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  1. My irons are almost 10 years old. I re-gripped them recently and have no reason to change. As long as I know the distances and can hit them consistently there's no reason to change to somethig newer.
  2. I have 5 hybrids in my bag. The longest iron I carry is an 8 iron. It works well for me.
  3. I like it!!! I do the same thing with hybrids. The longest iron I have is an 8 iron.
  4. Just my two cents, but I'd say from the green to tee. Start on the green and get a good feel for the putter, then work on short chips and pitches and get a good feel there, then 100-150 yards out or so, and then the woods and driver.
  5. So when did Vice go retail? That's a new one on me. Saw them at the local Wally World today. Balls, gloves, hats, bags. I thought they were DTC.
  6. It will definitely smile at you if caught thin for sure!!!!! This is one of the few that I have found that is not egg shaped or cut too bad.
  7. I was checking out a local flea market and found this Titleist Tour Balata 90 in a bucket of old golf balls. I'd like to take it to the range and chip with it to see how it performs. I think it would be fun.
  8. I think it's a great fit for Bernhard Langer to sign with Tour Edge. They seem to be the Adams Golf of the Champions Tour. Wonder what irons he will play?
  9. I've ordered 5A from Lostgolfballs and have had no problems at all. There is a huge difference between recycled and refurbished. Stay away from refurbished as these have been repainted and that will definitely make a difference in the performance of the ball. My last shipment of Prov1s were 5A and I couldn't tell any difference in performance versus new ones. I personally wouldn't go any lower than 5A though.
  10. Very interesting.....Mize knows Augusta like the back of his hand and is making shots. Hope he stays in contention this weekend.
  11. @wcdixon when I first tried the rogue in the simulator I wasn't impressed but I tested it with the stock shaft. The 565 from my XR 16 made all the difference. I also couldn't believe how much larger the Rogue head is than the XR 16. The XR 16 has been a good driver for me for a few years, but I'm really impressed with the Rogue.
  12. I'd say try the Srixon Soft Feel as well. I used to play them and I really liked them. You probably don't have to worry about them drastically changing as they have remained fairly constant over the last few versions of it.
  13. Well I went with the Rogue after lots of back and forth between drivers, and I'm glad I did. I paired it with my Fujikura 565r shaft and picked up about 8-10 yards of carry over the XR 16. Also, it didn't take much getting used to with my existing shaft. This one will be in my bag for awhile.
  14. I've seen older wound balls become lopsided over time, but never anything like that. Almost looks like the cover is slipping off the core. Damn and I just bought two boxes of Zstars too.....
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