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  1. Foremost also makes the Maxfli Tour for Dick's Sporting Goods. TM has several markets covered with these deals.
  2. I'm only 1 round in with it so I'll play it again and see how it does. This was my first round with an X version and I was also spinning back short iron shots more than normal for my game. Not enough to cause any problems but enough to notice it. Hopefully I can get out this weekend to the same course and do a little more comparison between both the regular and the X.
  3. The X definitely has a higher flight. I'm supposing that's where the extra distance came from. I always heard there's s difference between the two ball flights but I was surprised at the difference between the two. I've predominantly played the 2019 Pro V1 this year so that's why it was so noticeable to me.
  4. The Pearl it's actually the 2019 version.
  5. Played my first round this past weekend with the Pro V1 X (I'm a long time Pro V1 player). Don't know if it was my imagination or if the ball performed better than the Pro V1 but it seemed to jump off the driver face and spun more with short irons enough that I could tell a discernable difference. I hit longer drives and spun back iron shots more than I usually do. I know the V1 X is supposed to be higher spinning, but I didn't think it would be that much higher. FWIW I definitely fall into the Average Joe swing speed category (93-96 MPH driver swing). Has anyone else noticed much of a difference between the two?
  6. Cardigan MG Golf is where I got 'em. They must have been around awhile to show up in stock on that site.
  7. So I played half a round with these. Great ball IMHO. Feels exactly like a Chrome Soft to me.
  8. Maybe a new version from Callaway put in the field for testing? Never seen them before.
  9. I'm gonna try them this weekend also. Seem to be a good ball.
  10. Any intel on the Callaway Legacy Black golf balls? They remind me of the old Hex Chrome. Seem to be pretty decent and were popular in the Japanese market. Has anyone played these? I picked up some online and will try them this weekend.
  11. My irons are almost 10 years old. I re-gripped them recently and have no reason to change. As long as I know the distances and can hit them consistently there's no reason to change to somethig newer.
  12. I have 5 hybrids in my bag. The longest iron I carry is an 8 iron. It works well for me.
  13. I like it!!! I do the same thing with hybrids. The longest iron I have is an 8 iron.
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