can do a lot with the utility, and since changing to the Ventus Blue, I've really pared down the dispersion.
  15. I have a driver, 1 iron utility, 3 iron, 4 iron, etc... I haven't carried a fairway wood for years and the utility works much better for me than any of the hybrids I've carried. I haven't missed the fairways at all.
  16. Hey, at least it's on the back of the club here in Australia. I don't know why the Kiwi version has it on the face...??!
  17. Huh. I missed that - interesting that it's the only one they skip. I'd go 60 and make it weak, but it depends what you're looking for regarding offset and bounce and so on.
  18. Thank you - that looks really good. Here's two pages from the Cleveland Australia website: https://www.clevelandgolf.com.au/en_AU/rtx-full-face.html - has the marketing https://www.clevelandgolf.com.au/en_AU/clubs/men's-golf-clubs/wedges/rtx-full-face-tour-satin-wedge/MRTXFFTS.html - has the specs It looks like they come in 2 degree increments from 50 to 64, 9 degrees bounce, C grind, TTDG Spinner shafts, D4 or D5 swingweight, but lefties only get 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees. I can't wait to try these out. I ordered a new Callaway 52 degree w
  19. Is it a high toe full face? It's hard to tell without another club to compare with.
  20. I think I'd stick with my 3 iron or 1 utility plan. 255 yards is about 233m, and Arccos tells me that my 1 utility has a "smart distance" off the tee of 231m, so I'd stick with that. Or I'd lay up with an iron... which I'd ordinarily never even think about doing on a par 3! The reality is I'd be
  21. I'd probably lay up with a 3 iron or try to hit it with my 1 utility. Depends on what's short.
  22. I have put the same shaft in my 52 degree wedge as I have in my irons - basically, treating it as an 11 iron (even though it's a totally different make/model/look/feel). It hasn't changed much about the way I use it, but I prefer the feel. My 56 and 64 wedges just have whatever they came with, which works well because I very rarely use them for full swings.
  23. That's tomorrow! I wonder if it will be a viable alternative to the PM Grind? Fingers crossed! Edit: Here's a link to a cached version of the article: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:GQp74aPhlXIJ:https://www.golfaustralia.com.au/news/cleveland-introduce-rtx-full-face-wedges-564452+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=au
  24. Do it! If you do go the Ventus route, just remember you'll need to shave the tip to fit the U510 head.
  25. This isn't quite what you asked, but I was fitted for a Titleist TS2 in late 2019. I ended up with the 9.5 degree head and a 60/6.5 EvenFlow white shaft. On course performance was pretty good but I could miss wildly left, and left on my home course is very bad. I was lucky enough to win a TSi driver in the club Christmas raffle and the same guy fitted me. I voiced my displeasure at the big left miss and ended up with a 9 degree TSi3 with 60/6.5 HZRDUS RDX Black. My TS2 combination was fantastic at the time I was fitted, but I've made a few changes and it was getting a bit too spinn
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