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  1. Yep it is! Agree, one of their best made bags, much higher quality than what they put out today. Still available!
  2. Perfect working condition and good cosmetic condition. Slight fading, but overall in very good shape. I am the sole owner, and haven't used it for the last 7 years, just cleaning out the garage... $75, buyer pays shipping.
  3. Used but great condition, includes headcover. All stock specs for 35". Looking for SOLD. No trades please.
  4. This putter was ordered direct from Scotty Cameron with custom specs: Length = 34.5 Lie = 68 Loft = 3 It is essentially brand new, but has been on the course two times to test out. Looking to sell for $345 shipped. Only trade interest is a Spider X.
  5. Yep, a couple serious inquiries but no funds yet! Everything else available as well other than Odyssey headcover.
  6. Cleaning out the garage a little bit.. -NEW - Scotty Futura 5w 34", still has plastic on the sole and retail sticker on shaft. Hard to find one of these that is BRAND NEW like this one. I intended to have a flow neck welded on but never got around to it. $380 shipped SOLD -NEW - Scotty Cameron Phantom Round Headcover $40 shipped -NEW - Scotty Cameron Select Putter Blade Headcover $35 shipped -MINT - Scotty Cameron Silver Putter Studio 3 Dot Blade Headcover $50 shipped -MINT - Odyssey "Lights Out" Mallet Putter Headcover - SOLD -NEW - Odyssey Jumbo Grip Charcoal - $30 shipped SOLD
  7. Prior to COVID, I bought this putter new and shipped it to Scotty to do a custom paintfill on, thinking I'd see it in a few weeks and start gaming it....well, that was 3 months ago, and I just got it back last week. Since then, I've been using a different flat stick and putting well enough that I just can't switch right now. Rather than hold this guy on the side, I'd rather recoup some of the investment on it, so my loss is your gain -- it's a really awesome looking putter! I was not a fan of the lime green fill, so everything has been replaced with black or grey. There isn't a single blem
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