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  1. Very good condition flight scope Mevo. It works really well. This was my experiment into the launch monitor game. I like it so much that I upgraded and bought the Mevo +. That’s why I’m selling this one. $400 shipped NO TRADES
  2. I am doing a similar setup. I emailed flight scope directly and they said the garage door would not cause any issues at all.
  3. 6’7” 35.5” putter irons/wedges +1”
  4. I was playing flighted PX 6.5s in my irons and S400s in my wedges. I thought they were great until I tried the steel fibers. I decided to try them during my last fitting. The 110s felt similar to the PX6.5s but couldn’t get consistent with them. Tried the i95s with a similar result but I liked the lighter weight. Guy have my try the FC90s just in case and I swear I couldn’t miss with that shaft. I think they feel great. Hard stepped them twice to bring flight down a bit in the irons and they’re perfect. I actually went with the same shafts in my wedges with no stepp
  5. I recently got fitted for FC90s hard stepped twice in my irons and straight in, in my wedges. I thought I would have liked the 110s as I’ve always played heavier shafts. It was night and day when the fitter handed me the 90s. I was extremely surprised with how consistent I was with the lighter FC90 shafts. I wanted a little softer in the wedges hence no stepping. I’ve never been so consistent with irons or wedges since switching to steel fiber. driver SS is around 120mph and 7 iron SS is 93-95mph.
  6. There’s a top golf game. It’s kinda cool. There’s putt putt courses and you can go into a top golf bay and hit balls. beat saber is fun. Gun club VR, eleven(ping pong). those are what I play most of the time.
  7. I have the country club elite mat 4x5. I haven’t had any issues with arm pain yet. I just got it and have probably 200-300 shots on it. It feels nice and I love that I can put a tee in it anywhere.
  8. Are you talking about just a normal shed, like from Lowe’s and putting your sim up in it? If so, that would work fine. You would just need to get electric run to it and insulation and heating/cooling depending on your climate. you’d need a fairly large one too, Depending on the sim. Radar based you need at least 8-10ft in front of your hitting area to read the ball and 6-10ft behind to set it up. For camera/sensor based you would just need the room in front for screen/net. I would say 9ft ceiling minimum, 10ft would be better. Then enough room left to rig
  9. 1. Madison, AL 2. 8.0 3. ZX5 3. Yes 4. Taylormade P770 4-PW steel fiber FC90cw hard stepped twice 5. Interested in the new sole grind and how it can help add forgiveness. 6. Absolutely
  10. I literally just ordered a Mevo+.(6-8week delivery time) It’s half the price of this one but Mevo+ doesn’t have any club data. I am very interested to see how this performs. biggest thing for me in the Mevo+ purchase was the capability to be a simulator and see shots when I practice in my garage.
  11. I’ll write up a review in a few days once I get some time with it. I’ve played one round with it so far.
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